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Being Imprudent

In this episode, we discuss Imprudence, the second book in the Custard Protocol series, by Gail Carriger.

We're still struggling through our recordings, figuring out our technical issues, so deal with it, okay? We'll be testing out a couple of different recording methods over the next few episodes and hopefully we'll find something that works great and will stop dropping our voices or turning us into robots.

Now that that's out of the way, we're on to book two of The Custard Protocol. In this one, Rue has reached her majority and is rather imprudent about what that means to her life, her crew and her dirigible. Percy and Quesnel have gotten into a huge fight over an article Quesnel published about the weremonkeys. The Spotted Custard is constantly under attack and it's hard to pinpoint why. Is it Percy and his revenge article? Quesnel and the mysterious tank he installed in the boiler room? Tasherit and her werelioness friends? Something else entirely? Yes. You'd be right with that one.

Read the book and listen to the show to find out just what is going on on the Spotted Custard.

Here's a picture of us recording this time.

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