Good Girl, Bad Blood

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Pip is listening to audio of Elliot Ward, father to her best friend, an almost-father figure to her, Annie Bell’s secret lover and murderer of Sal Singh. Pip is editing a podcast she produced about what really happened, Ravi her possible boyfriend and Sal’s younger brother suggests she call it A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. Cheesy but catchy…

March 28 UK Newsday

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Review: The latest true crime podcast obsession ends with a chilling finale

The review praises Pip for her podcast and goes into detail as to what actually happened, her friend’s dad covered up a secret relationship with a student by murdering her boyfriend, she was injured in a fight with the dad and he thinks she died, but then finds her several months later shambling down the road and so he forces her to live in his attic, but it’s not her, it’s another missing girl with developmental delays, the real girl is actually a drug dealer who was selling roofies that led to her sister being raped and so the sister kills her and hides her body. Pip is quoted at the end that she won’t produce a second season, but she will follow the trial and provide updates as it continues. It was an obsession she couldn’t see until she came out the other side.

One month later…

Max Hastings is on trial for sexual assault. Pip has already been called to witness for the prosecution but after that her parents and headteacher won’t let her attend because school is not optional, so Ravi goes and takes notes for her. Pip’s little brother, Josh, is playing amateur detective too but over stolen pencil sharpeners not murder. His case won’t go to the Crown Court though. Pip interviews Ravi for the podcast and the next entry is transcript from update 3 of the Max Hastings trial. Natalie de Silva is being examined by the defense. Becca Bell has already been examined via video link from her prison cell. She has changed her plea to guilty and will serve 3 years. Max’s expensive defense lawyer is horrible, blaming the victim for not coming forward and not having any memory though memory loss is an effect of rohypnol, Ravi describes how it was distressing to watch. He also describes Max’s appearance with disheveled hair, fake glasses and an expensive suit as if that should win the jury over.

Every night Pip talks to her best friend Cara on the phone and they watch Netflix together. Cara doesn’t sleep well anymore and it seems to be the only way her friend can get to sleep. But then, if your dad was the one being charged with kidnap and murder, you would also probably find it difficult to sleep. Cara still visits Elliott Ward every other week but her older sister Naomi doesn’t ever want to see their father again. Currently, it is their grandparents looking after them until school is finished when they can sell the house. Before they settle down for tonight’s viewing Cara tells Pip she is now a meme, which really is the ultimate sign of celebrity.

It is the six year memorial for Sal and Andie. Pip accompanies Ravi, they talk to Cara and Naomi, Pip’s friend Connor and his older brother Jaime are standing with them. Even Natalie has turned up (and she still hates Pip, which you can understand as she thought she was a murderer). Andie’s parents are in attendance too, the rumor is that Jason has left his second wife and moved back into the house with Dawn. The house where Andie was murdered. Jason is abusive and controlling. No one is sure how to feel about the situation. Pip and Ravi meet Pip’s new neighbors, Charlie and Flora, who moved in down the street. There seem to be close to one thousand people in attendance. There are some moving speeches by friends and family though neither of Andie’s parents do, but it is Ravi’s dad who stirred the crowd. He told everyone Sal’s favorite movie was Babe. He loved that little pig and that has everyone laughing and crying. It was during Sal’s father's speech that Jamie Reynolds got up and left. What an odd time to leave.

It’s Saturday, Pip is tired after rescuing Cara from a Calamity Party following the memorial (tasteless really). She’s fallen asleep on the sofa waking to a text from a now sober and coherent Cara and missed calls from her friend Connor. As she is replying to him, there is a knock on her front door. It’s Connor and he’s not in good shape, his brother has gone missing. Pip remembers him being a little off at the memorial but would be hard pushed to say how. The police are treating Jamie’s disappearance as low risk, he’s done it before after all, but Connor and his parents feel that something is wrong. Connor wants Pip to look into it, but she can’t do it again, she will go down to the police station and talk to Detective Inspector Hawkins.

The DI gives her two minutes but he won’t budge, Jamie is an adult and can leave and come back, they have to prioritize and he won’t budge for her no matter her plea. To be fair, he’s heading out to investigate the abduction of an 8 year old. Back in her car, Pip calls Ravi, he’ll stand with her regardless of her decision. She calls Connor, and says she’ll help since the police won’t. She’s soon at the Reynolds' house with laptop, microphones, headphones, pen and pad in her bag. While Connor and his mum Joanna are eager for Pip’s help, their older sister is away at University so is not there to assist and Connor’s dad will have nothing to do with it, he thinks Jamie is fine.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Season 2

Interview with Joanna Reynolds

Jaime’s mum gives basic background on Jaime, how he struggled with Uni until he quit and struggled with jobs, never finding the right fit. He’s currently working reception at Pip’s mums estate agency which is going well so far. Jamie’s best friend is Natalie de Silva and she thinks Jamie’s feelings are more than just friendship. On the day of the memorial everything was fine after Joanna and her husband went for dinner at the pub with friends and didn’t get home until late. She didn’t know Jamie had left early during the memorial, before Sal’s father's speech. Connor was already home but Jamie wasn’t. Joanna texted Jamie at 12:36 and it’s still showing undelivered.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Season 2

Interview with Connor Reynolds

Connor tells Pip how Jamie’s moods have been up and down, he’s constantly on the phone typing, locked in his room crying or sneaking out after their parents are asleep. He’s had moments of being somewhat back to normal but always distant. Connor recalls a fight Jamie had with their dad the day of the memorial and before their mum got home. They had always had a contentious relationship but their dad called Jamie a “waste of space” to which Jamie agreed. After the memorial Jamie never went to Nat’s house as he said he’d planned. He doesn’t believe his brother would lie to his face when he told him “see you later”.

