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Twists! At least three! AND WE MISSED THEM ALL!

In our latest episode, we talk about Burden Falls / Wicked Little Deeds by AND WITH Kat Ellis. That's right! Bonus episode again!

This is by far my most favorite book of the year, and as we all know, that is saying something. It had every single thing that I love about horror books (gruesome bloodiness, mind-fuckery and a cosplayable monster/ghost/creature) and everything I love about murder mysteries (multiple unknowable twists, an unexpected hero and mind-fuckery again). It also had a found family, communication in teenage relationships and a loveable asshole. AND! Everyone got what was coming to them in the end. IT'S PERFECT. Listen to the episodes or read the book or read our summary for full details.

I'm so glad I got to tell Kat Ellis how much I love her work. She's a wonderful human being and accepted way too much praise with such poise. She's delightful and twisted and just fantastic. I mean... look! Here she is telling us that she looks for dead bodies when she goes out.

Make sure you read this book and listen to our episodes. Seriously, best book of the year.

Until next time,


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