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The Box in the Woods

Check out our episode here! The Box in the Woods by Maureen Johnson

In July 1978, Sabrina, a counselor at Camp Wonder Falls, decides she's going to try something different this summer and that means instead of being the perfect student and quiet girl, she is going to break up with her boyfriend, start dating a new guy and sneak away from her cabin to smoke pot with her new friends. Her friends take her to the Box in the Woods, an old hunting blind, where they hide their stash. She smokes for the first time and listens to Fleetwood Mac but then realizes that her friends have been gone for a long time. Two of them snuck off for some lovin' and the other, her boyfriend? went off to pee. But he's been gone for at least a few songs now. Where is everyone? She goes to get the couple but when she approaches them, they're awfully still. Then she hears someone behind her.

In the present day, Stevie Bell is working in a deli at a grocery store. She's home from Ellingham Academy for the summer. Time has passed and she's no longer on everyone's minds like she was after she solved the famous Ellingham case. She talks to David, her boyfriend, the only girly thing she's got going for her. He's campaigning across the country, currently at a Cracker Barrel, trying to get people to vote for anyone other than his father. When Stevie gets home, she sees she has an email from the owner of a company called Box Box, Carson, who has purchased Camp Wonder Falls, now named Sunny Pines. Carson wants Stevie to come be a "camp counselor" but actually solve the Box in the Woods murder because he's making a podcast about it and tells her she can bring her friends if she wants. Stevie sets up an elaborate scheme involving looking at tiny nutshell murder scenes in a book and a second email from the Box Box guy that doesn't mention any murder at all to convince her mother to let her go, and that it was her own idea. (Thanks for the idea, Charles Manson!)

Back in 1978, Brandy, another counselor, wakes up to a small child staring at her. Her friends never came back from their trip into the woods and now she's dealing with all the kids herself, one of which spots another counselor asleep on the path... But he's not asleep. He's dead. Brandy begins to scream. The head of the camp, Susan, wakes that same morning and goes for a run around the lake. When she gets back to her cabin, she makes the morning announcement but it is interrupted by that scream. Susan and the nurse, Magda, follow the sounds and the campers to the body. Susan recognizes the boy as Eric Wilde and the nurse checks his vitals. There are none. Susan radios another counselor, Shawn, and tells him to phone the police, but tells him to not call an ambulance though because it won't be needed.

Stevie is now on a train headed toward camp. She believes that no good can come from being on a train, what with all the train murder mysteries (Hercule Poirot anyone?) and disappearances that happen on them, but she arrives at her stop and is met by Carson, the shaved head, sage smelling, tattooed, yoga pants wearing hippie owner of Box Box. Nate and Janelle have already arrived and David is going to be unable to attend because of his campaign work. He will come visit though. They go to Carson's home in his Tesla and talk about having a Think Jam and vegan pizza in the Bounce House. This is where he and the rest of Box Box come up with all their ideas. Stevie, Nate and Janelle are each assigned camp jobs but really, they're mostly there so Stevie can solve the mystery. Janelle will be head of Arts and Crafts with Stevie as her assistant, though Stevie's job is fake. Nate's job is also kind of fake. He's the Camp Librarian who gets to live in the treehouse library and not work on the book that he's supposed to have been writing since we met him way back in Truly Devious.

In 1978, the sheriff has arrived and is worried about what's going to happen to the town since there was a tragic death not too long ago. Hopefully this isn't another death. Oh but it is. Eric has been stabbed six times and his head has been bashed in and three more are missing. Patty, another of the counselors, tells Susan and the sheriff that Eric, Sabrina, Diane and Todd went into the woods to get marijuana at about 11:00 the night before and tells them where they usually go, to the Box in the Woods. The sheriff finds it and inside in white paint is written the word SURPRISE.

