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There's Someone Solving Puzzles Inside Your House

In our most recent episode, Claire and I talk about There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins. We really enjoyed this gory slasher novel from an author who, prior to this book's release, had a great following of her YA romances. We also talked about the movie that was released on Netflix last year. The two are very different, but also both enjoyable. We read this one because of our new monthly theme Read the Movie, Watch the Book: Read a book with a movie or tv show adaptation or inspiration and then watch it. Which one was better?

Firstly, what happens in the book? Makani Young moved from Hawaii to live with her grandmother in the middle of the cornfields of Nebraska because of some... issues she had there. She makes fast friends with Alex and Darby and starts secretly dating a social outcast, Ollie, but then the killings begin. And they are brutal. And really twisted. The killer sneaks inside the houses of their victims, moves stuff around at random, and then kills them violently. Soon, for an unknown reason, the killer targets Makani. Alex and Darby think that the killer is Ollie, but that can be... can it? He's sweet and does puzzles with Makani's grandmother! Better read the book, check out our summary and listen to our episode to find out the truth!

The movie is pretty different, but not in a bad way. Makani has a few more friends in this one and the deaths are different and the killer is also different. But it still makes perfect sense and is a gory, slashery good time. The only truly important thing to us that's missing is our favorite part from the book... Ollie putting together puzzles with Makani's grandmother. It's just SO CUTE. We love Ollie and his puzzles! Even though that bit is missing, you should watch it! We're going to watch it on TeleParty sometime this month, so maybe you can watch it with us! Stay tuned for details.

Here's a recording picture where we're probably talking about Ollie doing puzzles.

That's all for now!


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