Connor shows Pip recent pictures of Jamie from his birthday the week before. He seems genuinely happy as he blows the candles from his Colin the Caterpillar birthday cake. Pip then searches Jamie’s room with Joanna and Connor’s help. They can’t get into his computer as it is passworded but Joanna will keep trying. The room is a mess, clothes everywhere, a broken dirty mug on the floor, yuck. In the waste paper basket Pip finds a note in Jamie’s handwriting saying Hilary F Weiseman left 11. A quick electoral register search shows one registered in Little Kilton from 1974 until 2006 and an obituary. Something to look at later. In the bedside drawer is a lady’s watch, delicate leather blush pink straps, rose gold case with tiny flowers and scratches along the case. Nothing else stands out.

Pip prepares an introduction into Season 2, something she promised never to do. But she has to, it’s Connor’s brother. She also notes her initial thoughts and to-do list: the missing persons case needs to be announced, posters made, Nat de Silva needs interviewing and Hilary F Weiseman researched. And she really needs to tell her parents. That’s not going to be a comfortable conversation. The next day, Pip, Ravi and Connor are loaded with missing persons flyers; Ravi and Connor will go door to door whilst Pip heads to the local paper office. Stanley Forbes, with some nervousness, agrees to print the poster. He’s rather jittery around Pip, probably due to the events of the previous year, he really was terrible to all of them, though Pip did receive a letter asking for forgiveness as did the Singhs.

Pip goes to find Nat, she’s at her boyfriend Luke's house. She isn’t happy to see her and sees Pip’s questions as an interrogation which will make her jump to incorrect conclusions like the last time. She confirms Jamie was at the memorial and he left when Pip saw him do so, off to see someone but didn’t give a name and Nat didn’t see who. She denies having late night text or phone conversations with him too and confirms he never went to her parents house after the memorial. Nat is convinced he’ll turn up, he always does. Luke agrees though he also says he superficially knows Jamie through Nat, and he confirms he was home all Friday as he didn’t know Sal or Andie so didn’t attend the memorial. There is a weird look between Nat and Luke at this point… worth noting? As she leaves, Pip checks her phone. The season 2 Intro went live that morning and her phone is filled with social media notifications and emails. Stanley has sent her pictures from the memorial as has Gail Yardley, a girl on Pip’s road. The photo is definitely Jamie and the odd thing about it is that he is faced towards the camera looking at someone or something behind Gail, while everyone else is turned away watching the memorial lanterns float. It’s also time stamped 10 minutes after Pip saw him. Stanley’s photos don’t yield any information.

Pip still hasn’t had the conversation with her parents yet so goes to work at a coffee shop. Cara pops in having been canvasing with the flyers, she thinks she remembers seeing Jamie at the calamity party but was too drunk to be completely certain. A quick chat with another friend, who didn’t see Jamie, and she has the number of Stephen Thompson, the host of the party and the guy who tried to come on to her when she went undercover to investigate Andie and Sal’s deaths. Stephen confirms Jamie was there but didn’t see him with anyone, it was early in the night and he only saw him once. Cara suggests posting on the school’s Facebook page for pictures from the party. Within a very short time, Pip receives a phone call from classmate George Thorne and she records the call for the podcast. He recalls seeing Jamie, he wasn’t really drinking that night so memories are clear. It was off for Jamie to be there, calamities have a usual crowd, and seemed agitated. He had an intense phone call outside which George listened to, but only some words really stood out to him like police, can’t do that, I know I said anything and something about a child. Jamie walked away at about 10:32, time stamped because George had sent a text to a girl at the same time.

Pip and Ravi are combing through all the pictures and video footage they've been sent. In a beer pong video, behind Cara, Pip spots Jamie walking away. Pip calls Chris, the classmate who sent her it and finds out it was at 9:56. They’re starting to get a picture of the calamity party. Downloading a floor plan of the house from the Internet, Pip is able to annotate it with sightings and movements. They turn back to the pictures with time stamps to look through now. Ravi, still combing the memorial pictures, notices Max Hastings hiding at the back. He’s an unwanted, unwelcome dickhead sexual predator, he should have stayed away. It’s at this time Pip’s parents come home, whilst Ravi makes a traitorous retreat her mum asks about the posters. Well shit. They aren’t happy about it, but after Pip explains why she has to look into Jamie’s disappearance they respect and support her decision. She must come to them though, and they will make sure she doesn’t get in too deep. Pip’s mum is sure Jamie will be fine, but then she lets something slip and perhaps she’s seen something of Jamie’s strange behavior already…

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Season 2

Interview with Mum

Pulling out her recording equipment Pip makes her mum tell her what happened. Jamie lost his job at the estate agency two and a half weeks ago for trying to steal the company credit card. She caught him in the act. He was agitated and sorry and kept saying it was a matter of life and death, she didn’t ask for anymore details.

