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The Raven Boys

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Blue Sargent has been told her entire life that if she kisses her true love, he will die. As a kid it didn't mean much, but now she's a teenager and has resigned herself to being alone forever. Alone isn't really a thing for Blue though as she lives in a house at 300 Fox Way with her mother, Maura, and several of her mother's friends and/or relations, Orla, Jimi and Persephone, and they all, except for Blue, are psychics. One day, St. Mark's Eve, another psychic/friend/relation of Blue's mother shows up, Neeve.

Maura sends Neeve and Blue to do the Church Watch that night. Blue always goes to the Church Watch with Maura, or in this case, Neeve, because, though not a psychic herself, Blue amplifies the abilities of other psychics, which is very useful when doing the church watch. Every year on St. Mark's Eve, they go to a little church along what they call the Corpse Road and collect the names of the spirits they see passing through. These spirits are the people in the town of Henrietta, Virginia, where Blue and her family live, who will die within the next year. Maura tells anyone she knows who passed their way on St. Mark's Eve about their fate.

This evening is different, though. Blue sees the vague spirit of a teenage boy, which she's never done before. Neeve sends her to get the boy's name and Blue learns that he is called Gansey. Gansey appears to be the spirit of a Raven Boy, which is what Blue calls the boys that go to the nearby private school, Aglionby Academy. It's very weird that Blue is able to see Gansey, but it's even weirder when Neeve tells her the only two reasons why a non-seer would see a spirit on the Corpse Road: Gansey is either Blue's true love, or she's going to kill him. Uh oh. Coincidence?

Richard "Dick" Campbell Gansey III is currently stranded on the side of the road. His bright orange 73 Camaro, The Pig, just died, which is not surprising. What is surprising is that The Pig died shortly after Gansey heard himself on a recording he made the night before in which he says his name in response to a girl asking for it. Gansey didn't speak while he was recording though. He was recording on a ley line because, in all his research on the magical lines that crisscross the world, he learned that they are very powerful on St. Mark's Eve and can transmit high levels of energy. He calls his friend and roommate Ronan and their friend Adam to come rescue him from the side of the road.

When Ronan and Adam arrive in Ronan's fancy, bass-thumping BMW, Adam is on the phone with Ronan's older brother, Declan. Ronan and Declan do not get along at all, especially since their father, Niall, was murdered and Ronan found him less than a year ago. When Niall died, their mother stopped speaking, so Declan is in charge of the Lynch brothers now. He wants to bring his new girlfriend by Monmouth Manufacturing, the plant-turned-home where Gansey, Ronan and their other roommate, Noah, reside to introduce her and he wants to do it when Ronan is busy.

After Adam gets off the phone and begins to help Ronan and Gansey with The Pig, Gansey shares his findings, which none of the boys believe to be a coincidence at all. They believe that something is starting. But what? Gansey's reason for the ley line research, and the reason he's been in Henrietta for the past year and a half, is to find Glendower, the missing Welsh King. So maybe his quest is actually going to begin. Adam joined in on Gansey's research after he came to Henrietta because they learned that whomever finds and wakes Glendower gets a wish. He, unlike his friends, is poor, an Aglionby student only by scholarship, and lives in a trailer with his abusive father, so he desperately wants to earn a way to escape that life. Ronan is in on it because he's Ronan and he can do basically whatever he wants, plus he believes in the magic of the ley lines. Adam gives Gansey the number of a psychic so maybe they can learn about what happened on the ley line the night before.

Blue wakes up having missed school. Neeve says it's because she let spirits walk through her while she was trying to get Gansey's name. She asks her mother about trying to save the people they see on the Corpse Road, but maybe that would just ruin the little time they have left. Neeve offers to scry to see what will happen to Gansey and she sees him, but then he disappears. Maura says Henrietta is like that when Neeve finds it unusual. Maura turns to Blue and asks if she has to remind her not to kiss anyone. Then Blue has to get ready to go to work at the local pizza place.

Declan brings his girlfriend, Ashley, over to Monmouth to meet Gansey, Adam and Noah, but Ronan is also there and he and Declan get into it. Ashley talks to Gansey about the ley lines for a little bit, but then Ronan talks about how Declan is going to bring another girl by to do the exact same thing before too long, so they leave. Adam worries that Ashley is too interested in Gansey's ley line research, but Gansey isn't, so they decide to go get pizza.