Carson shows Stevie, Janelle and Nate a presentation he's put together about the murders and it's clear he's testing out podcast ideas on them. The slides have photographs of everyone in town at a bicentennial event two years before the murders, photos of the victims (Eric, pot dealing son of the librarian, Diane, Led Zeppelin-loving daughter of the owners of the local dairy bar, Todd, son of the mayor, football star, general douchebag, and Sabrina, daughter of a dentist, library volunteer, general good girl), crime scene photos including sketches of the three bodies found inside the box and the painted word SURPRISE, and theories of what could have happened. The theories are: a drug deal gone wrong, which is probably not right, a serial killer, which is likely given that it was the 70s and basically everyone was a serial killer then, plus there was one nearby who also wrote SURPRISE at the crime scenes, and the third was that someone was out for revenge against Todd who definitely ran over a kid and got away with it.

The next day, Carson says he has planned a festival to dedicate a room at the children's library in honor of Sabrina and then he introduces Stevie to everyone in town. They go to the bakery owned by Patty who was friends with all the victims and Janelle is immediately into her cake decorations, which Stevie compares to crime scenes, making Patty feel awkward. Next, they go to the library where they meet Allison, sister of Sabrina, now town librarian. They talk about the new children's room and how Sabrina would have loved it, especially the giant turtle that kids could sit in and read. Sabrina loved turtles. Afterward, they go to the camp where they meet Nicole, who runs things now, and then Carson gives them a tour of the crime scenes.

In 1978, after the murders, there is a picnic. Everyone in town is there and it's very much like the bicentennial event they had a couple years before except that one had fireworks and photographers and even got Life magazine and this one is subdued and morose and everyone is talking about dead teenagers. Arnold Horne, Patty's father, talks to the Mayor, Todd's father, about whether the death of Michael a few months ago and these camp deaths are related, but no, of course not. Todd definitely did not run over Michael. Definitely. Brandy, the counselor who found Eric's body, and her sister, Megan, are having a similar conversation not too far away. Brandy thinks that whoever killed the campers might still be around, watching them, and that they're going to come back. Megan says no way. Who is right?

Present day, Carson, Stevie, Janelle and Nate go to the festival that Carson has set up. There are food trucks and vendors and it's very elaborate. It's an awful lot of work and expense from a guy who sells boxes, but everyone knows he's just trying to buy the town's love. Somehow Carson has gotten everyone still around from the case in the 70s to come to this event. He introduces Allison to a cold case detective and then she asks her to find Sabrina's diary but no one's been able to find that. It was lost in the 70s! There's no way it still exists. After sharing the beautiful new library room, Carson ruins everything by introducing Stevie to the crowd and declaring he's hosting a podcast about the murder and Stevie is trying to solve it. Yikes. Everyone is in an uproar. Patty comes over and invites them to her bakery to avoid the crowd. Thank goodness!

Stevie walks around the bakery and spots a picture of Patty's dad on the wall. Patty talks about how he hated having his picture taken and this one and the one that ended up in the magazine from the bicentennial are the only ones she ever had of him. When he was in the war, he did lots of spy things in German territory which made him very stern. She talks about how he bought her everything and how they had a pool and a big house and how she never really had to try to do anything because she had him and he'd pay for anything, but when she didn't even try to apply for college, he got mad and told her to stop hanging out with her deadbeat friends. Ooh... awkward now that they're literally all dead. Anyway, they enjoy some delicious cake and then Patty offers to tell her story of what happened.

She would have been out at the Box in the Woods that night, but she and her off again on again boyfriend Greg had recently gotten caught "making up" after a breakup, coincidentally caused by Sabrina who told Patty that she and Greg kissed. Apparently Greg often made out with other people but Patty would never really leave him because he was so handsome. They were each on lockdown, Greg in an admin building and Patty with the nurse and unable to sneak out. She woke up because of the screaming. It was awful. Then, a little bit later, after the town picnic, she and Greg and some others were at the football field and then Greg drove off drunk or high on his motorcycle, crashed and died. Yeesh... Finally, Stevie asks Patty what she thinks happened and she says it was probably the Woodsman or a copycat serial killer because it was the 70s and there were a lot of serial killers back then.

