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The Dream Thieves

The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater

Niall Lynch told everyone that when Ronan Lynch was born, blood fell from the sky, but his mother, Aurora, said it was flower petals. When Declan was born, his father had no idea what happened because he wasn't there. Niall was an eccentric man with a lot of money but no real reason to have it. One night, years before Niall's death, Ronan sees his father in bed, covered in blood and flowers, but Niall says not to worry because the blood isn't his and suddenly Ronan knows. He knows where the money comes from and where the blood and petals came from: his father's dreams. And he, Ronan, is the same. A Dreamer.

Now, Ronan, Blue, Adam, Noah and Gansey are climbing up to the top of a hill to launch a tiny plane that Ronan pulled from his dreams. He recently told his friends that he pulled Chainsaw, his Raven, from his dreams and now he's proving it to them. They launch the little plane and Ronan controls it with the little matching remote, flying it around above them. It's amazing.

A man dressed all in shades of gray, henceforth called The Gray Man, goes to see Declan, Ronan's jerk of an older brother, to ask him where the Greywaren is. Despite the room-crashing fight and the gun pointed at kidneys, Declan doesn't know. After The Gray Man leaves, Declan first tries to call his younger brother, Matthew, whom he shares a dorm room with. Matthew's phone is sitting on his bed. Then Declan calls Ronan, but he doesn't answer.

After the dream plane flying, the Raven Boys plus Blue are driving down the interstate back toward Henrietta, Gansey talking on the phone to his old British friend, Roger Malory. They're talking about the ley lines, of course, and how they would react under water. Then, a white Mitsubishi Evo with knives painted on the sides pulls up next to Gansey's Camaro, itching for a race. The driver, Joseph Kavinsky, taunts them from behind white sunglasses, especially Ronan, but Gansey won't play, so Kavinsky speeds off.

The Gray Man arrives at his bed and breakfast in Henrietta and politely shares a beer with the owners before getting a phone call from his boss, a man named Greenmantle. Greenmantle has hired The Gray Man to find the Greywaren, a mysterious device used to pull items from dreams. The Gray Man thinks it is in Henrietta, but several people have been looking for it for several years and are still looking for it right now to no avail.

Ronan wakes in the middle of the night from a dream where he was returning to The Barns, his family home. Niall's will forbids the Lynch brothers from returning to their home in order to earn their inheritance, even though their mother is still there, comatose. Ronan remembers when he and Gansey first became friends and began looking for Glendower and the ley lines, so he goes to talk to Gansey. Gansey asks Ronan what it feels like to pull items from his dreams. He says it feels like a handshake when you don't know until just a few seconds before if the other hand is going to be sweaty or not. They discuss a puzzle box that he recently brought out that translates languages, mostly dead ones plus one unknown, and how his dreams are always in Latin.

Blue goes to work at Nino's and The Raven Boys are there, too. She puzzles over the puzzle box and has an awkward interaction with Adam, who, now that he's the eyes and hands of the ley line, Blue feels she's not good enough for anymore. They try to figure out what the unknown language is and Blue says that Ronan knows even if he doesn't know and his snarky remark leads Gansey to call him out. This is another awkward interaction, but Blue stands up for herself and then leaves to seat a person that just entered the restaurant, Joseph Kavinsky. He strides oozily over to the Raven Boys' table and gives Ronan a pile of leather bracelets just like the ones he wears every day, then he rubs Ronan's head and leaves.

The Gray Man continues his search for the Greywaren, stopping for lunch at a little sandwich shop. The power goes out while he's there and the waitress tells him that's been happening for a few months now. On the road again, his emf reader pulls him to a rosebush by a well. The reader goes bonkers by the well, but then returns to normal.

