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The Chicken Soup of Heartstopper

In our episode this week, Claire and I talked about Heartstopper Volume 1 by Alice Oseman. EVERYBODY'S talking about and reading this book since Heartstopper came out on Netflix, so we had to jump on the bandwagon.

Now, we all know that graphic novels and contemporary romance aren't really my thing, but this was a cute book. Charlie and Nick have a strangers to friends to flirting relationship that's wonderful and so, so wholesome. It fills up your soul like a hearty bowl of chicken soup! In the first volume of this series, Charlie and Nick have a class together and become fast friends. Nick invites Charlie to play on the rugby team, they play Mario Kart and watch movies, and they do their homework together, all the while getting a little more touchy-feely as time passes. It's really a delight. Read our summary, check out the graphic novel, watch the show and listen to our episode for more!

Here's a recording picture of us laughing about something ridiculous. No one is surprised.



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