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Legends & Lattes

Check out our episode here! Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree

With a meaty crunch, Viv buries her greatsword Blackblood into the scalvert’s skull, pulling it out with a spray of viscera. The Scalvert Queen is dead and Viv is tired. As the crowds surround and cheer, Viv examines the corpse and sees her prize above the beast's nasal cavity. Prying open the folds of the flesh, Viv reaches in and pulls out an organic lump. The Scalvert Queen’s chamber is filled with treasure but the stone is all Viv wants. Without saying goodbye to Fennus, Roon, Taivus or Gallina, her adventuring party, Viv walks out of the cavern. She has had twenty-two years of blood, mud and bullshit, it was time for something new.

Viv approaches the city of Thune in the early morning with Blackblood on her back and a satchel filled with plans, notes, hardtack, platinum chits, assorted precious stones, and a witching rod; she is ready to start her new life. A nervous excitement fills her, something that she hasn’t experienced in years. Viv hasn’t chosen Thune lightly, she did her research, at this final stage, though, she needs the witching rod. Pulling it from her pack, Viv holds the spindle before her and ventures deeper into Thune. As the city wakes up around her, the rod takes Viv to a Redstone building with a worn sign saying PARKIN’S LIVERY.

Ducking in, Viv finds the inside does not match the outside and will need extensive work, but there is so much potential! Outside Viv spots a tiny old woman, Laney, sweeping her stoop and obviously watching her. Laney confirms the owner is a drunkard and will be in Rawbone Alley, yes even at this hour. Laney is correct and Viv is able to find Ansom, the owner of Parkin’s Livery, without trouble and purchases the deed that morning. Ansom has one priority and it’s not work, and Viv’s cash offer is too good to pass up. Viv can now start realizing her dream, to open her coffee shop. What in the eight hells is coffee?

Apparently Orcs don’t send many letters in Thune as Viv gave the postal gnome a bit of a shock that afternoon, but she needed to send some letters now she is officially a businesswoman. After a few other odd jobs, Viv returns to the livery and hides the Scalvert’s Stone under a loose flagstone, ensuring the area looks undisturbed. Withdrawing a small piece of parchment, Viv reaffirms her trust in the Scalvert’s Stone. Well-night to thaumic line, / the Scalvert’s Stone a-fire / draws the ring of fortune, / aspect of heart’s desire. Once hidden, Viv can finally relax.

Up early the next day, Viv heads to the shipyards. She spends hours watching the crews work, but one hob stands out. He labors alone, diligent and fastidious in his work, while the other dockworkers avoid him. At lunchtime Viv approaches the hob, complimenting him on his work. The hob is called Calamity, or Cal, and Viv offers him a well-paid job that is easier to see than to explain. Later in the livery, Cal is rather astounded at the full remodel that the livery will need. It's a challenge he’s willing to take on even though he has no idea what coffee is.

Cal arrives at dawn the next day and is surprised that Viv trusts him with her money to buy the supplies and tools needed. While he’s off, Viv makes a start clearing out the space and rents a cart from the Miller at an extortionate price to help transport the masses of accumulated rubbish. While Viv works, a stylishly dressed man with the features of a stone-fey watches from the doorway. With speech that matches his attire, he informs Viv he likes to perform his civic duty and welcome budding entrepreneurs to the city. There is obviously something fishy about this guy and Viv doesn’t tell him anything.

Cal returns that afternoon having made arrangements for materials to be delivered and a tarpaulin to keep the rain out with the roof being a mess. As Viv and Cal are securing the tarp, a delivery comes. It's the coffee bean delivery! Together they unload the crates and Viv explains how she came across this strange place called a café in Azimuth, how the smell drew her in, and how people just sat peacefully drinking their coffee. That’s what she wants. That night Viv asks Laney about the fancy-pants man, she explains he is one of The Madrigal’s men, the local kingpin who will sooner or later demand protection money. Viv isn’t impressed. That night as Viv drifts off, she hears a thud on the roof, but pays it no mind and falls asleep surrounded by the smell of coffee.

The building supplies come rolling in the next day and Cal works as methodically as he did in the shipyards. Amongst all the repairs, holes in the roof are fixed, stalls are cut down and converted to booths, new windows are cut into the walls, counter space is built, and shelves installed. When Cal mentions loose flagstones, Viv’s heart skips a beat thinking of the Scalvert’s Stone. After two weeks' hard work, the building looks respectable, neither looking nor smelling like a stable. Cal points out a new sign is clearly needed.