It’s the phrase life and death that really rattled Connor and his mum, not the calamity party, the attempted theft and subsequent firing, the sneaking around. The phrase life and death. Whilst sitting at the kitchen table, Pip is looking at the missing person picture and realizes in the background is a knife block, the same one right in her line of sight which is missing the yellow-ringed handle one. Connor frantically looks through the kitchen, Joanna helps but it’s gone. They think it’s gone missing within the last 4 days. They want to know what it means, but at this stage it could be anything or nothing, but when Pip looks at a picture of the knives on the website she notes it’s the one she would choose to use as a weapon.

At school the next day Pip is paying no attention to history class. It’s a new teacher because the old one is a convicted killer and abductor which the school board frowns upon. She’s got her earphones in and is hiding behind her textbook watching videos from the calamity party. One particularly embarrassing one with the main figure badly lip syncing with a dog filter overlay shows Jamie talking to a fellow classmate, Stella Chapman. Pip and Conner go to talk to Stella who denies knowing Jamie until they tell her it’s a matter of life or death.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Season 2

Interview with Stella Chapman

Stella doesn’t know Jamie, he came up to her called her Leila, commented on her hair being different and looked crushed when Stella put him down. She thought he was being a creep. Pip thinks Jamie was the victim of a catfish and Stella’s social media pictures are being used.

That afternoon Pip received an email tip-off, some people who work at The Book Cellar saw Jamie Friday night and are willing to talk about it. Pip and Connor head over straight from school. Connor isn’t as good a partner as Ravi, but Ravi is still at the courthouse. When they get to the bookshop three of the four witnesses are there and willing to be recorded. They didn’t see much, the direction Jamie was headed, that he looked in a hurry and this was at about 11:40. There is some dispute when they try to describe his clothes, two think they saw his burgundy top that he had on at the memorial and calamity party, another two thought it was darker, possibly a jacket.

At Pip’s house she and Connor are trying to find Layla when Ravi comes round. They spitball ideas when Pip suggests Tinder. Creating a fake profile and setting some filters, they find Layla Mead and an Instagram and Facebook account both set up within the last 2 months. Her followers look like bots in the most part but they do find Jamie and Mr Clark, the new history teacher. Using a private Instagram account Connor keeps for his photography they decide to DM Layla. A nice simple Heyy. They get an instant reply… Hello Pip then another You’re getting closer :) Shit, shit, shit, shit! Pip is stunned. When she is finally able to function again to send a reply the message is unsent, all the social media is closed down. Later that evening as Ravi is going home having recorded the trial update with Pip the new neighbor, Charlie, stops by. He and his wife Flora have found something odd. Flora’s watch, which isn’t monetarily valuable but holds sentiment is missing, they have a fancy doorbell motion detector camera and checked it before it auto wipes and have footage of Jaime entering through a partially opened window. He is in and out in 41 seconds. This was at 3:07am Tuesday the previous week.

At school the following day Pip and Connor head to talk to Mr. Clark the history teacher with links to Layla Mead. He’s very nervous and Pip manipulates this to get an interview with voice distortion.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Season 2

Interview with Adam Clark

Mr. Clark doesn’t go into specifics about his conversations with Layla and they only DMed for about a week. She seemed genuine, had knowledge of Little Kilton, asked him a lot of questions but deflected from herself. It was after he told her what he did for a living that she ghosted him.

Connor has been reading the comments after Episode went up. Dude, you don’t read the comments! So he’s getting really depressed by the vitriol. In the school cafeteria Pip, Connor, Cara, Ant and Lauren are sitting round one table, Pip and Cara are hyper aware of Connor’s mood, Lauren and Ant are too busy making goo-goo eyes and Ant is supposed to be Connor’s best friend but you wouldn’t know it. Lauren’s ex comes to the table and asks to speak to Pip. It’s about Jamie. Ant tries to put on a show of shooing him off but no one is impressed, well maybe Lauren **eyeroll**. Outside Tom tells Pip he saw Jamie Friday night around 10:50 walking up the street and going inside a house. Nat De Silva’s house. Hang one… that’s not what Nat said…

A post on GGGTM Reddit mentions a theory about the Hilary F. Weiseman clue. It notes Pip is concentrating on Jamie’s whereabouts and this clue seems to have been put to one side. The poster theories that it is relevant as it falls within the timeframe Jamie got super erratic but it doesn’t refer to little old lady Hilary F. Weiseman, but her gave. Meaning, the note is to meet at the grave of Hilary F. Weiseman, left side of th