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Dracula Night LIVE!

We had another live episode to celebrate Halloween! Did you watch it? It was all about the short story Dracula Night by Charlaine Harris. We dressed up for it and everything!

Dracula Night is actually in January, but for our sake, we're celebrating it as if it happened around Halloween, and they do compare Eric's excitement at the prospect of Dracula coming to Fangtasia to It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, so it kind of makes sense. All vampires celebrate Dracula Night in the hopes that the Prince of Darkness will visit their party. Eric is CERTAIN that Dracula will be at Fangtasia this time, and it definitely doesn't have anything to do with bribes or anything like that. Sookie is invited, so she's there, which of course means something ridiculous is going to happen. And it does! But what is it? You'll have to read the story, check out our summary, listen to our episode or watch it to find out!

Thanks so much to everyone who watched all our episodes in October. Remember, if you enjoyed watching them, you can join our Patreon Bonus! tier to watch them all the time!

Until later!


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