Adam gets home from work to his new tiny place above the church rectory and finds Blue waiting on him. He holds Blue for a minute and then when he tries to kiss her, she pulls away violently. After a cold shower in which he sees leaves coming from the faucet and someone else looking back at him from the bathroom mirror, he leaves the bathroom to find that Blue is still there. He then finds what he knows to be a bill from Aglionby and as he's about to open it, the nun from the church comes by to let him know that his rent payment is changing by $200 a month. This immediately fills him with dread, but then he realizes that she said his rent would be $200 less each month, not more. He'll have $2400 extra dollars a year in his pocket. Then, he opens the bill from Aglionby stating his tuition for the next year will be going up exactly $2400. He gets overcome with anger at Gansey, who he's sure is responsible for his rent change. Blue asks if he's okay and then he gets mad at her, too. She leaves.

Gansey, Ronan and Noah are at a nearby dollar store waiting for Blue and Adam to finish work. Gansey gets a call from Adam who is pissed about the rent change and whatever Gansey did to make it happen, however, Gansey has no idea what he's talking about. Gansey wasn't responsible for Adam's rent going down, Ronan was, but only Ronan knows that. As Gansey continues to argue with Adam, Noah suddenly flickers out of existence, then grabs onto Ronan, chillingly stealing the energy he needs to return to his non-ghostly form. Noah says something is wrong with the ley line just as Adam tells Gansey that he saw a woman looking back at him from his bathroom mirror. Something is going on.

Later, Gansey is talking to Adam about going to a party at his mother's. She's running for Congress and Gansey thinks there might be an internship in it for Adam. Adam then starts talking about Blue and how she doesn't seem to want to kiss him. Gansey knows this about Blue, about how she's been told her entire life that she's going to kill her true love with a kiss, but apparently she didn't tell Adam this. Gansey pretends not to know anything and suggests that Adam just ask Blue about it.

That night, Ronan has a dream in Cabeswater. A tiny girl he calls Orphan Girl is there, and whenever she is, it's easier for him to pull things out when he wakes. This time, he pulls out Kavinsky's white sunglasses. Meanwhile, The Gray Man is dreaming about a violent stabbing murder. Adam doesn't dream, but thinks about being worthless.

Later, Ronan goes to church and takes Noah with him. He sees Declan's destroyed face and learns that he was "burgled," though he doesn't believe that at all. Before they can argue much, Matthew, their youngest brother who doesn't really look or act like either of them at all, tells them to be holy. After church, Declan tells Ronan not to hang out with Kavinsky, which is exactly what he and Noah do when leaving church. Ronan drives by Kavinsky's neighborhood with the idea to put the dreamed sunglasses in his mailbox, but Kavinsky drives up next to him at a stoplight instead. Ronan throws the glasses to Kavinsky who, as an excellent forger of all things, not just the typical fake IDs and leather bracelets, scrutinizes them. He's glad that Ronan seems to understand his game. Does he though?

At 300 Fox Way, Blue, Gansey and Adam are waiting for Ronan. They have plans to go to Cabeswater. Blue's various relatives in the house don't think this is a good idea but don't say anything about it. Adam goes to look at tarot cards and while it's just Gansey and Blue in the room, he asks her if she's told Adam about the no-kissing thing. She hasn't and tells Gansey he's not her grandmother and shouldn't be giving advice, which makes him laugh heartily. Blue's stomach twists and she tells herself that she should not be having feelings for Gansey and reminds herself about Adam.

The Gray Man comes by 300 Fox Way for research purposes, but when he realizes how powerful the psychics there are and that they don't take any shit, he reveals to them that he is a hitman. Everyone looks to Maura to decide how to react and she's perfectly fine with it, and maybe a little smitten by the handsome man dressed all in gray. He says he'll be back later in the week, which is good, because one of the psychics stole his wallet to investigate.

