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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Isabella, Bella, Swan moves from beautifully bright and sunny Phoenix, Arizona, to live in cold, drizzly Forks, Washington, with her father, Smokin' Hot Billy Burke, I mean Police Chief Charlie Swan, after her mother, Renée, gets married to baseball player Phil. Bella hasn't spent much time in Forks for several years, but now she's here to stay. Smokin’ Hot Billy Burke/Charlie is trying to make things nice for his daughter and has bought her an old, old truck from his friend Billy Black and has cleaned out half of the bathroom for her in his two bedroom house.

Bella drives herself to school the next day and finds she's not very different looking than all the others around her. She's not super tanned and blonde like she thinks everyone else from Phoenix should look, but is instead so pale she's see-through like every other sopping wet Washingtonian. She meets over-achieving Eric who takes her to her first class, then goes through more classes barely remembering anyone's name or paying attention to anything, until she gets to lunch. That's where she sees *them.*

*They* are the startlingly beautiful Hales and Cullens, the foster children of Dr. Carlisle Cullen and Esme Cullen. Twins Rosalie and Jasper Hale are honey blonde, pale and gorgeous and are somehow related to Esme. Big burly Emmett, tiny pixie Alice and chestnut-haired Edward Cullen are not siblings, but they've all been adopted by Dr. and Mrs. Cullen because she distastefully can't have children of her own. They all wastefully leave lunch, throwing away their perfectly uneaten food. Bella's new friend Jessica tells her not to waste her time with the Cullens and Hales because no one is good enough for them, except each other, because they're all dating, except Edward.

Bella goes on to her next class and finds the only empty seat is next to Edward who stiffens up and sits rigidly like an angry rock who smelled something terrible when she joins him at his table. A discreet hair sniff tells her she smells just fine. Edward sits literally unmoving for the entire class period and then dashes liquidly away when the bell rings. Another new friend, Mike, accompanies Bella to her next class and comments on how weird Edward is. That's very nice.

After the rest of her classes, Bella goes to the school office to turn in a slip signed by all her teachers. While she's in there, she finds Edward sexily trying to switch his class with her to any other one, but the secretary is unmoved by his sexiness and turns him away. Before he leaves, someone else enters the office making Bella's non-gross smelling hair whoosh around. Edward angrily, yet sexily, leaves the office.

Bella goes grocery shopping after school because Smokin’ Hot Billy Burke/Charlie doesn't know how to cook and she makes dinner for them. They have some small talk about how her first day went and about the other students. She mentions the Cullens and Smokin’ Hot Billy Burke/Charlie immediately goes on the defensive. He really respects handsome Dr. Cullen and his wife and that they're raising so many teenagers. He says that others in town treat them differently because they are different, but he likes them.

The next week at school, Mike follows Bella around like a dog and talks about an upcoming beach trip and Edward is nowhere to be found. Bella thinks that he dropped out to avoid her, but then he comes back a week later and is perfectly cordial. In biology, their shared class, they quickly work through identifying cell phases and then Edward asks Bella a million questions. They talk about her family and why she moved to Forks, and then she realizes suddenly that his eyes are a different color than they were the last time she saw him, ochre instead of black, and he becomes rigid again.

The next day is icy and Bella clumsily slips and slides to her truck, which has chains on the tires, thanks to Smokin' Hot Billy Burke/Charlie, and so she drives safely to school. When she arrives, standing by her truck, she stares at Edward who is a few cars away in the parking lot, then all of the sudden, a van slides across the ice and right toward Bella. Before she knows what's happening, Edward is there pushing her out of the way and stopping the van from hitting her with brute force and strength. He pleads with her with his golden eyes and his words that he was standing next to her the entire time and that he did not physically move any vehicles to keep her safe. She doesn't believe him though.

Soon enough an ambulance arrives and takes Bella to the hospital. Strikingly handsome Dr. Cullen checks her out and decides that she's well enough to go home and that she was lucky that Edward was standing with her. So he's in on Edward's strong secret, too. Bella sees Edward and asks him for the truth about what happened, but he gaslights her that she just hit her head and is confused, though she knows she's not. He refuses to tell her the truth and tells her she's just going to have to be disappointed.

