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This week, Claire and I talk to Kathryn Foxfield, author of Good Girls Die First, so you know what that means! We have a regular episode and we have a bonus episode! Claire and I had to put on some very dark eye makeup to channel our favorite character from this book, Whispers, and Kathryn took it very well! She was an absolute delight, which is odd because her book was FULL OF MURDER!

This book is all about a group of teens that are seemingly blackmailed into coming to a derelict old carnival pier. Most of them are completely terrible, which is fine because, like I said earlier FULL OF MURDER! Pretty much all of them die, and that's completely fine. But who brought them to the pier and why are they all dying?! Read the book, listen to our episode and check out our summary for all the details!

(You definitely need to read this book if not for Whispers alone. He's a broody, dark makeup-wearing villain (or hero?!) and we love him. We fancasted him as Nicholas Holt, and you know how much we love Nicholas Holt!)

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