The Raven Boys plus Blue are driving to Cabeswater, rocking out to bad music and generally enjoying themselves. Adam thinks back to when he first met Gansey and how if Gansey's Camaro, The Pig, hadn't broken down as Adam rode beside on his bicycle, they probably wouldn't even be friends, but it did and they are. As they approach the coordinates for Cabeswater, Adam thinks he sees a woman on the side of the road and then his hands go cold. He worries that Cabeswater is going to collect him when they arrive. However... When they arrive, there's nothing there. No forest, no trees, no magic, no nothing. And then The Pig dies. Gansey calls Declan for help and Ronan grumbles. He throws himself into the backseat of The Pig, puts his leg casually over Adam and feigns sleep. Declan of course comes to yell at his brother, but Gansey calms him down, though all the time, they're all, minus Declan, worrying about the disappearance of Cabeswater.

Later, Ronan has a nightmare that begins with him talking in Latin with Orphan Girl, then Adam appears and puts on a mask. He turns evil and when Ronan removes the mask, he removes Adam's face. Noah appears, realizing Ronan is having a nightmare, and wakes him. As Ronan comes out of the dream, he carries the mask, and with it, a nightmare creature. Noah rushes to find Gansey who is sitting in The Pig as he sometimes does when he can't sleep. They hurry inside Monmouth Manufacturing to find Ronan covered in blood. Gansey immediately thinks back to the time that he found Ronan in a pool of his own blood after a suicide attempt. Ronan quickly tells Gansey that this is what happened that night, that he didn't try to kill himself, but that he pulled a nightmare creature from his dreams and it tried to kill him. He swore to his father that he would never reveal what he can do, but now he has, and luckily his friends believe him, though honestly, if they didn't believe him after seeing the huge monstrous bird creature, there would be no other way to explain it.

Ronan and Gansey fight the dream bird monstrosity and manage to kill it, but unfortunately, there were two and one got away, which is terrifying beyond all reason. Now is not the time to think of that because they have to deal with a more urgent problem. What do they do with this giant nightmarish corpse? They decide to load it in the trunk of Ronan's BMW and take it to The Barns, even though he's not supposed to go there. The next day, Ronan and Gansey gather Blue and Adam and head to Ronan's forbidden childhood home. As they search the multiple barns that give The Barns its name, they discover many cows and birds that appear to be sleeping. These are the cows Ronan remembers always being here, but it's like they're in suspended animation. After staring at the sleeping animals, they find shovels and bury the nightmare creature. Before they leave, Ronan asks if he can go inside and see his mother.

The group heads inside and finds a variety of interesting items that make no sense, just like Ronan's puzzle box. It's clear to everyone that these are dream items. There is a working toaster that doesn't have a cord, a very hot knife, a pencil that is actually a pen, a measuring tape that only measures 2 feet 6 inches, a vase of blue lilies, a double-edged spoon, and a ton of other things. They also find Ronan's mother in the sitting room, seemingly asleep just like the other sleeping animals. She's perfectly fine in every other way, but suspended. Later, Blue insists that Ronan speak to her family and after some arguing, he relents. He, Gansey and Blue talk to Calla, who not only is a psychic but also has her psychometric ability. She holds Chainsaw and tells Ronan something that he has already figured out. If he were to die, Chainsaw would be perfectly fine, but would fall asleep. This is the same thing that has happened at The Barns. All the animals there are perfectly healthy, only sleeping because they are all dream creatures. And apparently so is his mother. They then wonder if they can wake a dreamed creature and decide that maybe if they were to take Ronan's mother to Cabeswater, a dreamlike place, she would wake up. Now they desperately want to find out.

Ronan goes to lunch with Matthew and realizes that Declan knows about him and his father and his mother, but Ronan tells Matthew that he can bring their mother back and reminds him that he never lies. Throughout this chapter, there are bits mentioned from Niall Lynch's will. Each of his sons will earn $3 million when they reach the age of 18 and one day, The Barns will belong to Ronan. Matthew knows that Ronan was their father's favorite and that he was their mother's, meaning Declan was no one's favorite, which everybody knows.