A month or so passes and Edward frostily ignores Bella, except to tell her that they shouldn't be friends. A school dance is approaching and all the guys want Bella to go with them, but she's a terrible dancer, so she decides she's going to Seattle the day of the dance instead. Edward overhears this excuse and asks her if she wants to go with him to Seattle that day because he doesn't think her truck can make it there safely or on one tank of gas. Bella is confused because Edward with his golden eyes has ignored her for weeks, but now he wants to drive in a car with her for eight hours? She says he's confusing and that she thought he didn't want to be friends. He clarifies that they *shouldn't* be friends, not that he doesn't *want* to be.

Edward invites Bella to sit with him at lunch after that and says that he's going to hell anyway, so he might as well do it thoroughly, whatever that means. Edward continues being cryptic about them not needing to be friends but that he wants to be but he doesn't and Bella doesn't get it, which is not at all shocking. Confused, she says she's trying to figure out what he is, so talk turns to radioactive spiders. This scene is almost exactly like the movie, even with the *what if I'm the bad guy line,* except that Edward doesn't dropkick an apple and hold it awkwardly.

Bella realizes that they're the only ones left in the cafeteria and that they're going to be late for their biology class, but Edward is skipping today. Bella goes to class and gets queasy when she realizes that they're learning their blood types which involves pricking fingers and blood all over the place. Bella nearly faints, so Mike takes her to the nurse's office. As they're on their way, Edward swoops in and carries Bella the rest of the way. He convinces the nurse that she needs to go home for the rest of the day, so he takes her.

On their way to Bella's, they talk about family stuff, like her mom and Phil and how he and his siblings were adopted. Bella invites Edward on the beach trip which is that weekend and he says he's going camping with Emmett and that her friends wouldn't have invited him anyway. When the trip time comes, Bella meets up with Mike and all the rest of their friends at the sporting goods store Mike's family owns and they head to First Beach at La Push. While they're there, some teens from the Quillayute reservation, which is where La Push is located, come by. One of Bella's friends snarkily says how sad it is that no one invited Edward and one of the Quillayute guys says *the Cullens don't come here.* Puzzling. Another of the boys seems to recognize Bella, so he comes over to chat with her and introduces himself as Jacob Black, son of Billy Black, former owner of Bella's old old truck.

Bella and Jacob go for a walk around the beach and Bella flirtily asks what the other guy meant when he said *the Cullens don't come here.* Jacob tells an ancient Quillayute tale about his tribe descending from wolves and how the Cold Ones are their natural enemies on account of how they always slaughter everyone. It just so happens that the Cullens are Cold Ones, aka VAMPIRES, except Bella doesn't know that yet. Jacob says that the Cullens, if you are to believe the tales, are different from other Cold Ones and so they have a semi-peaceful relationship with the Quillayute tribe in that *the Cullens don't come here.*

After Bella learns this story and the beach trip ends, she goes back home, turns on her early 2000s computer and dials up her internet to read about vampires. Her search isn't very fruitful because, you know, vampires are creepy, can't come out in daylight and they sleep in coffins and stuff. She does find a few details from some unique types of vampires she's never heard of that kind of resemble the Cullens, though, like shifting eye color, cold skin, super strength and speed, but really... really? Are they vampires? Bella decides that she just doesn't care one way or the other, but at least she has another theory other than being bitten by a spider that she can maybe talk to Edward about at school the next day. Except he's not there that day. Or the next day either.

Bella's pretty bummed about Edward skipping school, but the weather is very nice and sunny, so at least there's that. Jessica and Angela invite Bella to go with them to Port Angeles to pick out dresses for the dance that Bella is expertly avoiding. While her friends are trying on dresses, Bella nervously asks Angela if the Cullens often miss school a lot, and she says yes, especially when it's nice outside, so at least Edward's not like, avoiding her. That worry resolved and her friends' dresses bought, Bella decides to skip out on a walk to the bay before dinner and goes to a bookstore by herself, but she doesn't like the look of the dream catchers, crystals or the hippie running the shop, so she wanders off.

After not finding another book store, Bella tries to walk back to the bay and to her friends, but she is followed by street toughs making her panic. She just keeps panicking and making wrong turns, which leads to a dead end and being surrounded by the street toughs. Luckily, as she's trying to remember how to punch someone's nose into their brain, Edward power slides up in his car, forces Bella inside, and speeds away. He asks Bella to talk about nothing to distract him from going back to kill the street toughs for what they were thinking. Wait. Huh? Yikes. Edward drives them to the restaurant where Bella was supposed to meet Jessica and Angela, but she missed their dinner time because she was accosted by the street toughs.