Later, back at camp, Stevie, Nate and Janelle talk about what they know, about how Jason Voorhees is the logical suspect because he lives in a lake and has also been to space, and about how revenge is a good motive to have killed Todd, but why kill more innocent kids if you're angry about an innocent kid being killed? As she tries to fall asleep, Stevie looks over more files that Carson sent, this time ones about Sabrina being perfect, then she falls asleep and a bug or something tries to fly up her nose. She wakes up to a freaked out Janelle, who has every right to be freaked out. The word SURPRISE is painted on their wall and it wasn't there last night.

In 1978, after the picnic, the teens that are left go to the football field and end up talking about what they think happened. Patty is not really excited to be there, especially when Greg shows up with beer and pot. The parents, especially her dad who everyone knows is a tough, almost police-type, spy will know they've been doing drugs and drinking. She and Greg get into an argument about this because what does she care if she upsets her dad, it's not like she's going to college or anything. They yell about her friends dying and Greg says they were his friends, too, then he gets on his motorcycle and drives off, Patty crying and running behind with a flashlight. Greg promptly turns a sharp corner, crashes and dies in a bright flash of light.

Stevie and Janelle begin investigating the SURPRISE and discover several things: the paint is really dry, it was wiped from the bottom to keep it from running, there is a paint drip and tape on the floor under Stevie's bed, and the one way "in'' that isn't locked is a hole in the window screen that's less than two inches... So basically, this could not have been done last night while they were asleep, which is good. Stevie lets Carson know and asks for surveillance cameras, but that's going to be tricky to set up because the campers are supposed to arrive soon. Stevie calls David who is worried, obviously, and then she meets up with Nate. Nicole finds them and gives Nate some terrible news. Oh great, what else could possibly go wrong? Nate has to fill in as a counselor with a guy who wants to be a social media influencer. OH NO! Forced socialization! With a douchebag! It's only temporary though.

Carson comes by the camp later with cameras in a fancily patterned Box Box Bag. He also shows Stevie that someone left something for him, too. It's a box, because he's the Box Box guy probably, but inside the box are dolls dressed to look like the three counselors who got put inside the box and the word SURPRISE is written inside. He gives Stevie the box and she goes back to camp. They all decide that clearly someone is upset about the Box podcast and is trying to scare them, or be a jerk, or both. Janelle hangs the cameras and then Nicole lets Stevie know that someone is there to see her...

It's Allison. And she's there to apologize? Allison and Stevie talk about why Stevie is actually there. Because someone needs to do something, Stevie's response, is good enough for Allison who invites Stevie to meet with her the next morning at her house. Allison says she knows Kyoko, the librarian at Ellingham, and she seems to think Stevie is a decent human being, so Allison wants to help her. That night, Stevie calls David and tells him what's going on. He says he's going to come see her. She thinks over everything. She's got her friends, she's got a crime to solve and she'll soon have David. She goes to sleep that night a very happy camper.

The next day, Stevie goes to Allison's house. Inside, everything is tidy and immaculate. Allison shows Stevie a room that she has filled with all of Sabrina's things. There are bins of makeup and dresser stuff, lots of books and journals, and turtles of all kinds: pillows, stuffed toys, a big ceramic one, tiny ones. It's basically a shrine to her sister. Allison tells Stevie about her sister, how she kept schedules and diaries, how she still wants to find the last missing one, and that Sabrina was studying German. Then she shows her some interlibrary loan slips of two books that Sabrina requested at the library about the Third Reich. This is very serious stuff for a teenager.

