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R(eww!)by Red

In this episode, all about Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier, we were joined by a special guest listener! More on her in a little bit. Did you know you could do that? If you recommend a book for us to read, we'll probably drag you on to talk about it, even (and possibly especially) if we didn't like it! SPOILER ALERT! We didn't like this book! I hope you can tell by the title of this post. We did like reading the summary though, which often happens when we read a book we don't like. We make our own fun! (Do you remember our episode about Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend or the episode about After?)

This book is about time travel and a young girl who can unexpectedly do it. For her entire life, Gwyneth has known that her cousin Charlotte was born with the time-travel gene and has spent the first 16 years of her life training to do so, but whoops! It's not Charlotte that can travel through time, it's Gwyneth. She accidentally falls through time several times before telling anyone who can do anything about it, but then she does, and then all those people who can help her treat her like garbage for not knowing anything about time travel. You can read the summary or listen to the episode to learn what happens in the first book of this trilogy. Or read the books. Honestly, it should have just been one book. This one abruptly ends, pretty much in the middle of a paragraph. I refuse to read the rest. Sorry, world!

Here's a recording picture featuring our special guest, Erin, teen librarian at the Worcester Public Library in Worcester, Massachusetts. Fictional Hangover has been a guest on her Facebook video series YA Lit Book Chat several times and will be again this week, so be sure to check it out. We'll share the video on our Facebook page, too.

In this picture, both Claire and I are... displeased to say the least, but you know what? You don't have to like every book you read. What's a book that you didn't like? Tell us in the comments, either here or on our Facebook page! Also... we still love you, Erin! We can't wait to read the next book you recommended to us!


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