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What a Busy Week!

Claire and I have been busy this week. We have THREE episodes out for you to enjoy! First we have a special NON-SPOILERY chat with PC Cast about her newest book Into the Mist, which you can listen to or watch, then we have our regularly scheduled episode about Teen Killers Club by Lily Sparks, and finally we have a bonus chat with Lily! Two author interviews in one week! WHOA!

Teen Killers Club is a fun and campy book about murderers. Signal Deere is the Girl from Hell and she's been imprisoned for decapitating her best friend. To get out of her sentence, she is taken to a sort of summer camp for murderers, aka Teen Killers Club. Signal and several other teenage Class As, the worst of the worst, are taken to a camp where they're taught, basically, to kill better and not get caught. Signal spends some of her time in camp learning and some time flirting with two really cute boys and some time figuring out who actually killed her best friend. What she discovers will shock you! Read the book, check out our summary and listen to our episode for all the details!

We had a great time welcoming Lily Sparks to the Fictional Hangover family. She is so much fun and just as deliciously twisted as we are. Here's a recording picture:

Be sure to preorder the sequel to Teen Killers Club, Teen Killers in Love, out in August! Tell Lily we sent you!


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