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Sparkly Vampires!

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day! To celebrate, we decided to talk about a very romantic book. In this episode, we discuss Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined by Stephenie Meyer. It's the gender-swapped version of Twilight! Yes, that's a real thing. Yes, it's really by Stephenie Meyer. Yes, the vampires still sparkle.

This book was released 10 years after the first Twilight book came out and to commemorate this special event, Stephenie Meyer retold the story in a whole new way. She gender-swapped all the characters, except for Charlie and Rénee and a couple of background characters. So instead of having Bella and Edward, we have Beau and Edythe. It may sound strange, but the retelling is actually quite good, especially if you consider the source material. Plus, it all wraps up nicely in one book, so if you've ever thought about reading Twilight but you just couldn't make yourself read all four books, read this one instead! It has a nice ending.

Here's our recording picture, like always. In this shot, Amber's pointing out a specific book on her beautiful rainbow shelf of books.

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With all the love in my stone cold vampire heart,


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