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Strange the Dreamer AND Strange the Discussion

What? Two episodes in one week? Get out of here!

Yes, we do have two episodes this week, and that might continue for the foreseeable future.

The first episode of this week, released on Monday, was the summary portion of our show about Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. The second episode, released today, is the discussion questions portion of our show featuring a special (and not great sounding, unfortunately) game of Would You Rather with Laini Taylor! In person! She was amazing, p.s. An absolute delight.

After we played our game, Amber and I got to eat dinner with her. Yes, really. I got to eat dinner with one of my favorite authors. (I also ate guacamole because she likes it and I had to be brave and eat it if my hero was eating it, right?) It was amazing. (Eating with Laini, not the guacamole. I mean, I didn't hate it, but it also featured quite a bit of cilantro which definitely tastes like soap to me.) We learned secret things about some upcoming projects she's working on. You should be excited for them. I definitely am. We also chatted a bit about audiobooks, which everyone knows I love. She likes audiobooks, too! After dinner, she took a selfie with us, but I haven't seen it anywhere, which really makes my story seem less credible, but I swear, it's all true. You should ask her if she'll share it with you so you know this story is true. She's pretty active on Twitter (@lainitaylor). She commented on a tweet of mine wherein I'm dressed as Sarai and Isagol from Strange the Dreamer. Wait... that's what we're supposed to be talking about...

So, Strange the Dreamer is a magical book, literally, about a librarian (!!!) named Lazlo Strange who gets to visit a city that he's only ever heard stories about with a group of warriors, led by the Godslayer, and other specialists to solve a problem. The problem takes the form of a giant blue metal angel floating in the sky above the city and blocking out the sun. While there, Lazlo, or Strange the Dreamer as he's sometimes called, has dreams about a beautiful blue goddess. It turns out that that beautiful blue goddess is alive and in the top of that blue angel floating above the city. Her name is Sarai and she is the daughter of one of the goddesses that put that angel in the sky and did lots of other terrible things to those living in the city below and the Godslayer, who, you guessed it, killed all the gods. Well, not all of them, obviously. There were five children left alive, all thanks to one of those children, called Minya, who has terrible plans in store for the Godslayer. Lazlo and Sarai have to work together to solve all the problems in the city and keep everyone alive. Hopefully they'll be able to, right?!

So, since I've rambled on way too much in this post, here's a recording picture and a picture of me being Sarai and Isagol and a picture with Laini Taylor, but not that selfie that you're supposed to ask her about.

Thanks for reading this whole thing, you know, if you did.

The dream chooses the dreamer,


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