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The Excessively British Agency

In this week's episodes, that's right, there are two!, we talk about The Agency by AND WITH Monica McGurk. In our main episode, we discuss the book, and in our bonus episode, we have a chat with the author and play Would You Rather! This is an Indie Spotlight book to go along with our monthly theme and we picked this one especially because it is Excessively British, but also not at the same time. It's perfect for us!

So what happens in this book? Bree, an American, is accepted into the elite, British-only nannying school, Norwood, in the United Kingdom. She doesn't really understand just how she was accepted, but she travels across the pond and begins her studies. Nannies from Norwood are the most sought after nannies in the world, but they're not just nannies... they're also spies! Brie and her classmates Dashiell, Ruby and Susie are accepted into the elite diploma program and begin spy training, but when they're sent on their first important assignment, things don't go as planned. Will Brie and her friends be able to complete their mission? Read the book, listen to our episode and check out our summary for all the details!

We really enjoyed our conversation with author Monica McGurk about her book. We talked about creepy dolls and excessively British things and Twilight fanfiction and a lot of other things. Be sure to listen to our bonus episode, too! Here's a recording picture:

Until next time!


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