Barrington Whelk, the Latin teacher at Aglionby and former student, is tired and headed to pick up homework assignments he needs to grade before class the next day. Like Blue and Gansey, he was also up too late on St. Mark's Eve investigating the ley line. As he's leaving school, another teacher comments on him missing class and sees Ronan's homework on the top of his stack. The other teacher mentions how Ronan never does homework or even show up for his class, but maybe it's because Ronan and Gansey have Latin together. Talk then turns to Gansey and his obsession with ley lines, which has Whelk immediately intrigued. He thought he and his friend Czerny were the only ones.

Blue goes to work and sees four Raven Boys come in led by a pretentious boy on a cell phone. One of the boys is elegant, one is smudgy, and one is sharp. Obviously these boys are Gansey, Adam, Noah and Ronan, but Blue doesn't know that yet. Gansey tries to get Blue to talk to Adam, but it seems more like he's trying to buy her attention and it's embarrassing for everyone. Maura calls Blue then to tell her that Gansey has just called to make an appointment for the next afternoon and she needs to be there.

Adam and Gansey talk a little about the possibility of electrifying or energizing the ley lines in order to more easily follow them, but then the boys leave the pizza place when Declan arrives and he and Ronan get into a fist fight in the parking lot. Adam apologizes to Blue for not being brave enough to talk to her himself, but Blue really feels slighted by Gansey, though she doesn't yet know that he is Gansey. Blue gives Adam her phone number and feels nervous yet excited about it. As she stands outside taking in the idea of giving a Raven Boy her phone number, her manager comes out with a journal one of the boys left behind. It's full of many interesting clippings and notes and documents all about ley lines and Welsh kings and their ties to Henrietta. Blue notices a specific doodle that is exactly like something she's seen her mother and Neeve draw before.

Early the next day, an old friend of Gansey's, Roger Malory, calls from the UK. He rambles for a good long while but then finally tells Gansey that he read some research that the ley lines could possibly be dormant and in need of waking and that they're buried far underground. He suggests there's a ritual they will need to do to wake the lines and he's going to try it on a line near him in the UK.

After the phone call, Gansey goes to talk to Ronan about it, but he's not in his room. Noah suggests trying to find him at a nearby church, so Gansey calls Adam for help. The last time Ronan disappeared, Gansey found him in a pool of blood. It's a bad idea for Adam to sneak out because if his father finds him, it'll be bad, but finding your dead friend is probably worse. Luckily, Gansey finds Ronan in the church, passed out drunk on a pew holding a tiny baby raven. The Raven is the symbol of Glendower, who is sometimes called The Raven King, so this has to mean something. Ronan names the raven Chainsaw and when asked where he found it, he drunkenly slurs in my head! Unfortunately, Adam never turned up, which can't be good.

Barrington Whelk wakes after not sleeping well, but since he's started looking for the ley lines, since Czerny's death after the failed ritual, he hasn't slept well. He wakes knowing something involving the ley lines just happened. He pulls out his old maps and looks at the old places he and Czerny searched.

Blue wakes early when she hears Maura and Neeve having a conversation about looking for someone, possibly Blue's father. Blue looks through the Raven Boy journal and reads about waking Glendower and earning a favor. She thinks about Gansey coming for his reading later in the day and what that will mean. She decides to take the journal to Persephone's room to see what she thinks about it. Persephone suggests she find out who the journal belongs to and if what is inside it is true.

Gansey goes to pick Adam up for school, but he's not out waiting for him. Gansey wants to skip school to try to find Adam, but he can't if he wants to keep up in his classes at Aglionby. Resigned, he goes to school without Adam. In Latin class, Gansey and Ronan talk about Adam missing school and the teacher, Mr. Whelk, seems to eavesdrop on them, but then class begins.

Later, Barrington Whelk appears at 300 Fox Way, though he doesn't give his name. He asks for a reading and the psychics give him one. It's all about him wanting to find something desperately after having lost everything. When Maura turns a tarot card, the Page of Cups, she ends the reading. That card is the card she believes to represent Blue and she doesn't want her daughter to get involved with this man who seems to be on a desperate hunt for power.

Gansey goes back to Adam's after school but before he gets there, his sister Helen calls asking about their mother's birthday and if he's going to come home anytime soon. Probably, but right now, he's dealing with more important things. Gansey knocks on the door of the trailer and Adam's mother tells him he's out back. Adam's working on a car, and when he comes out, Gansey sees his face is ruined with a black eye and bruises. Gansey tries to get Adam to leave with him, to come live with him at Monmouth, but Adam refuses. He wants to be a self made man and not belong to Gansey. They get back in the car and head to the psychics, but as they drive away, they see Adam's dad who tries to run them off the road. Geez that guy is a dick.