Allison invites Stevie to join her for her daily run around the lake and, reluctantly, Stevie agrees. Stevie asks about why Allison never left town after the tragedy. She also asks about Sabrina's ex boyfriend Shawn and if maybe he killed everyone because he was jealous. Allison doesn’t believe that, plus, everyone knows he was in the cabin with Paul that night. Stevie also asks why Sabrina would hang out with Eric, Diane and Todd, especially Todd who definitely ran over Michael. Allison says she was ready for change and maybe she couldn't make herself believe that Todd could actually kill someone. They make it to Arrowhead Point, a beautiful cliff spot above the lake and Allison's daily midway point, and then Allison continues her run while Stevie slogs back to camp. She decides if she can't do anything else to solve the murder, she will at least find Sabrina's diary. It's the only thing she can do.

Back at camp, Stevie meets Janelle in the art pavilion. Stevie tells Janelle all about the Sabrina shrine and how Allison collected everything of her sister's. She tells her she wants to try to find the last diary. This inspires Janelle who, while cleaning and setting up her craft supplies, found an old box of papers, one of which was typed on a typewriter by Sabrina. It isn't anything really important, just a list of craft supplies to buy, and it is full of typos, but Stevie thinks Allison would like to have it.

Later, Stevie, Janelle and Nate go to the lake with the other camp counselors. Janelle is fine and chatty, but Stevie and Nate aren't really conversationalists. Nate's douchey cabin mate guy shoves a hot dog bun in his mouth while making another counselor film it, which transfixes Stevie and causes her to shout son of a bitch! and leave. She makes a phone call and sets up a meeting. She knows who wrote the threatening message on their wall and how they did it...

It was Carson! Carson planted the surprise sign and the doll box using Bag Bag fabrics and Box Box boxes. He covered the painting with photorealistic fabric and taped it to the wall, then, in the middle of the night, he pulled it through the hole in the window screen with string. He's excited that she figured it out, but what's worse is that he was going to pretend that that happened to them on the podcast. Stevie refuses to help him now and none of this is okay. She will stay and try to solve the mystery and will share what she can and tell him things, but this is not how she works. She doesn't hurt people for fun. These are real people with real pain. The only thing that makes this evening okay is the text she gets from David saying he'll see her tomorrow.

The next day starts out as a good day for Stevie. She takes the list Janelle found to Allison at the library and she really appreciates it. She tells Stevie she'll ask people in town to talk to her. Together they go to Paul's veterinary practice and Allison suggests they chat because Stevie is a good kid. Stevie and Paul go to Patty's bakery to chat. Paul thinks yes of course Todd ran over his brother. He says there are three types of people in town: those who know Todd did it and tried to help, those who think he is innocent and finally, those who knew he did it and didn't do anything about it. Those are the worst and they included Todd's dad, the mayor, and if the mayor said it didn't happen, it didn't happen.

Stevie then asks Paul about what happened the night of the murders. He says that he was in the lifeguard cabin with Shawn. Greg and Todd were also lifeguards, but Greg was on house arrest in an admin cabin and Todd was out in the woods. Shawn was trying to play Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin on his guitar, Susan checked in on them, then he went back to his cabin where he was seen by another counselor, then he went to bed. People in town thought his family might have been responsible for the murders because of hit and run revenge, but his family was home with the neighbors and he was with Shawn, so everyone decided they were innocent. He doesn't know what happened, but he does think it felt personal, but he also thinks it happened too long ago and it can't be solved.

When Stevie gets back to camp, Nicole is decidedly not nice to her about her leaving all the time, but then David gets there so she leaves again. She is so happy to see him! They set up his campsite, which is very private and they enjoy that, wink wink, and then he takes her back to Sunny Pines. Nicole, who checks in on her later, is none the wiser. The next day, camp actually begins and there are children EVERYWHERE. Nate, standing in for the sick counselor, has met his nemesis in an eight year old boy who has read his book seven times and barrages him with questions about when he's going to finish the sequel. The day passes quickly and soon Stevie is texting David who sneaks into the camp on a kayak. A little while later, they get caught by Nicole who is pissed about Stevie sneaking strangers into a camp with children. If it happens again, even though she is here as Carson's guest, she will be gone. Period. End of discussion.

