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The Diviners or The Bee's Knees

In this episode, we spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME talking about The Diviners by Libba Bray. We also have a special guest join us for Would You Rather, Katharine, a co-host of The Bluestocking Circle podcast. You should check them out! They are Lady Nerds that discuss books, movies, television, and more with an emphasis on fantasy & science fiction.

Now, back to this episode. You should read the book for sure, but you should also listen to our episode about it. In fact, this time, I really think you really could just listen to our episode because we go into so much detail in the summary, we really didn't leave anything out this time. BUT! You should read the book for sure. And listen to it! January LaVoy is the voice actor behind this audiobook and she is spectacular.

Here's a little, tiny bit about this book:

It's 1926, New York. Evie has just moved in with her uncle to escape a sordid event in her home town, but the sordid events are only just starting. A serial killer seems to be murdering people as sacrifices to ... something. But what? And why? And how will Evie, a seventeen year old flapper, be able to help? Oh yes, with her Diviner powers. She has the ability to read objects just by touching them. When she touches the shoe buckle of the first murder victim, she does not like what she sees. Not only is this victim not the last, it's not the first, either.

Here's some pictures of us recording the Would You Rather segment, and the rest of the episode, too. We had some technical difficulties again so those middle pictures are of Claire and I entertaining ourselves whilst figuring out our issues.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go iron my shoelaces.


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