Gansey is late to his reading at 300 Fox Way because of his Adam-rescuing, and because he's brought Adam and Ronan with him. Blue finally learns who Gansey is and realizes that the way he's going to die is because she's going to strangle him. Imagine falling in love with someone so pretentious that he tries to buy your time to talk to his friend… ugh… Maura directs the boys to the reading room and they plan to do one-off readings where they each pull one card and the psychics interpret it. Persephone insists that Blue deal the tarot cards to the boys.

First Blue goes to Adam. He pulls the two of swords. He's being pulled in multiple directions and being asked to do something he's not comfortable with. He might be able to escape his problems, but that option isn't available to him yet. Next, she goes to Ronan. He refuses to pull a card and instead tells the psychics to tell him something true first. Calla puts her hand on his shoulder and tells him that a secret killed his father and he knows what it was, which pisses him off and he leaves the room. Calla has the gift of psychometry, being able to touch something and get a reading. She asks what are you? before he leaves the house. Gansey apologizes on his behalf and then Blue takes the cards to him.

Gansey asks Blue to choose his card and she pulls the Page of Cups, but Maura freaks and forces Blue to reshuffle and make Gansey choose, but again he pulls the Page of Cups. Frustrated, Maura takes the card from him and makes him choose again. This time, he pulls the Death card, but he's not disturbed by it. Then he asks about the ley lines, but Maura and the other psychics pretend not to know about them. Gansey asks if they really don't know about the lines or if they just don't want to help him. Uh oh, that is the truth. Maura tells Blue she doesn't want her to ever see the Raven Boys again. After the boys leave, Maura asks Calla what she saw when she touched Ronan and she says that he's creating. That sounds oddly ominous.

Gansey wakes up later that night to a very weird and terrible sound. He goes to Ronan's room to find him feeding a screaming Chainsaw. After this, Gansey goes back to his room to look at the Journal, but he forgot that he left it at the pizza place. Then he hears a wasp in his window. He immediately thinks of being stung to death, which happened when he was a kid, and now he's too terrified to move.

Luckily Ronan comes in to say something and then attacks the wasp with a shoe. He came to ask Gansey about something that Noah told him. Noah said that Gansey and Adam might leave together on the Glendower quest, so Ronan wonders if Gansey doesn't want him to come along. That's just ridiculous though, Gansey won't leave any of his friends behind. Ronan starts to say something else to Gansey but then mumbles about something strange happening and how something is starting. Gansey agrees.

Blue wakes and goes out in the backyard and finds Neeve scrying behind the beech tree. She approaches and talks to Not-Neeve, a creepy voice that comes from Neeve but is definitely not her. Blue disrupts the scrying.

The next day, Whelk looks in Gansey's locker and takes his notebooks to copy. He sees things that he wants and knows that he and Czerny were on the right track back when they were teens and that Gansey is on that track now. He's got to beat him though. He's got to be the one to wake the ley lines and take their power.

Blue talks to Calla about why Neeve is there. Calla says she was meant to be there looking for someone but now she seems to be there for something more. Blue asks Calla to go through Neeve's things using her psychometric power with Blue as a booster. They plan to go into her room sometime when she's not there. Calla will figure out when will be the best time and let Blue know. As they are talking, Blue gets a delivery of flowers from Adam. Blue then asks Calla if she should tell the Raven Boys where the Corpse Road is, but Calla can't make that decision. Ever since the boys came to 300 Fox Way, Blue has felt like she's been tied to them. She asks Calla not to say anything to Maura.

Messing around outside with Noah and Ronan, who wants to build a ramp to the moon, Adam decides to call Blue. Noah tells Ronan in the background that Adam sent her flowers, which doesn't seem like it goes over well and also… how did he know?, but Adam calls anyway and invites Blue to go with the group later in a helicopter to try to spot the ley line. Disbelieving, Blue agrees.

Adam goes to pick Blue up a little later and their conversation is sweet and awkward as they walk to Monmouth Manufacturing where there is indeed an actual helicopter. Blue gives Adam a map to the church where they do the watch and Gansey's notebook. She says that she wants to be in on whatever they're doing, so they get in the helicopter.

