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This Blog Post is Property of the Half-Blood Prince

Geez, that's a long title. Oh well.

So this episode is all about the Half-Blood Prince, my absolute favorite Harry Potter book. Don't you love it, too? I love all the backstory we get and all the memories in the pensieve. Looking back on Tom Riddle's life is very interesting to me.

We discuss those memories quite a bit in this episode and we talk about Slughorn vs. Snape as professors, Draco Malfoy's life becoming less fantastic than usual, and the three Ds of Apparition... "deliberation, divination and desperation or whatever the hell it is."

This episode is also very special because we have a special guest, my husband, Jacob! We went at midnight after dating for only a few months to get this book and, well, it meant a lot to me, so even though he would normally shy away from participating in most of the crazy things that I do, he was ever so kind enough to join us for our Would You Rather portion of this episode. Here's a picture!

Okay, well, now I've got to go try to apparate again. Wish me luck that I don't leave an eyebrow behind.


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