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The Hand On the Wall

In our most recent episode of the show, Claire and I talk about the last book of the Truly Devious series, The Hand On the Wall, by Maureen Johnson, but this time, with a special guest! We were lucky enough to have Kate Rudd, the voice actress who narrates the series, join us for Would You Rather and for a special bonus episode.

I can't believe how lucky we've been with these voice actress and author interviews. Seriously. How cool are these episodes? I love them! Every person we've spoken to has been 1000% fantastic. We say it each time, but really, go tell your favorite narrators and authors that they're your favorites today because they deserve it.

So the main episode wraps up the series and ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED! Unless, of course, you're me and you think about weird things like... hey, who was that person outside the window that was mentioned for approximately one half of a second and never brought up again? Do you think these two characters who are only seen together once or twice ever had a romantic entanglement? No one knows! Well, Maureen Johnson probably does. Maybe I'll tweet her and ask her about it. Maybe I'll send her a link to the bonus episode where I pose those questions to Kate Rudd... MAYBE.

I don't want to post too much here about the book since it is the last one. I mean, I know you're going to listen to the episode, but what if you're a stranger who happens to stroll across this page and you don't want to be spoiled? Just know that we were shocked by the person who actually committed the crimes in the present day. Seriously. SHOCKED.

Here's a recording picture with Kate Rudd. Look how fantastic she is! Such a gorgeous smile that perfectly suits her gorgeous personality. She was an absolute delight to speak to. And she's kind to animals, even the ones that aren't hers. She's so nice to them that they take out her trash. You really should listen to the bonus episode for clarification on that one.

Be sure to check out the revamped website since you're here reading a blog post. Check out our store, too. New stuff will be coming soon, I swear.


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