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CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Fictional Hangover has been around for 200 episodes! For our 200th episode, Claire and I were joined by our favorite Jackson Ford as we discussed his short story Promise. You can read the story on his website and you should also sign up for his newsletter. It's fantastic. If you didn't watch us live, you can still watch the video!

Promise tells a story of Teagan Frost from all of Jackson Ford's Sh*t books before she is known as Teagan. Here, she's 16 year old Emily Jameson and her family has just died in a fire caused by her brother and sister. She's being held in a facility in Waco, Texas, and doesn't think she's ever going to get to leave. Read the story, check out our summary, listen to the episode or give it a watch! So many ways to enjoy!

Here's a recording picture from this episode. We were probably talking about spandex.

Make sure you watch the video. It's really great.

THANKS FOR SHARING 200 EPISODES WITH ME! Here's to 200 more! Amanda

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