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Spitting in a Unicorn's Mouth

What a lovely sentiment that is! Everyone, stop what you're doing right now and imagine yourself spitting in a unicorn's mouth. Go on. I'll wait.

Okay, so this week's episode is all about Stardust by Neil Gaiman, the book and the movie. We both love this book and movie, but this one was chosen specifically by Claire to go along with our monthly book club theme: Holiday Escape: Escape into your favorite book, holiday themed or not. Up next will be mine, but we're not there yet.

Have you read this book or watched this movie? It's wonderful! It's delightful! It's full of magic and whimsy! And witches! And princes! And goats! And a unicorn! And a fallen star! What more could you want?

In both, the main character Tristran (or Tristan if you're watching the movie), travels into the land of Faerie on the other side of the wall in the town he grew up in, Wall, to retrieve a fallen star for the girl he hopes to marry, but he grows along the way and by the time he comes back with the fallen star, he doesn't want to marry that girl anymore. Instead, he becomes the king and lives happily ever after with his true love. Aww! How sweet! But where does spitting in a unicorn's mouth come in? You'll have to listen to the episode to find out about that.

Here's our recording picture for this one. Yes. I was a unicorn but no, no one spit in my mouth. Claire is getting holly jolly in the Christmas spirit with her lovely knitted hat.

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