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Surprise Emergency Episode!

Surprise! I know last time I posted about how excited we were to be finishing up the House of Night Otherworld books this week with a discussion about Found and having a bonus episode featuring special guests, but hey! That didn't happen. We are cursed, so it makes sense, but at least this time, our special guests have been rescheduled and it wasn't just that the world exploded or we lost connection or files or whatever, all of which have happened before. Wait, not the world exploding, but all the other things. We knew about this emergency rescheduling the day before recording, so we had a little bit of time to prepare. Really, a little bit. But luckily for us we had just both read the House of Night Novellas, Dragon's Oath, Lenobia's Vow, Neferet's Curse and Kalona's Fall and could whip something up with them to present in the gap that had been created when our special episode got rescheduled. I'm so proud of us. Really, really I am.

In this surprise emergency episode, Claire and I discuss the House of Night Novellas by PC Cast and Kristin Cast. They are important to the outcome of the series, so it is good that we covered them. Plus, putting off our episode about Found gives readers a little bit more time to finish it since it did JUST come out. So it's good all around. But what are these stories and why are the important?

Dragon's Oath is the story of how Bryan "Dragon" Lankford, Swordmaster at the Tulsa House of Night, was Marked as a fledgling, brought to the House of Night and met and fell in love with his mate, Anastasia. We see a little of her side of the story as a Spells and Rituals teacher and how the two connected even though she initially hated his guts out like we do! We might have talked about that a little too much, but what do you expect?

Lenobia's Vow tells Lenobia's vampyre origin story and how she met and fell in love with her mate Martin and about Martin's tragic demise. We see her gifted with her affinity for horses and learn why they fill her with such hope and happiness, especially in this dark time in her life. She travels from France to New Orleans as a Casquette Girl but is preyed upon by a bishop on the journey across the sea. What a terrible beginning for our favorite Equestrian Studies Professor!

Neferet's Curse is Emily Wheeler's journal. In it, she describes what happened to her leading up to her being Marked and how she became the Neferet we all know and love/hate or love to hate or hate to love. We see the relationship she has with her father and with her fiancé Arthur, which, if you're all caught up in both series, you know that neither of those relationships end well. But what happened? Take a peek inside her diary to find out!

Kalona's Fall is about the creation of this vampyre universe. Where did Nyx come from? How was the first vampyre made? How did Kalona, who was created to be Nyx's lover and warrior, end up on Earth and why is he so terrible? And what about his brother, Erebus? This book tells almost the same story of the first few chapters of Forgotten, but not the Otherworld version, and with a lot more detail.

Since we did not get to have our discussion with our special guests, we had to make ourselves feel better during our recording by giving ourselves vampyre Marks again. I wish I could doodle on my face all the time... Here's a picture of us! Aren't we cute?

Stick around because that special episode really is coming...

Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again!


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