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Double-Dip with a Double-Edged Spoon

Claire and I are continuing our search for the Raven King this week with our episode about The Dream Thieves, book two of The Raven Cycle, by Maggie Stiefvater. (Be sure to check out the first episode of this series all about book one The Raven Boys here.)

I know it looks like we're really seriously examining something in our picture this week, but this is just a picture of me talking about a double-edged spoon and how you have to double-dip when you use it. Don't blame us, blame Ronan for pulling this weird object out of his dreams. Okay ... what? Let's back up a sec ... or a few weeks.

Firstly, go back and review book one because book two picks up pretty much right after. Ronan has just told his friends that he pulled his pet bird, Chainsaw, out of his dreams which is bonkers and a pretty huge spoiler for book one. Apologies. Anyway, the friends are continuing their search of the ley lines to find the missing king, Glendower, but then the ley lines stop reacting and Cabeswater, the magical place that they found that they think will lead them to the missing king has disappeared. But why? Not too far into the book, Ronan discovers the reason. He finds another boy, Kavinsky, who is not at all nice, who can also take items from his dreams and he teaches Ronan how to do it better, but it turns out, this is destroying all of the magic involved in the lines, so it definitely has to stop. What are the Raven Boys, plus Blue, going to do about it? And why is a hitman now dating Blue's mom? Check out our summary, listen to our episode and read the book to find out all the details!

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