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As Good As Rage Table

Ooohhh no. In our most recent episode, Claire and I talked about As Good As Dead by Holly Jackson and, well, if you can't tell by the title of this post or you don't understand it because we are ridiculous... we didn't much care for the ending to this trilogy.

Pippa Fitz-Amobi has had some struggles in her life, but she's also solved some pretty intense crimes and started a podcast about it. In the first book in the trilogy, A Good Girl's Guide to Murder (listen to our episode or read our summary), Pip is able to clear the name of a local boy who was accused of murder and then killed himself. He didn't actually murder anyone and he was actually murdered, and Pip figured it out and brought the story to light. In the second book (listen to our episode and read our summary), Pip's podcast is in full swing and she's out of the detective business but then one of her friends goes missing and the police won't help. Finding her friend leads her to finding a lot of other stuff about her town and the book ends in murder that leaves Pip shaken. Now we've come to the end. And it gets worse!

Pip is suffering after the events of the end of book two and decides she needs to solve one more murder, one more cold case, one more puzzle before she goes to college in order to get her life back. She finds a cold case that she thinks she'll be able to solve and believes that things will wrap up nicely... but then Pippa becomes the center of her own case. She decides that to save herself, she has to save herself. But then things take a REALLY unexpected turn. Read the book, check out our summary and listen to our episode for all the details. Please know that we think that this book was entirely too long and the twists that happen were totally out of character, and it's unfortunate.

Here's a picture of us just after we finished summarizing the book. Note how disgruntled we are. For some reason, I am just a floating head, which makes the episode that much better.

Let us know what you think about this book!


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