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Ya'll Gonna Listen to this Episode?

In Episode 12, we discuss Dumplin' by Julie Murphy. If you haven't read it, you should read it! Also, the movie is out now on Netflix and it was pretty cute!

If you watched the movie but didn't read the book, you should definitely read it. SO MUCH STUFF was left out! A whole 'nother boy! Another misfit friend! A Sadie Hawkins dance! More Bo!

Amber should be happier with me with this blog post because the picture of her is cute and I'm making a dumb face.

This episode is a little deeper than others because we discuss our days in high school and dealing with bullies and what we got up to millions of years ago.

Amanda also leans heavily on her Arkansas accent for quite a bit of the episode, so that's fun.

Bless ya'll's hearts,


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