Gansey's excitement in the helicopter is contagious. He introduces Blue to his sister, Helen, who is piloting. Gansey feels a little jealous about Adam and Blue, but doesn't really understand why. Adam gives Gansey the map Blue drew and when he asks her about the map and its lack of details, she says "that's all there is." Gansey immediately realizes that it was Blue's voice he heard on the recorder because they said that exact same thing then, but what does that mean?

Ronan asks if Blue knows Gansey, and she has to reveal how she knows him. But first she asks about the drawing he has done throughout his journal, the same one that her mother and Neeve drew. Gansey explains that they are ley lines where mysterious and paranormal things happen, but that these lines seem to be the most important ones where they might find Glendower, which Blue of course read about in the journal. Blue explains that she saw Gansey's spirit, but not what it means, but it was enough for all the boys. Now on the same page, they head to the church where they see the outline of a Raven from the sky.

Helen lands the helicopter near the Raven, which is by a wooded area. They see that the Raven is made from oyster shells, which is very odd considering how far away they are from the coast. Talk turns to Glendower and why he might be in the US instead of Wales. Blue talks about the Corpse Road and how they used to carry bodies along it, so maybe Glendower was carried here, then Gansey mentions Malory and his idea about charging the ley lines, which might lead to them finding him. Adam asks Blue if her boosting ability would work like that, which it just might. Then they decide to walk into the woods.

Gansey thinks he hears Noah's voice, so they go deeper into the woods. They see a stream and follow it, and then they see fish in the stream, which doesn't seem likely at all, then they seem to change colors. Gansey thinks the fish are there because he thought they should be there, which makes Blue feel like she's inside a dream. Sounds very mysterious and paranormal.

Adam and Ronan then find an oak tree that has a spot big enough for them to stand inside, and Adam, seemingly freaked out, asks someone to go in. Blue does, and inside, she sees herself crying as Gansey gently touches her face. Just as he asks her to kiss him, Blue opens her eyes and leaves the tree. Was that the future? Adam tells Blue he would never do that to him, but she doesn't understand. It seems like he saw something else when he was inside. Gansey enters the tree then and sees something else as well. Glendower.

It took them only seven minutes to walk through the woods and find the tree, but it should have taken forty, which is again mysterious and paranormal. When they get back to Monmouth, they decide to go for gelato and plan to talk about ley lines and energy, but they goof off and have fun instead. Gansey again feels like something is starting and that everything is complete now that Blue is part of their group.

After a few weeks of research, the group goes back to the Raven and the woods. They somehow walk through two seasons in the woods, mysterious and paranormal, and then come upon a rock with a joke written on it in Latin. That's odd. The joke is written in Ronan's handwriting, which is even more odd. After the joke, Ronan left a message that the trees speak Latin and to call the woods by name, Cabeswater.

After Ronan greets them in Latin, the trees welcome Greywaren and the psychic's daughter, but only Gansey and Noah can hear them. Ronan translates and learns that he is Greywaren, whatever that means. They ask if the trees know where Glendower is, but no, then they ask how to get out of the woods, because they are understandably a little freaked out. The trees lead them a different way out than they came which causes them to find an abandoned Mustang, which makes Noah puke. Confused, they walk out of the woods and head back to Monmouth.

A few days later, Gansey calls Blue and asks her to go exploring, but just her because the other boys are busy. It's weird, but she agrees to go. Before she can leave, Maura and the rest of the psychics stop her and ask what she's been up to. Maura is upset because clearly she knows Blue has been sneaking around and hanging out with Gansey and the Raven Boys, but she allows her to go. Before she leaves, Calla reminds Blue about their "movie night" meaning she found a time for them to snoop in Neeve's room.

Blue and Gansey go to the church and on the way, his glove box pops open to reveal an epi pen. They don't talk too much about it, other than the fact that it is Gansey's, and then they walk through the woods exploring. As they walk, Gansey talks about how he's wanted the lines to react how they are now, and said it's thanks to her, so he's so happy that he could kiss her. No! She explains to him what the psychics have told her all her life, about killing her true love with a kiss, and then she asks him not to tell Adam. It seems they've gotten closer after Blue reveals this, so then she asks why Gansey's looking for Glendower. He explains that when he was a kid, he was stung to death by a nest of hornets. As he died, a voice told him that he will live because of Glendower and that someone else was dying at the same time, so Gansey will get to live, and he did. After this story, they walk along the line and find an old body wearing an Aglionby sweater. It's Noah.

