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This week starts a new monthly theme, The Spiteful Baker: Read a book set in a bakery or featuring a baker or about baking or cooking something up, so Claire and I discussed Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree in our latest episode.

This book was a delightfully sweet cozy fantasy about an orc, Viv, who leaves behind her life of fighting and violence to sell coffee in a land where no one knows what coffee is. Can you imagine such a thing?! She makes friends with a hob, a succubus and a rattkin and together they open a café called Legends & Lattes. Viv worries that her success is only because of a magical stone she has hidden in her floorboards and when it disappears, she's afraid that everything's going to come crashing down due to Arcane Reciprocity. (Try saying that five times fast. Claire utterly failed.) Will the coffee shop survive without the stone? Read the book, check out our summary and listen to our episode to find out!

We decided that we should have asked Travis Baldree to join in on our discussion and are upset with ourselves that we didn't, so now we're putting it on you! Find Travis on social media and convince him to join us in a bonus episode. Use our hashtag #ManifestingTravisBaldree and tag us when you post. We'll send you a treasure in the mail if you do!

Here's a recording picture of us. We decided to wear fangs and ears during recording to feel more fantastical. We think we're pretty cute.


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