The Gray Man realizes he left his wallet at 300 Fox Way, but now he's waiting outside Monmouth Manufacturing. Gansey rented a boat and asked Orla, one of Blue's many gorgeous female relatives, to go with them because he needed someone over 21 to rent the boat and he needs a psychic. As The Gray Man begins to go inside Monmouth, Joseph Kavinsky arrives and puts a bag full of fake IDs near the door. They're all perfect, except for the fact that Ronan is 74, but The Gray Man is impressed. He calls 300 Fox Way about his wallet as he snoops around inside Monmouth. He's very flirtatious with Maura, who is very flirtatious right back, but then, he realizes someone else is in the building. Two someone elses, and they're trashing the place. The Gray Man thinks these are some of the others who are looking for the Greywaren that Greenmantle mentioned. He quickly dispatches them and discreetly hides the bodies elsewhere.

On the boat, Orla is lounging seductively in bell-bottoms and an orange bikini. Gansey is trying to hook up a sonar device while everyone else melts in the heat. Finally, with Ronan's help, the device starts working and soon they spot something in the water below them. As Gansey debates taking off his clothes and jumping in, Blue does just that, followed by Orla. Blue retrieves two items from the lakebed. One is a boss from a shield that definitely has ties to Glendower. The other is a very old, very aged wheel from The Pig. Blue says she'll take them to Calla for a psychometric reading, but she says it frostily as Gansey stares at bikini-clad Orla. But why does it matter that he's looking at her? He looked at Blue the same way, but she didn't notice.

Later Blue gets home and finds Noah reenacting his death on her front lawn. When he's finished, The Gray Man approaches and he and Blue size each other up. She's overheard everyone talking about him, so she knows pretty much everything there is to know, and she seems okay with it, just like everyone else. The Gray Man asks Maura to dinner and she accepts.

Meanwhile, Gansey and Ronan are on a mission. Gansey is not his usual calm self, but is very angry with Kavinsky who he believes to be responsible for the destruction of Monmouth. They go to an abandoned fairground where Kavinsky's hanging out with some friends and playing chicken with cars and setting things on fire. Ronan punches Kavinsky in the face a few times but he says he's not the one who broke in. He invites them to a Fourth of July fireworks show where they plan to explode things, then he tells his friend Prokopenko to give him a cocktail, a Molotov cocktail, which he tosses inside his own car and explodes for funsies. As they drive away, Kavinsky sends a text that he'll see them on the road. But how? They literally just exploded his car. Oh well!

The Gray Man and Maura go on a date and it's delightful and precious even though he's a hitman. They have a deep and immediate connection which they both feel and they kiss each other goodnight and part ways. During their kiss, Maura steals The Gray Man's phone. Look, he's a hitman that she has a crush on, okay? She's got to investigate him. She and the other psychics search his phone and learn that he's looking for the Greywaren but doesn't know it's a *he* and not an *it.* Then he calls to tell Maura he had a lovely evening and then asks her to tell him what to bring for her to steal the next time he sees her. Aww...

That night, Ronan has a dream of the tattoo on his back. First, Adam looks at it and traces the lines with his finger and it shrinks. Then Adam becomes Kavinsky and eats the shrunken tattoo. Ronan has some very interesting dreams, but at least this time no monsters came out.

The next day, Helen picks up Gansey and Adam in her helicopter to go to their family home in DC for the campaign party, which of course makes Adam feel uncomfortable. Along the way, Gansey calls Malory who says they have to figure out why the ley line is surging like an apparition and flickering in and out. Kind of like the apparitions Adam keeps seeing. Coincidence? While Gansey and Adam are flying, Ronan tries a set of Camaro keys he pulled from his dreams in The Pig. They work. While Ronan is outside probably causing trouble, Noah sneaks Blue inside Monmouth. They play pool and get a soda from the bathroom refrigerator, eat mint leaves and lay in Gansey's bed. Blue realizes that she has a crush on Gansey but she doesn't have a crush on Adam. She and Noah talk about the no kissing thing which she still hasn't told Adam about and Noah offers to let her try on him because he's a ghost, so he can't die again. After a few giggly tries, they kiss, which makes Blue cry knowing that she'll never get to do it again. Noah disappears, telling her if he were alive, he'd ask her out.

