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The Loneliest Girl in the Podcast

In this episode, I'M ALL BY MYSELF. (Also, the audio quality is subpar which is frustrating to me, but it's out there now so I'll just have to deal with it!) Amber was out of town and I couldn't handle the thought of not having an episode out today, so I decided to talk about a book that I read and that she hasn't, The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James.

The book is about a girl, Romy Silvers, who was born on a flight across the universe to find a new planet suitable for habitation. Romy's parents didn't survive the trip, so she's, get ready for it... THE LONELIEST GIRL IN THE UNIVERSE! Fitting title, huh? Well, she was the loneliest girl until she received a message from NASA letting her know that another newer, faster ship is on its way to meet up with her so they can continue on to the new planet together. Sounds great, right? Wrong.

Here's a picture of me getting ready to record. I'm wearing an astronaut costume because of course I am.

Now I've got to go get ready for my flight to West Palm Beach that's happening at the earliest possible time tomorrow morning. Amber and I will be recording from the same location for our episode for next week, all about The Wicked King by Holly Black. There may be videos of this. Then we're going to have a table at BAM! A Festival of Books and Music in West Palm Beach on Saturday, March 2, from 9:30-5:00. There also may be videos of this.



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