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about Fictional Hangover

Fictional Hangover is a podcast all about young adult and new adult (and sometimes other) books, series, authors, voice actors and illustrators that is full of spoilers. 

Hosts Amanda and Claire share summaries of popular books and discuss their favorite moments, favorite characters, surprises and more. They also play a game of Would You Rather based on each book, sometimes with the author or voice actor of the book and sometimes with listeners! They have a Patreon where you can watch all their videos unedited (which gets a little ridiculous) and a Discord where you can chat with them about books or other random things. If you love the show, make sure you tell them, and also rate the show and share it with a friend so more people can enjoy their antics.


Continue reading for some old information about where Fictional Hangover got its start.

Season One

Fictional Hangover started in October 2018. Amanda and original co-host Amber were always talking about YA books, so they decided to share their love of those YA books with a wider audience. The first few episodes were... well, subpar... but they managed to begin working out the kinks and get into a stride. As time passed, summaries got more in depth and interesting, they started inviting guests to join in, both listeners and authors, then Amanda started wearing costumes every week! (She's never looked back from that, by the way, and if you know her at all, she'd wear a costume every single day of her life if she could.) After one full year of podcasting, Amber decided to say goodbye to the show and Amanda got... a little nervous. Luckily one of those guests that joined in on one of those early episodes of the show was willing to jump in full time.

Season Two

Season two of the show went surprisingly well. Amanda and new co-host Claire invited even more guests to join, adding in voice actors as well as authors and more listeners. They also had a LIVE episode which inspired them to make more LIVE episodes in the future! In addition to all their fantastic regular episodes, they had a ton of bonus episodes, at least one a month but sometimes more, featuring wonderful authors and voice actors such as Kendare Blake, Gail Carriger, Dawn Kurtagich, A. S. King, January LaVoy, Caitlin Kelly, Caitlin Davies, Kate Rudd, Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, Jodi Meadows, Libba Bray, Jackson Ford, Bridget Tyler, Jesse Vilinsky, Sophie Amoss, P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast... some of them multiple times! 

Season Three

Season three included even more special guests and bonus episodes, plus more live episodes and episodes with Superfans! Season three also brought you Fictional Hangover's Patreon and Ko-Fi accounts so you could give Amanda and Claire money since you love them so much! Their super in-depth summaries started coming online for you to read and enjoy and their Redbubble page provided (and still provides) you with lots of FH merchandise. Amanda and Claire also introduced the Indie Spotlight segment of the show to showcase all the great requests they get from new and upcoming authors. Newsletters also became a thing. They were busy during season three!

Season Four

Season four saw Fictional Hangover hit Episode 200! There were chats with Kendare Blake, Matt Godfrey, Travis Baldree, Jay Kristoff, Jackson Ford, Amelinda Berube, Cynthia Hand, Beth Revis, Kat Ellis, PC Cast and probably more. 

Season Five

Season Five was a pretty big deal. Amanda and Claire met for the first time in real life! There were lots of Live episodes including one where they were sitting in the same room and maybe wearing the same pants at the same time. Episode 250 also happened during this season and there were a lot of guests throughout the year. Here are a handful of them: Amy McCaw, Kelly deVos, Gail Carriger, Aislinn O'Loughlin, Lily Sparks, Sonia Hartl, Kathryn Foxfield and Tess Sharpe.  

Season Six

Season six is underway and there's lots of fun stuff for you to look forward to, like chatting with Amanda and Claire in their Discord! They also have new episodes with Indie authors called New and Indie Spotlight, just like the segment of the show but with more details and more fun!


Now, stop reading this About page, check out Amanda's and Claire's pages and then go listen to an episode of the show! Oh! And find Fictional Hangover on social media and follow them. You can find them everywhere @Fictional Hangover.

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