Later, Ronan takes Matthew to The Barns with him to find their father's will. While Matthew looks around, Ronan takes his puzzle box and tests it on a line from the will, thinking it must be some sort of riddle he can't work out, but the line, in the unknown language of the box, is just a repeat of the last line of the will about how it's the last will of Niall Lynch unless another one is created, just standard will legalese. Matthew dashes to Ronan, terrified because there's someone in the house. Uh oh. It's not someone, it's some*thing*. A night horror. They barricade themselves in the basement and the night horror leaves, but then a man dressed all in gray, The Gray Man, arrives, takes the puzzle box, and leaves.

Gansey and Adam are dressed smartly in suits and red ties and are ready to dazzle at Gansey's mom's campaign party. Well, Gansey is ready to dazzle anyway. Adam's feeling anxious and overwhelmed at all the rich people, not to mention the ghostly reflections staring back at him from every reflective surface. Cabeswater is calling to him but he can't do anything about it because he doesn't know how. Then, there's a power surge, which Adam and Gansey know is actually a ley line surge, and while everyone is standing around in the brown out, an eerie chorus of Latin floats through the air, and everyone seems to be able to hear it. The disembodied voices sing of The Raven King, but only Adam and Gansey know that. They lock eyes from across the room.

Ronan and Noah drive the Camaro with its dreamed keys to have a street race with Kavinsky, who is in a white Mitsubishi Evo exactly like the one he just recently exploded. He must have gone out and bought another one immediately afterward. They race, Noah feeling bad about it the entire time, but Ronan knows he can beat Kavinsky because The Pig is faster. He doesn't beat him. And then two night terrors land on The Pig and punch through the windshield, making Ronan crash and destroying Gansey's car, one of his most favorite things. It feels like a dream, but it's definitely not. Kavinsky drives up and kind of offers to help, but not in a way Ronan expects. Kavinsky is a dreamer, too, and he knows Ronan is because he saw him pull the nightmare creature out of his dream that night that Gansey thought Ronan attempted suicide. So that's why he's such a good forger and immediately has a duplicate car…

Adam and Gansey fight about Adam waking the ley line on his own. Adam thinks Gansey's mad because he did it without his permission, but really, Gansey's mad because Adam ran off on his own, which is exactly what Adam does again. Gansey doesn't immediately realize because he's got a tea party of his mother's to attend that he assumes Adam is just skipping, but no. Gansey spent the night talking to Blue on the phone because he's homesick while Adam was walking away. When Gansey realizes Adam's gone, he asks his family for help finding him and finally, as Gansey and his dad are driving the streets of DC looking, he gets a phone call. Adam is on the side of the interstate 15 miles away from the Gansey family estate. After bringing him back home, they talk to a doctor who says Adam has transient global amnesia, but really, it's Cabeswater messing with his head. Gansey's family gives Adam stuff without really giving him stuff, including a car. They can't understand why Adam won't accept help or money, but that's just how he is, stubborn and proud. As they leave, Adam in his new old car and Gansey in his second car, a suburban, Adam says he's going to 300 Fox Way for help with the ley line and Gansey says he's going to check on Ronan.