Since Jessica and Angela ate dinner without Bella instead of worrying about her and her whereabouts, Edward offers to take her inside to eat, so they enter the restaurant and Jessica and Angela leave. Edward doesn't pay any attention to the hostess and waitress as they constantly fling themselves at him, but insists that Bella order food and drink several glasses of soda so she does. He's still thinking about going after the street toughs and Bella comments about him typically being nicer when his eyes are golden butterscotch ochre like they are now and that he's crabby when his eyes are black. He's shocked that she realizes this and she reveals that she's got some new theories about him, but she's got some conditions he's got to meet and questions to ask before she'll talk about them.

Bella asks how Edward knew where she was and what he was doing in Port Angeles, which is when he reveals to her that he can read minds, but not hers for some reason, and that those street toughs were thinking some bad thoughts. How did he know where she was, though? By listening to literally everyone's mind all the time to track her and also by following her scent. That's totally fine and not at all creepy. Talk then changes to him almost killing her that first day in biology which would have been bad, and how he wants to kill the street toughs, but he's not going to. Then Edward takes Bella home.

On the hour drive back to Forks which takes less than half that time because he literally drives 100 miles per hour, Edward talks about how he can't read Bella's mind and Bella thinks it's because she's a freak, but like... Edward is a super strong, ice cold, non-eating, sun-avoiding mind reader. Speaking of all that, Edward finally gets Bella to tell him her new theory about what he is (a vampire), and how she came up with it, (flirting with Jacob and dial-up Internet). She's right of course about Edward being a vampire which makes him mad, not because she found out but because she's not at all afraid of him.

Now that she knows the truth, Bella asks more questions that are all about vampire mythology but conveniently not about what Edward eats, but he tells her anyway. Edward and his family are vegetarian vampires which means they don't drink people blood, but like, he really wants to drink hers but he definitely won't. They don't sleep in coffins or burn up in the sun, but something else happens that they avoid showing people. None of this matters to Bella though, which makes Edward kind of mad again, and he tells her it's a bad idea for them to be friends because he's dangerous. They soon pull up to Bella's house and even though he literally was just again saying that all this is a bad idea, he says he'll save her a seat at lunch at school the next day.

Bella stumbles inside, only just now feeling the shock of being accosted by the street toughs. She tells Smokin' Hot Billy Burke/Charlie that she's tired so she shambles up to take a shaky shower and goes to bed. As she's drifting off to sleep, she thinks about three things that are "absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was part of him-and [she] didn't know how potent that part might be-that thirsted for [her] blood. And third, [she] was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him."

Edward picks Bella up for school the next day and they talk about asking questions but don't really ask any. Luckily Edward drives 1000 miles per hour so they are at school, which is approximately two miles away, in seven seconds. Since Edward picked Bella up, the rest of his siblings rode to school in Rosalie's ostentatious red BMW and so everyone's paying more attention to that then they are to Edward and Bella arriving together. Jessica sees though and they can both tell she is dying to find out exactly what happened the night before. Edward tells Bella that Jessica wants to know if they're dating and what Bella really thinks of him, and he's curious about that too, so he's definitely going to be mind-eavesdropping on their conversation.

When Bella gets to chat with Jessica, she doesn't mention the street toughs and that she could have been molested and/or murdered. Instead, she tells Jessica in the most boring and dull way possible that she met up with Edward and he took her to dinner, which, uh, she already knows. Jessica asks if Bella likes-likes Edward and if they're going out again and if they're going to kiss and Bella tells her about Edward offering to take her to Seattle and that they're probably not going to kiss because their relationship isn't like that and that she probably likes-likes him way more than he likes-likes her.

At lunch, when Bella is back with Edward, who eats one bite of pizza instead of buying lots of food and putting it directly into the trash, they talk about her conversation with Jessica. Edward doesn't agree with Bella's like-like thoughts, then she talks about how he always sounds like he's trying to say goodbye and he thinks this is perceptive but it's the reason why she's wrong. If he can stay, then he likes-likes her more. Talk changes to spending the weekend together but not in Seattle, and Bella agrees to do whatever Edward with his liquid-topaz eyes wants to do as long as she can drive. Talk changes again to him going hunting and Bella wanting to watch and he says no.

