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Suddenly Libba!

Oh. My. Goodness.

It's finally happened. After months of Twitter-stalking, in this episode we discuss Beauty Queens by Libba Bray AND we get to play WYR with her!

And in this bonus episode, we have an interview with her.

And it is AMAZING. Because she is amazing. Seriously. We talked about glitter poop and acid trips and being posthumously famous from performing in a Will Smith music video and vampires and musicals and pirates and Beauty Queens and The Diviners and so much more. And she sings.

To prepare for the Zoom call, Claire and I decided to dress as our own versions of Beauty Queens. I am Miss Tall Hair and Claire is Miss Deeds because she can't miss the opportunity for a good pun. Here are some awesome pictures of us before we recorded. I think I'll probably share a video clip of our actual recording because Libba is just that awesome, so look for that later.

Go listen to both episodes right now, okay?

Miss Tall Hair

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