The man in the fancy clothes returns, but Viv says nothing. He introduces himself as Lack, a representative of the Madrigal and explains that a contribution will be expected at the end of every month, but Viv is not impressed. After Lack leaves, Cal points out that the cafe isn’t fireproof and there is more to lose. He then hammers a couple of pegs into the wall and tells Viv to put her sword up there.

The next day, Cal turns up late with a cart loaded with a stove and stovepipe. Viv may not be a baker, but it’s going to get cold in the winter and, as Cal advises, if people don’t like her bean juice she can at least feed them. Once they put everything into place, Cal asks for a taste of this bean juice, and allows that it’s actually not that terrible. Viv points out it can be made with milk too, and the gnomes call it a latte.

In the largest square in Thune, Viv posts a notice: Assistant Wanted. It’s nothing like the other postings but, thinking of the hidden Scalvert Stone, she has faith because it hasn’t let her down yet. This doesn’t stop Viv from having a restless and nervous day hoping for applicants. In mid-afternoon, a succubus with magenta skin, a whipcord tail and an aristocratic face walks in. She introduces herself as Tandri and is interested in the assistant position. The interview is quick and awkward. No she hasn’t heard of coffee, yes she’s willing to learn, no she doesn’t have good service experience but neither does Viv. In the end it works out and Tandri accepts the job.

The next morning, Tandri arrives even though the coffee house isn’t open yet because there is plenty to do and learn. Tandri also suggests visiting Thune Market to purchase the dishware, decorations and furniture needed. Shopping montage! With lighter pockets and laden arms, Viv and Tandri head to a fey-run café for lunch. When they return to the café they find a gnomish crate out front and a sturdy dwarf sitting atop it. It's Roon, a member of Viv’s old adventuring party. He was a little hurt when Viv left them without any warning or a goodbye. He wanted to make sure she was okay, and she is. Reassuring Roon, who she is genuinely happy to see again, Viv gets to the business of opening the crate. Inside is a coffee machine which they install in no time.

Before Roon leaves, Viv asks him how Gallina is. She’s stung that Viv left so abruptly but she’s tough and will be fine. As he heads for the door, Roon gives Viv a Blink Stone so if she ever needs his help she can contact him and he will come. Roon then gets on his way with well wishes for Gallina and Taivus and a swift kick up the arse for Fennus. All the while Tandri has been reading the coffee machine manual and is eager to fire it up. The first brew is made and Tandri is very impressed.

The next day Cal returns and Tandri wins him over with her compliments on his work. He also brought a gift for Viv, a new sign in the shape of a kite shield with Legends & Lattes embossed. Viv loves it, but Tandri wants to know what a latte is. Bean water with milk Cal explains, making Viv smile. This place feels like home and tomorrow the café will open its doors.

Sitting outside enjoying their drinks, Tandri mentions a hole in Viv’s opening day plans - she’s told no one about the café! Where’s the advertising? Tandri councils Viv to keep her expectations in check. Laney appears then with a cake(?) frankly it’s unidentifiable and inedible. The group part ways, and Viv is sorry to see Cal go now his work is finished, but has hopes of him stopping by for milky bean juice. As Viv and Tandri tidy up inside, Viv silently ruminates over the Scalvert’s Stone poem, but then they hear a clatter outside. Someone has stolen Laney’s cake(?)!

It’s the grand opening of Legends & Lattes and not one customer appears. Tandri has an idea though: offer a limited supply of free samples to bring people in and get them hooked with the added bonus that seeing people in the shop will entice others. Perfect! Tandri sets about making signs to draw in the crowds. As Tandri works, Lack makes an appearance with a Gatewarden commenting on Viv showing her teeth with Blackblood's resting place on the wall. He then issues her a two week notice for the first payment before leaving. Tandri asks what the exchange was about, and Viv assures her she can handle it before closing for the day.

The next morning three people are lined up outside eager for a free sample. They examine the menu parchment, coffee or latte, and have no idea what they are. The washerwoman and dockworker order a coffee and the third, a rattkin, points to the latte. The coffee drinkers enjoy their sample whereas the rattkin seems to relish the latte and clearly savors it. The café is off to a promising start that turns into a trickle of early risers that lasts a few hours before turning agonizing again. During the lull, a student at the Thaumic Academy, or Ackers, comes in weighed down by a satchel full of books. He’s not there for a free sample but sits in a booth for three hours busy with his books. Viv also takes the quiet time as an opportunity to buy slate and chalk for a proper menu sign. They agree to have another day of free samples.

