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Dracula Night

On her way to Merlotte's one day, Sookie checks her mail and finds an invitation to a formal party at Fangtasia celebrating Dracula Night, a night for the Lord of Darkness, Prince Dracula, who may or may not attend the festivities. When she gets to work, she asks Sam if he got an invitation, too, but no. He's just a shifter, no one important like a pack master or a telepath. Sookie of course thinks her telepathy is a problem, but Sam assures her it's a gift.

Sookie takes a break to call Pam a little later to ask if there really was a Dracula and Pam confirms this to be true and explains that Vlad Tepes, Vlad the Impaler, was admired by vampires at the time, so they turned him and he became the first modern vampire to rise from his tomb on the island of Snagov. Bram Stoker met him and embellished his stories and wrote his novel, kind of like what Anne Rice did when she met Louis. (So he’s real, too?!) Now all the vampires hope that Dracula will visit their city on Dracula Night.

Sookie spends the rest of her shift at Merlotte's trying not to read the minds of those around her and after learning about Hoyt planting flowers and Arlene hoping to get married again, Sookie's thoughts turn to what she'll wear to Fangtasia on Dracula Night. The invitation said this would be a formal occasion and Sookie doesn't really have anything appropriate, so after work, she decides to go to the mall where she finds a beautiful pink sequin and chiffon dress. On sale. Perfect.

When the night arrives, Sookie drives to Fangtasia and gets dressed when she gets there. Pam compliments her dress, looking very nice in a silver lamé tuxedo herself. Pam is excited that Sookie is there and hopes she'll excite Eric, too, who has been a little stressed about the party. Sookie asks why and Pam explains his stress by comparing the situation to It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Eric is 100% sure every year that Dracula is going to come to his party on Dracula Night but he never does.

Now, Eric is yelling at the new bartender because he doesn't think they have enough Royalty brand blood, which is synthetic blood mixed with the blood of actual Royalty. It's rare and expensive and of course it’s Dracula's favorite, unless real human blood is offered. He prefers that, but, you know, because of laws and stuff, he can’t take human blood unless it’s willingly offered, which it probably would be with all the fangbangers around, but still. Any vampire who bites an unwilling victim is put to death, but at the same time, no vampire is allowed to kill Dracula, or even strike him, so hopefully that won’t happen. Any vampire who does must meet the sun, and then Dracula has to be paid recompense, so it’s just really a bad idea all around for a vampire to do anything negative to the vampire prince.

Eric comes out of his office then, swoops Sookie up in a kiss, and gets ready for the festivities. Sookie questions Eric’s oddly optimistic attitude about Dracula’s attendance, and Eric says he had a business discussion with Dracula’s handler, aka he bribed him, so he’s sure he’s going to be there. Sookie doubts it, and so does pretty much everyone else except for Eric, but Sookie, with all the fakeness she can muster, brightly says we’ll see!

Fangtasia is fancily decorated with all of Dracula’s favorite things which Pam thinks is a waste of money, but don’t tell that to Eric! There are flags in his honor, nice tablecloths, Transylvanian music, a throne and a blood fountain. Clearly, Eric has gone all out. There are several local vampires, like Bill and Clancy, and several visiting vampires and other supernaturals at Fangtasia including Calvin Norris and Colonel Flood, and a goblin. Sookie questions the additional vampires and learns that if you’re a vampire passing through an area on Dracula Night, you’re meant to stop and party with the nearest sheriff.

Sookie also learns that there is a new bartender named Milos, who is a recent immigrant from the old countries, and Pam hates him. She says he’s sneaky and has been questioning how much the bar makes and how much money Eric has. He seems pretty gross, but Fangtasia, and Sookie if we're being honest, are pretty hard on bartenders, so what are you gonna do?

The party gets going and Sookie dances with Calvin and makes her rounds talking to people while Eric and the rest of the Fangtasia crew do the same. Then Sookie slow dances with Eric and we all swoon. Soon, midnight creeps closer and Eric bangs a tiny gong to gather everyone’s attention. He raises a toast to the Lord of Darkness and then… Dracula reveals himself. It’s Milos.

Milos jumps from behind the bar and rips off his tuxedo to reveal a black glittery jumpsuit. He looks like he belongs in a circus and Pam quietly remarks to Sookie that he’s a poser while Eric spouts platitudes. Dracula declares that he’ll stay with Eric for a year and accept non-stop tribute, a tithe from the club for his income and a house and servants thrown in. He will live in the way he prefers to and accept one woman a day for his refreshment. And he’ll start with Sookie. Colonel Flood and Calvin step up to protect Sookie, but she’s got a plan. Pam has just quietly passed something to her. A stake.

Sookie pretends to be glamored by Dracula when he beckons her and asks how he escaped his tomb at Târgoviște. Dracula leans down to drink from Sookie and says he’ll have to tell the story later, but she stakes him instead. The stake doesn’t go in all the way, so Eric hops over to help. The other vampires in the bar go crazy with rage and want to execute Sookie, but oh no. The rule is that no vampire can stake Dracula, and, well, Sookie’s not a vampire and also, that wasn’t Dracula.

But how did Sookie know? The visiting vampires are still in a rage even though Eric is now standing by and supporting Sookie's staking. Pam steps up and reminds everyone that the real Dracula was entombed in Snagov, but Sookie asked him how he escaped Târgoviște and he didn't realize or correct her, so clearly he was an imposter. The visitors now demand recompense for this faker's maker, and Eric says of course, if they can figure out who this guy was and who his maker is. Bill offers to search his vampire directory/phone book/scrapbook/database.

Eric fangily smiles at his guests and reminds them that what they just witnessed should be kept secret until the matter is resolved. Calvin and Colonel Flood agree/don't care, and the same goes for the goblin and all the others. After all, what happens in Shreveport stays in Shreveport.

Pam pulls Sookie aside, upset at the blood splatter on her pretty pink dress, and tells her that what she did was brave. She thanks Sookie for helping Eric and then she asks Sookie about her knowledge of Dracula. Well, she went to the library and did some research! Pam suggests that Vlad Tepes was beheaded and therefore not Dracula, and Sookie agrees, but also says that's only one theory, and it's possible that Dracula is actually real, after all, Eric claims to have done business with someone who works with him.

Speaking of Eric, he's looking pretty sad as he watches the fake Dracula disintegrate, but then his frown turns upside down. Even though the real Dracula didn't visit tonight, there's always next year!

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