Gansey goes back to Monmouth, searching for Noah, which freaks out Adam and Ronan. He asks them what Noah's last name is, what classes they share with him, if they've ever seen him eat. They don't know, they share no classes, they've never seen him eat. Gansey reveals that this is because Noah is a ghost, which causes Noah to spend the next little bit of time flickering in and out and haunting them. Adam wants to do something to get the old Noah back.

Later, Gansey goes to visit his mother for her birthday and while he's gone, Declan comes by to tell him that Ronan is getting expelled. Adam calls Gansey to tell him, and then Gansey calls the school to bribe the counselor. They reach an agreement that Ronan has to behave and pass his finals with Bs, plus the Gansey family has to donate a lot of money to the library, but that all seems fine. As he leaves, Gansey's father tries to get him to take one of their other many cars back home because he's afraid The Pig won't make it, but he refuses. The Pig is fine.

While Gansey is away, Blue goes to Monmouth and asks about Noah. She wonders if they were to put his bones, which were taken by the police, back on the ley line, if he would return to his normal self. That's possible, but they can't do anything about it now. Adam then shows Blue some of Gansey's ley line collecting things and they laugh and enjoy each other's company. Blue worries that Adam will try to kiss her and she fumbles with how to tell him not to, but then Ronan comes down with Chainsaw and then Noah appears. Crisis averted.

Noah tells them he was more when he was alive, so Blue offers her energy to him and he immediately becomes more vibrant. He tells them he's been dead for seven years, which Adam recalls was exactly when Gansey was stung to death. Noah said that his death on the line was supposed to do something to it, maybe wake it up, but it didn't work. Ronan tries to get Noah to tell them who killed him, but he doesn't want to confess. Finally he says they already know.

Gansey drives back home in The Pig. He's frustrated about Ronan and having to bribe the school, now, just when Glendower seems possible. Instead of researching and possibly finding the missing king, he's got to babysit his friend and go to classes instead. He gets more and more frustrated and starts driving aggressively, speeding like crazy until The Pig dies.

Soon, a car pulls up behind Gansey and Barrington Whelk gets out, demands Gansey's journal and pulls out a gun. He yells at Gansey about him finding Noah and how the police have come asking questions. Then he asks about Glendower. When Gansey says he hasn't found him and hands over the journal, Whelk cocks the gun and puts it on his forehead. Gansey punches the gun away and they both scrabble for it, then Whelk, clearly mad, runs away back to his car. Wherever he's heading now, he's got nothing left to lose.

While all this is happening, Blue and Calla go up into the attic where Neeve has been staying. Persephone joins them and tells them that Maura knows what they're doing and that they have until midnight. Calla and Persephone explain that Neeve came to see Maura and offered to help her find Blue's father, who Maura called Butternut. They soon get to work and Calla touches a set of scrying mirrors and learns that Neeve isn't happy with her success and wants more. Uh oh. Persephone says she thinks Neeve came to help, but then got obsessed with the ley line power in Henrietta. Calla reads Neeve's planner and learns that someone called her almost a year ago and asked her to come to Henrietta to find the ley line and a place of power. That someone is Barrington Whelk. Then the Raven Boys arrive as well as Maura and Neeve.

After some awkwardness at being found snooping, they all talk about why they're all there, how Gansey was almost shot and robbed, and what Neeve has been doing and mostly about Barrington Whelk, who is the center of it all. They decide they should wake the ley line before Whelk does because whatever he plans on doing with lots of power probably isn't good. Gansey refuses to let Whelk find Glendower first, so he wants to go to Cabeswater, but he also wants to do more research. The group splits up.

Ronan takes Adam home and unfortunately Adam's father is there and angry. Ronan drives away as Adam's father yells about something his mother found in his room. A paystub for one of his jobs. Then his father punches him down the stairs of the porch. He yells at him about how much money he wastes at school, but Adam can't hear him. He's lost the hearing in his left ear. Soon, Ronan is back and is punching Adam's father and his mother is calling the police. As the cops handcuff Ronan, Adam speaks up. He says that Ronan was defending him and asks to press charges against his abusive father.

Barrington Whelk has pulled over, worried that the police are after him because he killed his best friend seven years ago. There is a payphone near where he stopped and it's ringing. That's odd. He answers it to find Neeve on the other line. She offers to help him complete his ritual that he asked her about the last time they spoke. Excuse me, what?