Meanwhile, Ronan is with Kavinsky learning how to take things from dreams using instant knockout pills that Kavinsky dreamed up. Kavinsky texted Gansey that his car was ruined, so now Ronan's got to get busy. Kavinsky tells Ronan that he has to sneak into the dream space like a thief in order to take what he wants. So... Ronan practices. Almost every time he goes into his dreams, Orphan Girl is there, scared and upset, and the trees tell him that they know he's there. As he sneaks in over and over, he notices the edges of his dreams are fraying. He mentions this to Kavinsky who says of course the dream space is fraying, they're stealing from it! After lots of tries and many, many random dream things stolen, Ronan finally pulls out an almost perfectly imperfect version of The Pig... except it doesn't have an engine. It still works, because whatever works in dreams will work in real life, but that's *too* imperfect for Gansey. He tries again, asking this time instead of stealing, and then he's able to pull a truly perfectly imperfect version of The Pig out and drives off, leaving a very angry Kavinsky behind. Kavinsky thought he and Ronan would stick together after that since they are both dreamers, but Ronan would much rather be with Gansey, Adam and Noah.

Meanwhile again, The Gray Man is falling for Maura and realizes, after snooping through The Barns and through Kavinsky's house and finally watching two boys dream in the middle of the field full of Mitsubishis that the Greywaren isn't a thing, it's a person. He asks the psychics about it and they tell him that they know one of the boys and they'd be very mad if he kidnapped or killed him, so he calls Greenmantle to tell him he doesn't have the object he's been sent to find. He says all the tracking devices Greenmantle gave him were leading to a place, not a thing, and they led to Henrietta because there was recently an earthquake that's been causing power surges. It sounds plausible enough, but will Greenmantle believe it?

As Gansey nears Henrietta, Ronan drives into him in The Pig. Gansey doesn't want to see it, knowing that Ronan wrecked it, but Ronan is too joyful right now for Gansey to do anything but get out and look at his beloved car. Gansey asks where the damage is and Ronan tells him that he completely trashed the car, on accident, and it was really shitty of him to do, so he dreamed this one to repay Gansey. He also explains that he's figured out why Cabeswater is surging and disappearing. It's because it's running out of energy thanks to Kavinsky, and Ronan too but not really, who keeps stealing from it. If they can stop Kavinsky, maybe Cabeswater will return.

While Gansey and Ronan are talking about The Pig, Blue is taking the Camaro wheel and the shield boss to Calla. She makes her read them both with her psychometric power and learns that whatever happened to the wheel happened a long time ago and it hasn't happened yet at the same time. The boss was left behind as men dragged Glendower's body along the ley line after he died. She gets home and Adam is there and he wants to know why she won't kiss him so she tells him the reason and he's very angry about it. He tells her to kiss him and she says no, but it won't matter anyway because he's not the one and he'll never be the one. He asks why and she explains that it's because she doesn't even know him because he won't tell her anything. She had to find out from Gansey about his home life and about his disappearance and everything else going on with him. She wants to be his friend, but he's not letting that happen.

As Adam's leaving 300 Fox Way, overwhelmed with sadness about Blue and also all the voices and reflections and apparitions he's constantly seeing, Persephone stops him and tells him they need to talk. She wants to help him regain balance in his life, so she takes him to the reading room and gives him some pie. She teaches him to scry and to read tarot cards to decipher what Cabeswater is trying to tell him. She also tells him that he needs to be serious about his sacrifice and that if he is, he'll never be the same. After this talk, he's finally okay with it. He decides he'll never have Blue and he'll never have Gansey, but what he does have is himself, and that's enough. He and Persephone read the cards and discover that his card is The Magician and that he can help restore the ley line, but first he's got to restore himself. After working with Persephone and finally listening to all the apparitions he's seen, he falls asleep for a very long time.

While Adam is asleep, Blue calls Gansey and asks him to take her on a drive. Now that she and Adam aren't a thing anymore, she's feeling sad about hurting him, so she asks Gansey to tell her what happened in DC and with Ronan, so he tells her everything he can think of to keep her mind off Adam. After listening to him talk, she finally feels able to speak. She tells Gansey about telling Adam about her kissing thing which brings the two of them closer together. It's been happening all along in the background, Blue falling for Gansey, Gansey falling for Blue, and they both don't want to hurt Adam. They desperately want to kiss but they both know they can't, so they pretend for just a minute under the stars and then decide to never speak of it again.

