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In our latest episode of the show, Claire and I talk about The Box in the Woods by Maureen Johnson. My gosh do we love these books. Maureen Johnson is a fantastic author and Kate Rudd is a stellar narrator. This is the fourth book in the Truly Devious series, but it's a standalone, not following the same storyline as books one, two and three. You know what this means? Infinitely more books hopefully! If you're interested in the original trilogy, give our episodes a listen. There's an episode for the first two and an episode for the last book, plus an interview with Kate Rudd!

In this installment, we're back with teenage detective Stevie Bell. She's finished up the school year at Ellingham and solved that case and now it's summer break. Stevie is contacted by the owner of a company called Box Box and he wants Stevie to solve a cold case from a summer camp in the 1970s called the Box in the Woods murders. He invites Stevie and her friends Nate and Janelle to become counselors at the camp, or fake counselors really because all he cares about is solving the case because he's going to make a podcast out of it, and hopefully sell some more Box Boxes or his new line, Bag Bags... or is it Box Bags? Stevie solves the case, just like we all knew she would, but, oh my, what a twist! Read or listen to the book, check out our summary and listen to our episode for all the details, and all the boxes!

Here's a recording picture from our episode this week. We kept making each other laugh because we said "box" SO MANY TIMES. How many times? Well, we know, but you have to figure it out. Closest guess gets a prize from our Redbubble shop!



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