They watch a movie in biology, which ... what would that even be? Bella doesn't know because she's hyperfixated on Edward. For some reason, being in the dark classroom makes them both feel super charged with hormones, but then class ends. Edward gingerly strokes Bella's face and she goes off to gym class. She hits herself in the head with a badminton racquet and Mike tells her that he doesn't like that she's with Edward because he looks at her like she's something to eat, which is definitely true, hahaha, but not any of Mike's business. The next day is pretty much the same except Edward asks Bella a billion questions about her likes and dislikes.

When they get back to Bella's house after school, Edward is upset to find out that Billy Black and Jacob are coming for a visit so he speeds off as they drive up. Billy looks murderous and Jacob is oblivious until Bella mentions who it was that just dropped her off. It's obvious that Billy Black has some feelings about the Cullens, which Jacob attributes to the old legends and not the fact that Edward is a vampire, but Billy knows. Bella hopes that Billy won't say anything to her dad, and luckily he doesn't.

The next day, Edward picks Bella up again and asks a billion more questions, but lets Bella know he won't be taking her home from school that day. He and Alice are going hunting so he won't want to eat her when they're together the next day, so they're going to break into her house and steal her keys and truck to bring it to her, but of course they don't say any of that. School goes well enough, though Mike is kind of a dick about Edward, but then it's over. Bella tells Smokin' Hot Billy Burke/Charlie that she's not going to go to Seattle the next day by herself, but she doesn't tell him what she's doing or who she's doing it with. He offers to not go fishing with his pals, but that's just silly.

Edward arrives early the next day and they are accidentally dressed as twinsies in tan sweaters. They hop in Bella's truck and drive, but she doesn't know where they're headed. Edward directs her to the end of the road where they get out and hike for five miles. Bella isn't a fan, but they eventually make it to a clearing in the mountains where Edward strips off his sweater to reveal his sleeveless white button down that is unbuttoned showing off his chest, his sparkling, glittery chest, which is why vampires avoid the sun. Edward lounges sparklingly while Bella looks on. Then, she gently strokes his face and breathes in his breath, making him go bonkers.

Before Bella can blink, Edward is across the clearing. Then he starts ripping up trees and throwing them and running around really fast to prove that he's powerful. Then he rushes right back, inches away from Bella's face. They talk about how terrifying he is and how Bella is afraid of him but also afraid of losing him. He tries to explain how delicious her blood would be by comparing it to alcohol and heroin, which all seventeen-year-olds are intimately familiar with. He talked to Emmett and Jasper to see if they had any similar experiences and they did, but they ended with violent bloody deaths, so that's not great. Edward vows to never hurt Bella, declares that she's his life now, and then they say their famous lines about the lion falling in love with the lamb. "What a stupid lamb... What a sick, masochistic lion."

After this heartfelt exchange, they gently stroke each other some more and then Edward kisses Bella, very sweetly, and she tries to eat his face. With every interaction, it seems Edward gets stronger and is able to touch Bella more. She's not nearly as in control, but she tries. Edward then puts Bella on his back and runs full-on vampire speed through the trees back Bella's old old truck. She's too drunk on Edward to drive home, so he gets behind the wheel.

On the way back to her house, Edward tells Bella his story, about how he was born in 1901 and his family died of the Spanish Flu in 1918. He was dying as well but Carlisle found him and turned him. Then he turned Esme next after she "fell" off a cliff (she actually tried to end her life after she lost her baby and jumped from the cliff, but we don’t find that out at this exact moment), then Rosalie as a companion for Edward but that didn't work out, then she found Emmett, then Alice and Jasper found each other and then found the rest. Edward also explains that Alice can see the future and that's how she found their family. She and Jasper had already decided not to eat people and then she had a vision of the Cullens also not eating people, so they got together and now they're a great big happy family, which is pretty rare for vampires.

When they get back to Bella's, they go inside and Edward reveals that he's been coming to her house to watch her sleep pretty much every night and she's just... fine with that, but she is embarrassed because she talks in her sleep. Soon Smokin' Hot Billy Burke/Charlie comes home and Edward disappears just in time. Bella rushes off to bed, making her dad think she's up to something, which she definitely is because Edward is definitely in her room.

Bella asks why Edward and his family don't eat people and about his mind reading and Alice's seeing the future, and he explains that Carlisle has a theory of humans taking their strongest traits with them when they become vampires. Most of the family is simple: Carlisle has compassion, Esme has love, Emmett has strength and Rosalie has tenacity, but Jasper, like Edward and Alice, has something a bit more special. He can control the mood of those around him because he was so charismatic in his human life. They talk for a long time and gently stroke each other and sometimes kind of kiss which leads Bella into hinting about sex, but that's not a going to be a thing because Edward would literally shatter her bones and then probably eat her, so then he hums her a lullaby and she finally goes to sleep.