Ronan meanwhile gets several texts from Kavinsky that he doesn't respond to: ask me about my first dream, my favorite forgery is Prokopenko, I'm going to eat you alive... Ronan starts to take one of Kavinsky's pills to go to sleep, but chooses not to. He hopes to dream of his father, and unsurprisingly, he does. Ronan's dad is proud of him for finally taking control of his dreams. Ronan asks about the will and the last line and Niall tells him it's a loophole written for a thief. They clasp hands before Ronan wakes.

Back at 300 Fox Way, Blue is sad. She tries to go to sleep, but she's just... sad. She hears her mother and the rest of the psychics arguing about something and one threatening to break something if Maura uses it again. Maura then comes to see Blue. Maura's also sad and they both decide that they can do better things in life than be sad, so they get up and get moving. Across town at the bed and breakfast, The Gray Man gets a phone call from Greenmantle who calls him by his real name, Dean Allen. The Gray Man has avoided that name for a long time, but it seems Greenmantle is tired of waiting for him to find the Greywaren, so he's done some digging and some blackmailing and now he's doing some threatening. Greenmantle is giving The Gray Man until the Fourth of July to give him the Greywaren, or he's going to call his brother, who is apparently an even scarier person than The Gray Man. He tortured Dean his entire life and now The Gray Man is tired of it.

Adam and The Gray Man sleep for 21 hours and now it's the Fourth of July. Adam leaves 300 Fox Way hurriedly and shortly after, Persephone follows. At Monmouth, Kavinsky has left a Mitsubishi as a gift for Ronan with a rather sordid note that makes Gansey question Kavinsky's sexuality and makes Ronan joke that he has three testicles. Then Kavinsky texts Ronan *ballsack* which is a very appropriate text for a teenage boy. Clearly he wants Ronan's attention, but all Ronan wants is for him to stop dreaming and ruining Cabeswater. Soon Maura, Calla and Blue drive to Monmouth to retrieve Gansey and Ronan. They are on a mission.

The group goes to The Gray Man's bed and breakfast in the hopes that they can convince him not to kidnap Ronan. It goes surprisingly well, but involves a conversation that Ronan does not enjoy. The Gray Man, on Greenmantle's orders, killed his father and left his body where Declan would find it in the hopes that Declan would tell him where the Greywaren was. Well, that didn't work. Ronan throws himself at The Gray Man and they fight a bit, but they eventually stop. They try to figure out ways to trick Greenmantle that involve giving him Kavinsky or Ronan dreaming another Greywaren, but he refuses to do that. Finally The Gray Man decides he will call Greenmantle on the Fourth to tell him that he has the Greywaren and is keeping it for himself. Then he'll disappear.

Adam has gone to Cabeswater, or where it should be, to figure out what to do. He realizes that he must repair the ley line, but doesn't quite understand how just yet. Then Persephone shows up with a tarot deck, ready to help. At the same time, Ronan gets another dumb teenage boy text from Kavinsky. At 300 Fox Way a little later, they try to figure out what to do to stop Kavinsky. The Gray Man suggests "talking" to him in a way that only a hitman could, but they decide against it. Gansey calls then, offering the gifted Mitsubishi to The Gray Man for his escape on Ronan's behalf. Then, The Gray Man's brother calls from Henrietta which means Greenmantle is on to him.

Persephone and Adam are busily traveling along the ley line trying to repair it. Sometimes that means moving stones out of its way or collecting them for a greater purpose. All they know is that they must hurry. Adam listens to what Cabeswater tells him to do and eventually realizes that he has to repair the line as soon as possible because Ronan is going to need Cabeswater's power that night to do something momentous.