The next morning the washerwoman is back with a friend in tow and a few other new faces behind them, but it is the rattkin who is first in line that eagerly scurries inside when Viv opens the door. Business that day stays reasonably steady too. They agree today will be the last day for free samples because now it’s time to see if people are hooked. The Ackers student even returns, again only taking up space, but why is he here? When Viv questions him, she learns his name is Hemington and he tells her he is fine and doesn’t like hot beverages anyway, thank you very much. He needs to get back to his very technical and difficult school work. Tandri, who also took classes at Ackers, asks him to explain. Hemington is studying the ley lines that crisscross Thune that are, for some reason, particularly strong in this shop. He says he's studying that nexus. Viv pointedly tells Hemington to accept a free sample despite his aversion and Tandri adds a note to the menus stating a drink must be bought to enjoy the seating area. As Hemington leaves, his drink untouched, he tells Viv he would buy something to eat which reminds Viv of what Cal said to her.

Not long after Viv is tidying up when in strolls an enormous shaggy creature stunning everyone. An elderly dwarf looks over his paper and explains that it’s a Dire-cat and you don’t see them all that often, but they’re supposed to be lucky. Viv remembers the thuds on the roof and Laney’s stolen cake and leaves it be. When things quieten down in the afternoon, the last person Viv would want to see strolls in. It's Fennus, the pompous ass of an elf she used to adventure with. Amongst the sarcasm and belittlement, Fennus makes a pointed comment about the ring of fortune that makes Viv freeze. Thankfully the Dire-cat takes a dislike to Fennus and politely hisses him out of the café. The dire-cat, who Tandri names Amity, can definitely stay!

The next day when the doors open, the customers seem happy to pay and Cal even visits. During the morning rush, Viv leaves the customers in Tandri’s capable hands to find their regular latte-loving rattkin sitting in the corner. She has been thinking about what Cal and Hemington said about food and remembers seeing flour on the rattkin's apron. He isn’t the talkative sort, but when Viv offers him a job as their resident baker, Thimble eagerly says tomorrow.

In the afternoon, Hemington arrives, begrudgingly purchases a drink and sits down. Then they have another unwanted visitor, this time someone Tandri knows. Kellin is a lecherous pest who threatens them with the Madrigal when Viv kicks him out. Viv is again unimpressed by bullies and backed up by Amity in showing Kellin the door.

Before the café opens the next morning, Thimble brings Viv and Tandi something warm that smells of rich yeast and cinnamon. When they take a bite they make involuntary moans of pleasure and praise the gods. Tandri hires Thimble on the spot and pressures Viv with her eyes to basically give Thimble anything he wants. On top of the 4 silver a week, Thimble negotiates free coffee. Viv tells Thimble he can have as much as he wants so long as he keeps making those! When he arrives the next day, Thimble has a prepared shopping list and enjoys his first free latte of the day while Viv and Tandri deal with the morning rush before another shopping montage. When they return, Thimble relishes opening each parcel and gets to cooking. The smell draws people in and Hemington is the first customer to buy (though under some duress because he has bread restrictions). The rest of the customers in the dining hall don’t share his reluctance resulting in the rolls being sold out before Viv can bemoan not putting one aside for herself.

Viv can’t stop smiling! Everything just feels right. With the smell of the cinnamon rolls and coffee drawing in customers, there is a steady gentle hum of activity. The only bad thing is the heat from the oven in constant use, it is a lot. It would be nice if Thimble could make something they could keep fresh longer. Thimble’s brain starts whirring at the idea and he thinks that a bigger stove would be better. When Cal pops by, Viv sets him to the task of making it cooler inside the café.

A new face comes by later in the day, a bard named Pendry, who would like to entertain the customers. So long as all he is asking for is permission, Viv is fine with it. Pendry seems to need a few moments to motivate himself before the music starts, and it’s…interesting. Not unmusical, but savage. The customers don’t seem to appreciate Pendry’s new sound and, mortified, Pendry abruptly leaves. Tandri meanwhile is fascinated by an elderly gnome customer who seems to be playing chess by himself. Amity, who seems to have taken a shine to him, curls around his table.