The next day, Edward takes Bella to meet his family. She's terrified of course, but not because she thinks they're going to eat her, but instead because she thinks they won't like her. They drive out to his house and it's open and light and beautiful and not filled with coffins at all. Carlisle, Esme, Alice and Jasper are perfectly lovely but Rosalie and Emmett are nowhere to be found, apparently because Rosalie is upset with Bella for being a human who likes a vampire. Alice, Edward and Carlisle have a silent conversation about some wandering vampires that they might encounter in the future, and then Edward plays some piano then shows Bella around the house.

They stop outside Carlisle's study where he has a giant cross that his father carved in the 1600s. When Carlisle was a young human, he was a vampire hunter, which unfortunately stopped after he turned so he was not a vampire-vampire hunter (yet). They go into his office where Edward tells Carlisle's life story, how he was changed, how he didn't want to eat people, how he tried to kill himself but couldn't, how he became a vegetarian, how he studied medicine and became the stunningly handsome doctor he is today. They also briefly mention his time with a group of vampires in Italy, but they couldn't get with the vegetarian lifestyle, so then Carlisle left for America.

As they continue the house tour and head to Edward's room, they get back around to Carlisle turning him. He mentions that he ran off on his own for a little while and ate evil-doers and then he came back to Carlisle and his family and had been with them ever since. They talk about music in Edward's room and then, while we do not get the "hang on tight, spider monkey" line from the movie, Edward does pretend to attack and eat Bella, but then Alice and Jasper come in and ask Edward to play baseball.

Edward takes Bella home and is angry to find Billy Black and Jacob there again. Billy is very upset at Bella being with Edward but can't exactly say that out loud, and Bella tells Billy in not so many words that she knows that the Cullens are vampires and to leave her alone about it. They drop off some fish and leave. Smokin' Hot Billy Burke/Charlie is excited about eating the fish for dinner, but he's not so excited when Bella tells him that her boyfriend Edward Cullen is coming to pick her up and officially meet him. That doesn't go badly at all and they leave in a monster jeep to drive up into the mountains to play Vampire Baseball.

Vampire Baseball is pretty much exactly like regular baseball except it's very spread out and very fast and Supermassive Black Hole by Muse is always playing in the background. The game goes well until Alice sees that the wandering vampires' approach is imminent. They scramble to kind of conceal Bella's humanness, but it doesn't really work. The three vampires, Laurent, James and Victoria, try to insert themselves into the baseball game and then immediately want to eat Bella after the wind blows her hair and her delicious human scent wafts around the field. When Edward growls and steps in to protect her, James gets angry. They manage to split up while Carlisle tries to smooth things over, but Edward reads in James' mind that he's a tracker and he wants to kill Bella just for funsies.

Edward, Bella, Emmett and Alice leave and try to come up with a plan to get Bella as far away as possible so James can't get to her. She insists that she has to go home because that's exactly where James is going to track her and when he gets there, he's going to find Smokin' Hot Billy Burke/Charlie and eat him. She comes up with a plan that kind of makes sense to lure him away from her house, so that's what they do. Bella pretends that she doesn't want to live in Forks anymore so she yells at her dad and says she's going back home to Phoenix. She packs up a bag and storms out to her truck where Edward is secretly waiting and they drive off.

They go immediately to the Cullens' house where Esme switches clothes with Bella and she and Rosalie take her truck to trick James into following them anywhere but to Phoenix. Bella leaves with Alice and Jasper to actually go to Phoenix because they think that James will think that was just a ruse. Edward, Carlisle and Emmett will follow behind James and try to kill him while Esme and Rosalie will return to Forks to keep an eye on Smokin' Hot Billy Burke/Charlie. It all goes really well until it doesn't.

Bella, Alice and Jasper drive to Phoenix and plan to stay near the airport because Edward will eventually be flying there to meet back up with them. Bella calls her mom's house to leave a message to call her as soon as possible because she knows that Smokin' Hot Billy Burke/Charlie is going to call Renée and she needs to keep her from coming back home to Phoenix. (Since this is the early 2000s and not everyone has cell phones, people would call their own answering machines to check for messages, just in case you didn't know that.)

