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Would You Rather?

Remember a couple of posts ago when I told you the next books we're going to discuss? Surely you do, because it was just the post before last, the one about telling the future. Yeah. That one!

Anyway, we told you what we're going to talk about next so that you'll send us Would You Rather questions based on those books! So you need to do that, okay? Heck! You can even ask us Would You Rather questions on the books we've already talked about! We'll answer those, too! Ask us here, or on any social media, or by sending us an email (

We've already talked about The Raven Cycle, The Selection, The Madman's Daughter, The Dead House and And the Trees Crept In, Six of Crows, and The Hunger Games, and our next show, releasing tomorrow, is about Sisters of Blood and Spirit by Kady Cross.

Maybe one day soon we'll invite you on the show to ask us, you know, with your own voice. What do you think about that? I like it.

Talk soon!


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