The next day Thimble presents another shopping list which means shopping montage at the backstreet spice seller! Viv and Tandri are fascinated by Thimble who bakes and twice bakes the new goodies? Once done, Thimble makes them dip a piece into a latte and have a taste. Once again Viv and Tandri turn into goo at Thimble’s genius and Thimblets (biscotti) are instantly added to the menu.

Meanwhile, the kitchen remains unhealthily hot, but thankfully Cal has returned with a solution: an auto-circulator. Though they have to close for the day while Cal installs it, and more than one regular customer is disappointed which makes Viv nervous, there isn’t any reason to be concerned when Legends & Lattes reopens. Thankfully it’s a lot cooler too. Viv looks around and feels contentment because the shop is hers, and when she catches Tandri’s eye thinks maybe, it’s ours.

Pendry returns and is full of nervous energy, but this time he promises to play more traditional music. After a minute or two of silence, Pendry starts playing a gentle melody which compliments his soulful voice. Hemington continues his study visits and asks Viv if he can set wards to study the stability of the nexus. As it will be unnoticeable, Viv is fine with that. Unfortunately Lack returns and Kellin is with him. Lack is there to impress the seriousness of making prompt payment in a week, Kellin is there to letch on Tandri. Later Tandri finds Viv in her loft room, Blink Stone in hand, considering her options. After Tandri leaves for the night, Viv throws the stone into the stove firebox.

It takes three days for Viv’s old adventuring party, minus Fennus, to arrive. Closing early, and putting a pin in a new problem of how customers could take their drink with them, Viv and Tandri explain the Madrigal problem over coffee and a plate of cinnamon rolls and Thimblets. Gallina is genuinely happy for what Viv has built and the people she has found (pointed look at Tandri) and holds no ill will at how they parted. Roon is genuinely happy at the plate of baked goods. Taivus understands wanting to avoid difficult conversations. While Gallina wants to get all stabby with Viv’s problem, it’s not a long term solution. Tandri thinks Viv should just pay, but that isn’t a solution either. Taivus offers to arrange a parlay which seems the best option. When Amity slinks in, it’s the end of the conversation because Gallina has a kitty to pet.

Everything is going well. Pendry keeps showing up and entertaining in the afternoon, the old gnome keeps playing ghost chess with a ghost and Cal regularly pops by. Gallina stops by for dinner with Viv before they head off the next day and as they walk back to the café, Gallina warns Viv that Fennus has been acting strange lately so she'd better watch out. As Tandri and Viv tidy up at closing, Tandri tells Viv that her succubus nature helps her pick up on emotions, including secrets. She knows there is more to the situation than Viv is sharing, which is her right, but she warns Viv to take extra care.

Taivus is successful in setting up a meeting with the Madrigal. Tandri is still unhappy about it and is exasperated by Viv being so chill. Lack collects Viv at the meeting point, puts a hood over her head, and takes her to meet the Madrigal. The Madrigal’s lair is cozy and warm with crocheted doilies, enormous bookshelves and stuffed armchairs. The Madrigal is a tall, elderly woman with a regal face. The Madrigal explains that her connection to Taivus wasn’t enough to warrant a meeting, but they have another mutual acquaintance, Fennus, who she also considers to be an asshole. Getting to the point, the Madrigal informs Viv she knows she has a Scalvert Stone, but she’s not interested in it as she doesn’t think she will benefit from it. Then they discuss the monthly dues. The Madrigal has an alternative proposal which Viv agrees to.

The following morning before opening Viv tells Tandri all about the Scalvert Stone, Fennus', pissing off the Madrigal, and her arrangement of a weekly delivery of cinnamon rolls rather than a monthly payment. When Thimble arrives he’s carrying a large wooden box filled with ice, ostensibly to keep the cream and eggs colder for longer but it gives Viv an idea. When Hemington comes in that afternoon, Viv slides an iced coffee over to him and he likes it! While Hemington is in a good mood, Viv asks a favor. She wants a ward set to a specific person. During the afternoon Kellin comes in to harass Tandri more, but Viv intercedes and he starts threatening to get the Madrigal. Viv points out she’s had an interesting conversation with them and they seem to have the same opinion about assholes. Without any real dignity, Kellin leaves.