The next day, Carson comes to tell Stevie that Allison is dead. She fell from Arrowhead Point during her morning jog. Even though she's not allowed guests and she's not allowed to leave, Carson takes Stevie to investigate. He gives her a microphone and sends her out to talk to witnesses. A couple of swimmers said she must have tripped. They didn't see anyone else with her, so she must have tripped. Stevie then goes to David's tent and together they rent a canoe and float out to the lake where Allison fell. There were police and people all around, so searching the scene wouldn't be possible just yet.

Stevie goes back to camp and, as she's about to fall asleep, she gets a call from Susan, the woman who ran Camp Wonder Falls during the murders. She called to tell Stevie about Allison and to say that Allison suggested she tell Stevie her story, so that's what she's doing. Stevie agrees to meet Susan in the morning and then falls asleep for a solid eleven hours. When she wakes, she and David drive to see Susan who lives just outside of the center of town. Stevie sees all the places related to the murders and to the people involved: the library, the dairy bar, the bakery, the vet.

At Susan's, Stevie learns that Susan and Magda, the camp nurse, fell in love and got married. Susan tells Stevie what happened at camp and it's pretty much the same story over again. How the four were in the woods, how Todd definitely ran over Paul's brother, how Sabrina didn't really fit, how Patty was in lockdown in the nurse's office with Magda who had insomnia, how Greg, Patty's boyfriend, was locked down in an admin office, and that Paul was with Shawn learning to play Stairway to Heaven. Susan then describes Eric's body when she and Magda found it. Then she talks about how just a few days later, she was driving by the football field when Greg died in his crash. She saw Patty there, not too far away, screaming and flailing around with a flashlight. Then she saw a flash of light from the crash. How tragic for someone else to die in an accident like that. So many dead in such a short amount of time.

As Stevie and David leave Susan's, they see Shawn, who was Sabrina's ex boyfriend. As they walk toward him, David starts to talk about the upcoming school year, but Stevie is lost in her thoughts. She almost connects something about something, but loses it. They make it to Shawn, but he refuses to talk to Stevie. She goes back to camp and helps out at the art pavilion, but Janelle has everything covered, so she begins to listen through her recorded conversation with Susan, then she listens to Stairway to Heaven. She almost figures out what she almost figured out earlier, but then the kid who is obsessed with Nate's book comes by and disrupts her thoughts. Then Nicole comes storming in. Oh great. What did Stevie do this time?

Nothing! She's there for Nate who has been released from his stand-in counselor duties. Freedom! Stevie helps him move his stuff to the library tree house and then Stevie gets a text from David. The cops are gone from the lake, and now it's Stevie's turn to investigate. She really thinks that everyone and everything is somehow connected, but she just can't see how. Yet. They go to investigate the point but David uses this time to tell Stevie that he might be going to England when she goes back to Ellingham. Since he kind of ruined his father's political career, he got cut off, and a friend of the family is willing to help him, but it's in England. Stevie is upset. She looks at the point and gets black stuff on her pristine white camp t-shirt, but she's not focused anymore because of David. He's leaving her! She's angry, so she goes back to camp.

That night, there is a storm and the power goes out. Stevie, furious and unthinking, hadn't charged any of her devices, so she loses power, too. When she wakes the next day, the fourth of July, fully recharged (literally, not figuratively), she goes to see Nate but just kind of lumps on the floor. Nate gets her semi out of her stupor and they go into town to eat at the dairy bar. Nate is actually working on his book and he forces Stevie to think about the case and not about David. She looks through her notes and things and finds the craft supply list she took to Allison. And then she realizes that Sabrina probably hid her diary in the turtle cookie jar, an item on that list. She looks at pictures of Sabrina's room and finds it in there. She knows that Allison realized it, too, after Stevie took her the list and that is probably why she was killed because she definitely was killed. She and Nate leave to break into a dead woman's house.