Ronan goes to church on the Fourth and expects to sit quietly and angrily with his brothers like he always does at church, but Matthew is not there. Declan believes his absence is in retaliation for Ronan missing church while he was dreaming with Kavinsky, but that doesn't seem like a very Matthew thing to do. They both try to call him but get no response. Then Ronan gets another very teenage text from Matthew's number and the exact same from Kavinsky's. Kavinsky has kidnapped Matthew and expects Ronan to show up at his huge Fourth of July extravaganza prepared to dazzle. If not, Kavinsky will kill Matthew just like he killed his father and his friend who he dream-replaced, Prokopenko.

Gansey and Ronan pick up Blue and rush to the drag racing strip where Kavinsky has his large and outlandish Fourth of July celebrations every year. Last year there were rumors of a tank being exploded, which sounds exactly like Kavinsky. Soon at least ten Mitsubishis arrive and the party begins. When Ronan approaches, nearly begging Kavinsky for his brother and to stop dreaming for the love of fuck, Kavinsky tells Ronan that Matthew is in one of the cars, then he takes a pill and falls into a dream. Gansey and Blue begin frantically searching cars while Ronan follows Kavinsky into sleep. In the dream of Cabeswater, Ronan tries to convince Kavinsky to stop because he's clearly destroying this dream space, but he's set on destruction. He dreams a huge fire dragon and takes it, and the rest of Cabeswater's power, out with him.

Suddenly Adam appears. He tells Ronan he figured out that he was responsible for the rent adjustment at the beginning of the book and now he's there to fix Cabeswater so Ronan can save everyone else from the monster that Kavinsky just brought into the world. Lightning strikes as Adam puts the last stone into place and Cabeswater's power is restored. Ronan then hears the sound of his night horrors coming for him and then the voice of Cabeswater giving him the strength to use the night horror to fight Kavinsky's dragon. Orphan Girl shows up, too, which gives him the courage he needs. This time, his night horror is huge and white instead of black and has massive wings and claws and two beaks. Ronan wakes up.

Meanwhile, The Gray Man is driving away from Henrietta and is being followed by two cars: some of the other men who were sent to find the Greywaren and also his brother. All the emf readers and other searching equipment that he brought with him suddenly goes haywire and The Gray Man realizes that something must have happened to the line and whatever it is is going to protect and hide Ronan from anyone else who comes looking for the Greywaren. He decides then that he wants to stay in Henrietta and he can if he gets rid of his followers, so he pulls over. The other searchers drive up to his car while his brother's car hangs back. The Gray Man convinces the searchers that their equipment went bonkers because of a fault line and that what they're searching for isn't here and they believe him and drive away. His brother on the other hand immediately starts a torturous conversation that The Gray Man ends with two bullets in his brother's head. He drives back to Henrietta.

Gansey and Blue continue searching cars for Matthew while Ronan argues with Kavinsky and their dream monsters battle overhead. Everyone in the crowd is enjoying this immensely, not understanding that these are literally gigantic Kaiju monsters that can kill them at any moment. Kavinsky's fire dragon explodes Mitsubishi after Mitsubishi, getting ever closer to the one containing Matthew. All Kavinsky wants is Ronan, but Ronan isn't interested in Kavinsky's way of life. He finally tells Ronan that Matthew is in the car that they're sitting right by, and then he calls his dragon to come destroy it. Ronan gets Matthew out just as the fire dragon descends, exploding the car and killing Kavinsky.

Later, Ronan dreams an addendum to his father's will allowing the Lynch brothers to return to The Barns after they all turn 18. He and his friends then drive to The Barns to retrieve his mother and take her to the fully restored Cabeswater in hopes that taking a dreamed thing to a dreamed place will allow it to wake, and it does. While they're there, Adam brings their attention to something that wasn't there before: a cave. Back at 300 Fox Way, Calla is furious. She finds a note from Maura next to a knocked over scrying bowl saying that Glendower is underground and now, so is she.

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