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All Lies All the Time

We've got two episodes this week! First is our regular episode all about Go Hunt Me by Kelly deVos and second is a bonus episode with the author! This post is titled All Lies All the Time because we said this month would be All Vampires All the Time but this book doesn't have any actual vampires in it, though Dracula is mentioned a lot.

Alex Rush and her friends are trying to get into film school at USC. She's directed a short film about Lucy Westenra with her friends as actors and producers, but things don't go well and she gets waitlisted. Her boyfriend, Jax, was accepted and he lets her know that he edited her film and submitted it on his own, which makes her feel like garbage. Luckily, a movie star moves in across the street and offers to let Alex and her friends reshoot her film at her family castle in Romania which may or may not have been visited by Dracula which may or may not be really good for her film. Unfortunately, things don't go well after she and her friends arrive in Romania and, in fact, Alex is the only one who makes it back alive. But what happens while they're there?! Read the book, check out our summary and listen to our episode to find out!

Here's a recording picture with Kelly deVos. Claire and I dressed up as victims of the book and she's wearing a cool hat! We had a lot of fun chatting with her and we're forcing her to come back in the future!

Until later!


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