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In this episode of Fictional Hangover, we discuss VIKINGS! in Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young. I dressed up for our recording (because I almost always do) using a description from the book, so while Amber looks cute like a regular human, I look a little worse for wear in this photo, but oh well, I brought it on myself.

Just you wait until we get to our Harry Potter episodes. Man, I'm going to have to make several costume changes during those episodes because I love it so much and I have 1000 HP costumes!

Anyway, this book was a lot of fun and it even has some romance that I don't hate! It also has lots of bloody battle scenes and vicious attacks with axes and there's guts and gore! So read it! It’s a good standalone, but there’s going to be another one later this year that takes place ten years later and is about one of our favorite characters from this book. ALSO! we might get to speak to Adrienne Young when that one comes out. So that's awesome!

May your axes always hit their mark,

Amanda the Viking Warrior

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