They get inside and look for the jar which is not where it was in the photos Stevie took when she visited with Allison earlier. Allison definitely figured it out then and went home to find the jar when she left Stevie with Paul. Stevie finds the jar in the kitchen but it is impossible to open, so she smashes it and pulls out the diary that no one has seen since 1978. And then she and Nate hear someone opening the front door. Shit! They manage to get out of the house, but then they discover that the bikes they rode into town are gone. Shit! Shit! And then they are shot at!! Shit! Shit! Shit!

Stevie and Nate run into the woods and try to make it back to the camp, but they end up being chased to the same point where Allison died and they jump for their lives. Stevie's arm is broken and she's lost her bag and the diary along the way, but at least she and Nate survive. David happens to spot most of this, jumps into a kayak, and rows out to rescue them. Stevie is so happy to see him! Why didn't he text her or call her after their fight? She figured he left her already, but no! That storm that knocked out the power earlier flooded his campsite and soaked his phone so he had to move sites and let his phone dry out. He's not terrible after all! Good thing, because then Stevie passes out.

Stevie comes to in the hospital. She has all sorts of tests done and learns from Nate that Carson had all their pertinent health care information and has taken care of everything secretly so no parents have to find out what has happened. Good? As Stevie sits in the hospital, she thinks, foggily, over everything she has learned and then falls asleep, kind of?, to blinking lights and the beeps and hums of the hospital machinery. Before drifting off completely, she buzzes for a nurse and asks for a pen. She writes something on her cast and then finally falls asleep.

When she wakes, she calls David and asks him to bring her some clothes. Dressing herself is difficult, what with all the bangs and bruises and cuts and scrapes and the broken arm, but she manages, with David's help, to get into the sweats and t-shirt he brought her. Then they leave the hospital without being actually discharged, and head back to the woods. Stevie hopes to find the things she lost in the chase. After some time, she lays down in the grass and makes a plan for what is to happen next. First thing's first: get Janelle to help her make some crafts.

Stevie gathers everyone in town to Carson's Think Jam barn. She's about to blow this case wide open. She begins the night revealing that there were not four murder victims in the 70s but six. And that basically everyone in town is or was lying about something. She first tells about Susan and Paul and Shawn the night of the murder and how the guys playing Stairway to Heaven was a lie and she could tell it was a lie because it was so specific. Everyone said the *exact same thing.* Paul actually wasn't there, but he wasn't out murdering anyone. He was meeting a boy but it wasn't okay to be gay in the 70s and Susan knew that since she is also gay. She covered for Paul because she's a hero and couldn't let him get in trouble for living his own life. So, she made up that story and unfortunately they had to keep it up for so long because of the murders. That's not even the interesting stuff though. It's only the beginning. After revealing this, Stevie says that someone shot at her and Nate because of the diary, then she pulls it out and begins to read.

There is a lot of stuff in the diary because Sabrina really enjoys writing in them, but the most important parts start after she breaks up with her good but smothering boyfriend, Shawn. She breaks up with him at the dairy bar and then he gets a little stalkery. Diane, who works at the dairy bar and overheard the breakup, invites Sabrina to eat lunch with her and her boyfriend Todd and their friends Eric and Patty and Greg. They start spending a lot of time together and go over to Patty's house a lot since it's the biggest and nicest and it has a pool and a pool house.

One time, it's just Sabrina and Greg. He says it's fine that they're there, but when Patty's dad comes home with a guest, they quickly hide in the pool house. Patty's dad has an interesting conversation with his guest that switches from English to German. Luckily Sabrina knows some of the language and can listen in, but then, somehow, she and Greg start kissing! She pushes him off and tries to follow the conversation again. It's very weird. She hears a name, von Hessen, and some things about following him and how he thought he had been killed by Russians, but then Patty comes home and the guest leaves with plans to return that night for dinner. The next day, there is change at the bottom of the pool and the furniture is all rearranged...

