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Surviving The Survivor

This week, we have two very special episodes of the podcast because, just like last week, we have TWO special guests, but this time instead of having two authors of a series, we have the author and the voice actress who narrates her books! How amazing! And what's even better is that they haven't met in real life, so we kind of introduced them! Well, not really, but you know what I mean. SO! In our REGULAR EPISODE, we discuss The Survivor by Bridget Tyler, narrated by Jesse Vilinsky, and in the BONUS EPISODE we play WYR with both of them (squee!!!) and chat about their work.

I don't know how many times I've said it lately, but we are SO LUCKY to do what we do (if only we got paid for it, haha)! At least once a month, if not more, we get to talk to authors and voice actors. We get to talk to our heroes and they're all wonderful! Bridget and Jesse are so multitalented and they're absolutely delightful people. I think one of my favorite things about talking to all the famous people we talk to is learning that they're normal, ridiculous, nerdy people just like we are. I mean, look at this recording picture:

We're deciding how big our foreheads are. We had just talked about Jesse being a female Bruce Willis with hair because she can't not have hair because she has a bumpy head. Then we talked about the sizes of our heads, so naturally, we had to decide our forehead size. (In my case, my three-and-a-half head size and Claire's case, her fivehead size. Consensus: I have a tiny head. Bridget mentioned that she wears extra large size hats, so she has a big head. Claire also has a big head. Jesse has a normal but bumpy head.) SEE?! We're all ridiculous, but we're all normal people having (semi?) normal conversations about being female Bruce Willises.

When we first started interviewing people, I was nervous, but with each interview that passes, I realize more and more that there's nothing to be nervous about because they're just like me. WE'RE ALL GIANT NERDS. I also realize that I've made a ton of new friends! Now... if only we could be friends in real life.

Anyway... This book is the second in a duology (Although oh my gosh, we need more. Listen to the regular episode to see how I've already started work on book three!) about a group of space pioneers landing on a planet called Tau Ceti e after Earth has been destroyed. In the first book, we saw them land on the planet and meet the inhabitants that already lived there. Yeah, they thought the planet was uninhabited but NOPE. They were wrong. Now, in book two, the rest of the survivors from Earth have arrived and... well... things don't go too well. Especially since at the end of book one, the main character, Joanna, told the leader of those living on the planet, Tarn, that she was going to get everyone off their planet. Oh ho ho, she was wrong. Now there is nowhere else to go and they all have to live peacefully together, or, you know, kill each other off. SO WHAT HAPPENS?! Go read or listen to the book to find out, right now!


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