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Promise by Jackson Ford




Dr. Kelso begins an interview with sixteen-year-old Emily Jameson, who we have come to know and love as Teagan Frost. Emily has been held at the Waco facility for some time and has attempted to escape on multiple occasions. While we know Teagan in her twenties with semi-amazing control of her abilities, teenage Emily isn't quite there yet. She already has some qualities of the Teagan we know though, and that's how we begin this interview. Dr. Kelso introduces herself to Emily and Emily's response? Your burgers suck.

Dr. Kelso, in typical medical facility interview fashion, asks how this makes Emily feel. Well, that's not really what we're concerned about, is it? We're more concerned with Emily's powers, or as she corrects Dr. Kelso, her abilities. Since she's had her psychokinesis since she was born, she considers it an innate ability, but Kelso mentions that according to the notes found after the fire, Emily's telekinesis was acquired at an unknown time. Emily corrects Dr. Kelso again, it's psychokinesis not telekinesis, and mentions that it's her power so she can call it whatever she wants. When Kelso comes back with the fact that Emily calls it an ability not a power, she gets a well-deserved wall-mounted security camera to the face.

After Emily is threatened with electric shock, the only thing that seems to be able to control her, Dr. Kelso continues the interview and asks about Emily's family. Well, they're all dead. Next. That's obviously not an adequate response, but Emily's good at changing the subject when things get uncomfortable, so she asks Kelso where her accent is from. Unswayed, Dr. Kelso asks when Emily's parents began their testing on her even though she has that information already. We can see why Emily would be frustrated.

Emily tells Dr. Kelso that the testing began when she was just four or five years old, and is then asked if there were any incidents that may have occurred when she was little. Maybe? But it's not like she was able to do much with her abilities then. She was just a kid. Then Kelso asks about Emily's brother and sister and their abilities, which again, she already knows about because she's got their parents' notes, but since Kelso apparently wants to hear everything in Emily's own words, she tells the doctor that Chloe could see on the infrared spectrum and Adam never needed to sleep.

Emily stops talking when she mentions her brother's ability, and when pressed, won't continue. Dr. Kelso tries to change topics, to see if Emily had a normal childhood, which, uh no she did not. Emily was homeschooled, so there were never other children around, except for Adam and Chloe of course. Kelso doesn't seem to believe this, but Emily insists and says there was always stuff for them to do, property to explore, books to read, so they didn't need anyone else. Dr. Kelso then asks about the man who owned a nearby general store.

Emily is excited about Mr. Ebenheimer, but quickly shuts down when she realizes that Kelso, after offering to see how the old man is doing, is probably going to use that against her, or might even hurt him, which is what happens when you're in prison. She threatens Kelso who says they will of course not harm Mr. Ebenheimer, but they will need to question him. Emily asks about the accent again and Kelso dodges again and says Emily shouldn't think of the facility as a prison. But, it is a prison, isn't it? It's not like she can just walk out.

Dr. Kelso says even if Emily can't leave, because yeah, she definitely can't, it's only because they don't know anything about her or her abilities and it's just not safe. But if Emily can prove she's a good guy, then they'll let her go? Nope. No. Definitely not. When Emily asks to speak to someone who will let her prove she's not a bad guy, Kelso tells her that her accent is from Texas and that's where they are right now. Subject change!

The subject change continues when they start talking about Texas style barbeque, but Emily's not going to be fooled by offers of brisket. Dr. Kelso levels with Emily then. She's not getting out. She's tried to escape thirteen times and has been cattle-prodded each time. She's never going to get to leave and she's never going to have a normal life. She should stop trying to escape and work with them instead of against them. But how is that okay? How do you just tell a sixteen year old to deal with being locked away?

Kelso says she doesn't expect Emily to deal with it. Her life sucks, her family is dead, but just because everything is terrible right now doesn't mean it's always going to be that way. They'll keep working together, maybe enjoy some barbeque, and things won't be so bad. The interview wraps up with Emily saying if Kelso tells her that positivity is her actual power, she's going to hit her with the security camera again. Unfortunately, after the session ends, Dr. Kelso isn't allowed to see Emily again, which means there's no barbeque.

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