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Welcome to season five of Fictional Hangover! In the first episode of our new season, we start our All Vampires All the Time month with a discussion of Mina and the Slayers by AND WITH Amy McCaw. You know what that means! Bonus episode!

We had a great time talking to Amy about her latest book and we feel very special about it because she included FOUR Fictional Hangover nods after our discussion a couple years ago. The one that means the most to us is the fact that she called a character a VAMPIRE VAMPIRE HUNTER, which is definitely our terminology. It's the coolest thing ever. Also cool? We're in the acknowledgments! But what's the book about?

It's almost Halloween and Mina, her sister Libby, and her newly-turned vampire boyfriend Jared are getting ready for the season. The Mansion of the Macabre is still in full swing and there are lots of fun Halloween activities to participate in, like a ball, a parade and a carnival. Sounds fun right? You know what will ruin your fun? A slew of new vampires that are not afraid to randomly attack! Who is making all these new vampires and why are they doing it? Read the book, check out our summary and listen to our episode to find out!

As a special Halloween treat, you can WATCH the unedited versions of these videos! Check out our social media and YouTube for those.

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