Gansey picks up Adam from the hospital and Adam dejectedly asks Gansey to take him to get his stuff. They fight about Adam being too proud to get help and about how condescending Gansey is. Gansey feels like nothing as Adam storms off. He convinces Adam to get in his car and tells him he'll take him anywhere, that it doesn't have to be Monmouth. They go to Adam's trailer and get his things, including his father's gun.

Blue goes to Monmouth and finds Noah. As they talk about Adam, the phone rings and Noah tells her to answer it. Malory calls to tell Gansey that he tried the ritual and his colleague who was there assisting literally stepped out of his skin. He tells them they set up a circle of stones on the center of the ley lines. His friend said something jokey about losing his skin and then it just came off. Apparently the lines are very literal in what they do and much more powerful than they ever thought. Then Gansey, Adam and Ronan arrive. Blue tells them about Malory's troubles on the ley line and Gansey falls into a pile of pity. Gansey doesn't want anyone to get hurt continuing to try to wake the line, but Adam and Ronan don't care. They fight about waking the line before Whelk can. Whelk, meanwhile, is currently tied up in the backseat of his own car, and Neeve is driving. He knows she's going to sacrifice him like he tried with Czerny.

Back at 300 Fox Way, Adam approaches Blue who is sitting under the beech tree. She tells him he's brave and he says he wants to kiss her, but whoa whoa, no. Then they talk about what Maura told him at his reading. Later, Adam thinks about what he saw in the dream tree, Gansey dead at his hands, and decides he's going to wake the ley line. If he wakes the line, he'll have what he's always wanted. He'll be his own person. He'll be equal to his friends. He sneaks out, leaving his sleeping friends behind. Luckily Noah's always lurking somewhere mysteriously in the background and he alerts Gansey that Adam left. Gansey wakes Ronan and they rush off.

Maura apologizes to Blue about not telling her about her father, Butternut, Blue cuts in, which makes Maura cringe. Maura corrects her with his actual name, Artemis. Maura thinks Artemis has something to do with the ley lines. When Maura and Persephone and Calla were younger, they did a ritual on the ley line and soon after, Artemis appeared. They had a baby, Blue, and as soon as she was born, Artemis disappeared. Persephone comes in to tell Blue that the Raven Boys are coming to get her. The psychics decide to help by stopping Neeve, but they'll do that from home.

Adam goes to Cabeswater and realizes, just like what Malory said, it is very literal. When he arrived, he wished it had been daytime and immediately it was. He realizes he must be careful. He finds Neeve's scrying materials and then sees Whelk and Neeve. Whelk is arguing with Neeve about being her sacrifice like he sacrificed Czerny. Neeve tells him his sacrifice will not be painful, or at least, not for long. She will bleed him out on the line, but then he bashes her in the head.

Blue, Gansey and Ronan enter Cabeswater. They find Noah's Mustang again and watch as an invisible hand inside writes on the dust on the windows Murdered Murdered over and over again. Ronan writes Remembered back, then they take off deeper into Cabeswater.

Adam approaches Whelk with his father's gun. He asks about Noah, but Whelk refuses to talk, then threatens to cut off Neeve's face unless Adam throws the gun. Neeve explains that Whelk killing her won't be an adequate sacrifice to the ley lines, so it won't work. Then Gansey and the others appear and Neeve disappears. Apparently the psychics did something powerful back at 300 Fox Way. As a scrabble happens for the gun and all his friends fight, Adam jumps to the line and makes a sacrifice. He gives up himself. He offers to be the hands and eyes of the line and Cabeswater wakes.

Whelk shoots at Adam, angry that he made the sacrifice, but Adam does not get hit. Whelk drops the gun, then a stampede of white animals comes out of the dream tree. Meanwhile, everyone sees through the dream tree as Blue and Gansey nearly kiss in the front seat of The Pig at some future point in time. Gansey jumps out of the vision and goes for Adam, then they all see that Whelk has been trampled. Gansey is angry that Adam let that happen, but Adam stands up for himself and tells Gansey that now they can find Glendower and decide what to do about Whelk later. As they leave, the trees call to them and tell them that there is a king waiting for them.

Time passes, and at the beginning of June, they attend a funeral for Noah before digging up and reburying his bones on the ley line. They bury Noah at the old church, and then he appears, solid, and asks if they can go home. As they leave, Ronan says that now would be a good time to tell them that he pulled Chainsaw out of his dreams.

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