Thimble gives a series of uninterpretable gestures and scurries off returning a short time later with a parcel. Opening the paper reveals rough, dark slabs, and when Viv and Tandri try them, they taste a pleasant mix of creamy sweetness and dark bitterness. Thimble whispers that it’s chocolate and produces another shopping list. Shopping montage! When Viv returns it’s to find Kellin picking up the Madrigal’s cinnamon rolls. He’s deferential and meek. Excellent. As Viv and Tandri are locking up, Tandri fetches a basket and asks Viv on an evening picnic, to err… celebrate, yes that’s right.

As they eat in a little park overlooking Ackers, Tandri explains her history. She moved to Thune and attended Ackers in an attempt to escape being trapped as a succubus, but it didn’t work out. The university isn’t as enlightened as they advertise. Viv offers no pearls of wisdom only, “Fuck those motherfuckers.” Later, Viv walks Tandri home but her nervousness and self-consciousness force her to leave. There is definitely something between them.

The next day, Thimble's new delight is ready to try. Still piping hot from the oven, Viv and Tandri eagerly take a bite of the crescent shaped flakey pastry. Again, their reaction is audible, Tandri's in particular as succubi respond to strong sensations, and the melted chocolate in the middle is almost incapacitating. Midnight Crescents are added to the menu.

Hemington comes by, happily orders an iced coffee and lets Viv know her ward is near in place, he just needs her hand to put the warning alert on. When Fennus comes near, she’ll feel a gentle tug. The week goes on and Pendry comes by to play. He has a go with his new sound again rather than his normal lute. He brings his Thaumic Lute but this time plays more gently and to great reception. Laney stops by hoping to swap recipes with Thimble who always manages to exasperate her with his gestures until she goes away. Amity also visits with greater regularity. Tandri comes up with an idea for customers to have their drinks on-the-go by purchasing a mug they can leave or take, they just need to bring it back. Viv awkwardly tells Tandri she’s happy she is making the shop hers, it wouldn’t be what is without her.

Everything is going well. Thimble has shown Viv the huge double stove of his hopes and dreams, and Viv reasons the best deserves the best when looking at the price tag. Lack comes by for the weekly tribute to the Madrigal, even ordering a coffee for himself and Pendry is developing a fan club. Young ladies in particular come to Legends & Lattes specifically to hear him. As Pendry is reluctant to put out his cap for tips, Viv offers him a wage for his regular shows.

Soon enough, in the middle of the night, Viv feels a painful tug on her hand. The ward is going off! Creeping down from the loft, Viv can sense Fennus in the shop and calls him out. Fennus claims Viv should feel guilty over not dealing fairly with the Scalvert Stone. Viv points out she left him the entire hoard, but that isn’t enough for Fennus. When Fennus leaps for Viv, Amity, seemingly from nowhere, lunges for him, snarling until he leaves. Viv gives her a good pet and is going to make sure to set out cream and beef for the dire-cat. For the rest of the night, Viv contemplates what would happen if she lost the stone. Would she be left alone?

The next day Viv tells Tandri about Fennus’s visit and Amity’s defense. She also confides that she contemplated throwing the stone in the river, but the fear of losing everything stays her hand. Tandri tells Viv about something she learned at Acker’s, Arcane Reciprocity, the theory that once the charm is gone a backlash will hit from the build up of energies. This doesn’t help.

Three weeks go by after Fennus’s visit. Cal has started visiting with greater regularity often huddled with Tandri making loud pointed observations. Even the Madrigal stops by and in exchange for a Midnight Crescent, she offers Viv advice, to be a touch more vigilant over the next few days. Viv feels sick. From that point Tandri starts to sleep over, refusing to leave Viv alone. As there isn’t much room and no bed, they share Viv’s bedroll. It’s the best night's sleep Viv has had in a while.

The next day starts well as Viv and Tandri share breakfast. When Cal drops by, he grumbles over extending the kitchen and fitting the larger stove which makes the rattkin sad, but he shouldn’t have a problem installing a stage for Pendry. After closing, Viv and Tandri go out for dinner before retiring to their bedroll. In the middle of the night Viv is woken by Amity forcing her from bed. The shop is on fire! The flames burn a pale, corpse-green. Viv has to break the doors open to get Tandri out and, once in the street with Amity, Viv dashes back in, first to grab her lockbox and a second time to grab the coffee machine. In the process, she is badly burned. From the street, Viv and Tandri watch Legends & Lattes burn to the ground.