Things are weird for Sabrina after that. She keeps thinking that Mr. Horne is a Nazi and that he killed his guest. She investigates the guest because she overheard where he was staying in town and he never returned to pay his bill. She finds his phone number and calls, but he never answers. She requests some books about the Third Reich from the library and Mr. Horne is there when she goes to pick them up. She says she is reading for college and asks if he did any research to prepare for Harvard, but then she freaks out and returns her library books. Sabrina then tells Eric all about everything, but he thinks she worries too much. Sabrina eventually ends up at camp with all her friends and decides she's going to tell Patty the truth about what happened with Greg. Patty gets so upset that she leaves camp for a day, but comes back and is with Greg again, so maybe everything is okay. Everything will be fine... And then the diary ends because they all die.

Stevie returns to the present and addresses Patty in the audience. She also calls up her friend Germaine Batt from back at Ellingham who she asked to do some research for her. They share this information on a big screen for everyone to see. Germaine contacted Harvard and got information on Arnold Horne and his guest, whose name was Wendel Rolf. They went to school together and then enlisted in the war together. Wendell came home, honorably discharged, and Arnold did a year or so later. But it wasn't Arnold Horne who came back. It was a Nazi spy named von Hessen and Wendel recognized him when he saw the picture of the bicentennial in Life magazine. He came over to the Horne house and was never seen again.

When Sabrina revealed everything to Patty about her being in the pool house with Greg that day and then Patty went home from camp, she told her father what happened. He knew that Sabrina and all those other deadbeat friends of Patty's would ruin everything, so... They all had to die. Patty went back to camp and got herself in trouble so she wouldn't be in the woods that night, but her friends would be. And her father killed them. But he had to kill Greg, too, because he was in the pool house with Sabrina. How did Patty feel when her father told her he'd have to kill her boyfriend?

Stevie then reveals how exactly Greg died and how she figured it out, and here's where Janelle's crafting comes in. She made a model of the football field and where the crash happened, and turning off the lights, she and Stevie mimic the signals sent between Patty and her father. Signals? The night in the hospital with the blinking lights got her thinking about Susan saying Patty was flailing around with a flashlight the night Greg died and how there was a bright flash when he crashed. Those lights weren't just lights, but signals. Patty signaled to her father that she was safe at the football field and Greg had just left, and then he shined a brighter light that caused the crash that killed Greg. That's very sneaky, untraceable spy stuff. Stuff that Patty could have learned from her Nazi father and used to kill Allison!

Stevie then tells everyone that Patty used ice tinted with food dye from her bakery to cause Allison's death after she learned that she had Sabrina's diary. She probably told Patty all about finding the jar that contained the diary and, well, Patty couldn't have anyone reading it to find out about her Nazi father. So, she put the ice on the point and Allison slipped right off. No one would discover the ice there because, like Stevie said in the beginning when comparing cake decorating to crime scene investigation, investigators work from the outside in. By the time the police made it to the point, the ice was all melted, but later, Stevie went there and got a big dark smudge all down her pristine white shirt, her pristine white shirt that is now evidence for the police.

Finally, Stevie reveals one more thing. How does she have Sabrina's diary? She lost it when she and Nate were running in the woods away from Patty who was shooting at them. Well well... She actually didn't lose it, she put it into a photorealistic Bag Bag and threw it into the woods before they jumped into the lake. Carson is so going to make a killing with those Bag Bags, and with the podcast that is now definitely going to be a TV show. Patty nervously laughs all this off, but the detective that Carson introduced Allison to earlier is here and has a warrant for Patty's DNA that will be a familial match to the blood found on Eric's body. The police take her away.

After everything is over, Stevie, David, Nate and Janelle sit outside and talk. Nate reveals he's going to work on his book, like actually write it now, and then Janelle leaves to call her partner Vi and tell them everything that happened. This leaves David and Stevie together to finally talk about him going to England. He decided he's going to do it on his own and not with someone else's money to get back at his dad. Stevie can come along and solve the Jack the Ripper case maybe. They are fine again and everything is wrapped up in a nice little package. Or is that a Box Box?

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