While they're in the hotel room, Alice has a vision of James going to a ballet studio that Bella recognizes from her childhood and, you guessed it, it's right here in Phoenix. Uh oh. Bella soon gets a phone call from her frantic mother, but then James is on the line. While he was running around all over the place being chased by Edward, Emmett and Carlisle, Victoria went to Forks High School to check Bella's record and learned where she lived in Phoenix with her mom and told James and now he's there with Renée, holding her hostage. James directs Bella to give Alice and Jasper the slip and meet him at, you guessed it, the ballet studio.

Edward calls around this time, too, to tell Alice that James got away and that he's coming to Phoenix to get Bella and run, so they go to the airport to wait for him to arrive. This is the perfect opportunity for Bella to escape. She asks Jasper to take her to the bathroom in the airport and sneaks out another entrance, hops on a hotel shuttle bus, catches a cab, and heads to the ballet studio. When she gets there, she hears her mother shouting for her, but it turns out that James got out the VCR and the home movies and has just been playing recordings of Renée's voice. She's not there at all and in fact is still probably in Jacksonville with Phil watching a baseball game.

James must really love home movies because then he gets out a camcorder and starts filming his torture of Bella. He wants her to beg for Edward to come save her and to avenge her imminent death, which he will find to be a good time, but she doesn't play along. James explains that the Cullens have thwarted him once before. He once chased Alice all over the place but then she was locked up in a mental institution in the 1920s for her visions. A vampire found her and cared for her, much like Edward does for Bella, but when he realized James was after her, he changed her into a vampire. James was no longer interested in Alice after that, so he killed her maker and left her alone. If only Edward had done the same with Bella, she wouldn't be in this predicament, nor would she be in nearly as much pain when James promptly kicks her across the room and into a mirror, then stomps on her leg to break it.

As Bella is writhing in pain and about to give in to death, she sees an angel before her, but wait, that's not an angel ... that's Edward! And Carlisle! And Alice! Jasper and Emmett are there, too and together, they kill James. Bella is still in huge amounts of pain, but Carlisle sets her broken leg and gives her some morphine. She screams through the blinding pain that her hand is burning. It seems that James has bitten Bella! Rather than let the change happen to her, which is very painful indeed and lasts for days, Carlisle gives Edward the option of sucking out the venom. Alice hints that she's seen Bella as one of them, but Edward decides that's not happening and begins draining Bella's blood. Eventually he removes all the venom and Bella passes out.

Bella wakes in the hospital with Edward watching over her. Renée is there, too, but currently out of the room. Edward explains that Jasper and Emmett killed James and burned down the dance studio while he, Alice and Carlisle helped save her. Bella asks if Alice saw what James said on the video about her human life and she did. Bella then asks Edward why he is there so she knows what story to tell her mom when she comes back to the room. Edward says that he, Carlisle and Alice came to ask Bella to come back to Forks, so she agreed to go see them at their hotel where she promptly fell down the stairs and out a window. Apparently Alice had a good time figuring out the logistics of that fall. When Renée gets back, Edward feigns sleep, and she begins to tell Bella how much she's going to love living in Florida, but Bella says she wants to stay in Forks because she has school and Smokin’ Hot Billy Burke/Charlie and (pointed look at Edward) friends. Renée seems to understand and then heads home for the night.

Edward is confused about why Bella won't move to Florida, but when she says he'd have to stay inside all the time, he says that she'd be moving without him. Oh noooooo, that's panic- inducing. Bella freaks out about Edward wanting to leave, but he says that's not true and swears he'll never leave her, which is later in the argument amended to that he will stay as long as it's what's best for her. What she thinks is best is her becoming a vampire, but Edward won't do that to her, but she says she knows others, like Alice, who have already seen her future. Futures can change though.

Some time passes and Bella is back home in Forks. Edward helps her get out of his car and they're both wearing fancy clothes, but Bella doesn't know what they're doing. They're obviously going to prom, but she doesn't get it. They dance because Edward doesn't want Bella to miss out on any human occasions because of him but are soon interrupted by Jacob Black, who is now over six feet tall, which has to be a miracle of science because it's only been a couple of months since Bella has seen him. He has come on behalf of his father to ask Bella to not be with Edward and to tell her that *they'll be watching.*

After Jacob leaves, Bella and Edward dance some more and then she reveals to him that she thought he had changed his mind and had gotten her all dressed up to change her into a vampire. He tells her again that he'll stay with her forever and when she says that's not enough, he bends down, brings his mouth to Bella's throat... and kisses her gently.

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