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Superfans and Boy Things

We absolutely love it when our superfans join in on our discussions. We know you're used to Superfan Constance joining in on episodes, but this time, Superfan Annie was with us! Annie is part of our WYR tier on Patreon, and as part of that tier, she got to take part in a Would You Rather segment on the show! Did you know that you can do that, too? All you need to do is support us on Patreon! We're hoping to change things up with our Patreon in the new year. What would you like to see us do there? Let us know in the comments, or message us on social media!

ANYWAY! Let's talk about Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. That was our episode this week. Claire and I didn't love it, but we didn't hate it either. Contemporary YA romance is just not our thing and there's nothing wrong with that. There were lots of things we really liked about this story and some things that grated on our nerves. If you had thrown in some horror elements for me or some sexiness for Claire, it would have been great, but as it stands... it's just... not for us. We do talk a lot about boy things in this episode, so that's kind of sexy, but not really. It's mostly silly. Not scary at all.

Fangirl is about twin sisters Cath and Wren who go off to college and are apart from each other for the first time. Cath hides out on her own for the most part and writes fanfiction based on a magical story (that now has its own trilogy!) and her sister goes to parties and gets drunk a lot. The story is about Cath growing up a little and learning that life is about more than fanfiction. Read our summary for all the details. Or, you know, read or listen to the book. And listen to our podcast.

Here's a recording picture from our WYR segment featuring Superfan Annie, Claire dressed as a Starbucks barista and me as Gamora. This episode may come out November 3, but as you know, we record in advance and what was last week? HALLOWEEN!

Until next time!


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