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The Afterlife of Cynthia Hand

Wait... that's not right...

Claire and I recently got to chat with Cynthia Hand, author of The Afterlife of Holly Chase, so you know what that means... there are actually two episodes this week! Our regular episode featuring our discussion of our book plus Cynthia's game of WYR and a bonus episode with the game of WYR plus an interview with Cynthia!

The Afterlife of Holly Chase is a modern day reimagining of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. In it, Holly Chase is our Scrooge... plus the Ghost of Christmas Past? Wait, what? How is she Scrooge and a ghost? Well, Holly didn't change her bratty terrible ways after being visited by her ghosts on Christmas Eve and so... she died. But you can tell that by the title. You know she's dead if we're talking about her afterlife... Most of the book takes place in the five years after Holly dies and her time spent as the Ghost of Christmas Past and the latest Scrooge she and her fellows at Project Scrooge are trying to unScrooge. Let me just say Scrooge a few more times.

Scrooge, Scrooge, Scrooge.

We had a lot of fun in our regular discussion and our chat with Cynthia about this book and lots of her others, plus some Christmas traditions and favorites. Can't you tell how great Cynthia is with how dreamy Claire and I are? She's delightful.

What are your Christmas traditions?


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