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Body Part Art and Eternal Hairspray

This week, Claire and I talked about The Lost Girls by Sonia Hartl, and Sonia joined us for WYR and a bonus chat! That's right! There are two episodes this week! Surprised? We were, too! As per usual, our main episode is all about the book and our bonus episode features a chat with the author. Our game of Would You Rather is included in both episodes.

Our chat with Sonia was pretty spur of the moment, but that's how Instagram stalking... I mean... how paying close attention to your own social media account pays off. Sonia was gracious enough to join us and teach us some things about her awesome book. But what is the book about?

The Lost Girls is about perpetually 16-year-old vampire Holly and her new vampire friends Ida and Rose, plus her vampire best friend from high school, Stacey, and a really cute human girl, Parker, take down Holly, Ida and Rose's dirtbag maker Elton before he can turn Parker into a vampire, too. There's lots of dismemberment, violence and blood drinking, because of course there is, but there are also some cool new vampire tropes (can it be a trope if it's new?), found family, LGBTQIA+ loveliness and more. Read the book, check out our summary and listen to our main episode for all the details that include but are not limited to body part art, early 1900s, 1950s, 1970s and 1980s fun, and eternal hairspray.

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