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The Non-Reticence of Miss Gail

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

In this episode of the show, we discuss Reticence, the last book of the Custard Protocol series, by Gail Carriger and then she joins us for Would You Rather. Miss Gail was not reticent with us, in fact, she was very revealing with her thoughts and feelings with us in this episode, and we appreciate her for it.

That's right, we have a special guest for Would You Rather in our most recent episode of the show, and then an entire bonus episode with more questions about code names and internet rumors and feelings about scones and hats. Miss Gail Carriger, the authorbeast herself, joined us. She's so wonderful in every single way.

You might have noticed, but Miss Gail is very important to the relationship Claire and I have, in fact, she's responsible for it. Without her books and without the Finishing School episode of the show, way back in episode 11, Claire and I never would have met. Because Miss Gail tweeted about being on the show, Claire started listening. Then she started creeping the show on Facebook. You might remember that she was always featured as a respondent during WYR. Then she joined in on the WYR portion of an episode. Then, when it came time to get a new co-host, she was on board with joining me. And it's all because of Miss Gail. We owe our friendship to her, really we do, and in the bonus episode, we tell her that!

Here's our recording picture for this week, plus our book picture!

We love you, Miss Gail!


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