Soon the Gatewardens come and the crowds start to grow. Ignimancers from Ackers come to contain the spectral fire to protect the neighboring buildings but the flames rage until dawn and only ash is left. Is this the Arcane Reciprocity Tandri spoke of? Wrapped in blankets Laney gave them and sitting on her stoop, they wait until the charred remains can be approached, Viv needs to check something before they leave for Tandri’s place. During this time Tandri disappears and returns with a wagon and Cal who takes the coffee machine and lockbox. Eventually Viv is able to enter the remains and heads for a very specific flooring slab. Digging through the debris and lifting the floor, Viv sees that the Scalvert Stone has been taken.

After this, things become a bit of a blur for Viv. Thimble turns up but disappears after a short conference with Tandri. Cal appears again with the wagon and takes them to Tandri’s place. She manages to clean her wounds and change her clothes and then the sleep she has resisted overtakes her. When Viv wakes, she feels better and thanks Tandri for taking charge. She needs to return to the shop to retrieve Blackblood which she left in the flames, but she finds her old sword is melted and twisted, so she throws it back into the remains.

After a few days, Viv’s friends start to take charge. Cal calls on them and starts outlining the cleanup, and makes plans for materials and labor needed to rebuild. He isn’t fazed by Viv’s lack of funds or her protests that she no longer has the Scalvert Stone because he is a patient hob. Tandri and Viv share a moment then and have their first kiss.

It takes Cal thirteen trips to clear the debris and unfortunately only a few bricks and stones are salvageable. Pendry shows up on the second day to help. Cal brings a cartload of quarry bricks and river stones commenting that they will rebuild better. Thimble will get his bigger kitchen and Viv will get an actual loft apartment. Cal brings more materials, lumber and nails, Thimble starts stopping by with lunch every day, and Hemington lays wards into the foundations. Amity appears now and then to inspect their work. After a week, a cartload of clay appears provided by the Madrigal. Other help comes and goes, whether hired by Cal or sent by the Madrigal, Viv does not know nor question. One day the old chess playing gnome stops by. Viv makes a comment about the Scalvert Stone and he enlightens Viv over a misleading line. The ring of fortune is an old sea-fey phrase which really refers to bringing people together.

Roon and Gallina visit, bringing with them crates of gnomish coffee beans. Tandri wrote them a letter and told them everything that happened including the loss of the Scalvert Stone, and in Gallina’s words, Who gives a shit? They also mention they haven’t seen Fennus in weeks, but he was a prick and a welcher that neither could abide so good riddance to dickheads.

The day before reopening, Thimble is able to take in his new, bigger kitchen with expanded pantry, cold-box, more counter space and a pair of new ovens. It’s perfect. Cal and Tandri also have something for Viv: a new Legends & Lattes sign with the remains of Blackblood mounted onto it where once the sword was embossed. It’s perfect. But now it is time to reopen.

The line at opening time is down the street despite the cold. All the regulars turn up, and Hemington even orders a hot drink. Pendry comes by in the afternoon for his set and brings an Arcane Amplifier with him, but the windows are new, please do not shatter them! Even the Madrigal stops by to congratulate Viv on the reopening and leaves with her tribute. The day goes very well.

After closing, Viv gathers Tandri, Thimble and Cal to thank them properly for sticking by her and helping rebuild. She hands them each a writ of partnership, then the friends share a toast to what the flames could not consume. After Cal and Thimble leave, Viv is finally able to show Tandri one big improvement she worked on with Cal, a proper furnished loft apartment, one she'd like to share with her. Tandri wraps Viv in her arms and kisses her in answer.

Meanwhile, Fennus is stalking the southern alleys of Thune. He's stayed away since the fire but rumors of the shop reopening have drawn him back. It seems at least as successful as before, so was everything he did for nothing? Fennus heads toward the docks when he is intercepted by Lack. The Madrigal is interested in the stone he spoke of before and understands Fennus is the new owner. Fennus is all cocky and showy with his sword before doing some flips, jumps and bounds up the wall onto the rooftops where the Madrigal’s men below can’t follow. Smug in his escape, the sound of a heavy impact and sliding roof tiles causes him to stop. Whirling around, Fennus comes face to face with Amity. He has only a moment to think, is that the gods-damned cat? before she leaps.

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