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Updated: Apr 25, 2022

In our most recent episode, we talk about another great graphic novel, Nimona by ND Stevenson! Yay!

It's a cute story about VILLAINS! and SCIENCE! and SHARKS! A shapeshifter, Nimona, who often becomes a shark when you least suspect it, joins up with evil supervillain Ballister Blackheart for lots of evil super villainry that makes great use of Nimona's shapeshifting abilities. You start to wonder though, as the story progresses... is Ballister Blackheart really a villain or should we be more worried about what the mysterious Director is up to? And what about Sir Goldenloin? Whose side is he on? Better read to find out! Oh hey ... Look over there. Is that a SHARK?!

This was the last episode recorded in my ultra loud apartment in Seattle, so hopefully the next one will have superior audio quality and less rage moments from me. Only time will tell! Enjoy this picture of us while recording... and look who is back! It's Bird!

And speaking of Bird, look at this excellent comic Claire made featuring me talking to Bird.

And now to head off and maybe unpack a box or something.

Until later,


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