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Season Two: Five Dark Fates

Well, well, well, friends. Season two of the show begins with this episode. That's kind of weird, but you know, it has been an entire year and things have changed, so why not create a second season? Seemed like the perfect time to do it.

This episode is a solo one for me, hopefully a little bit better than my last solo episode, The Loneliest Girl in the Podcast. The audio is at least a little better, so there's that. Also I had the AUTHOR as a guest for Would You Rather, so that's also awesome. Kendare Blake joined me for WYR and she was delightful as always. Because yeah, this is the second time she's been on the podcast. The first time was waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy back in episode eight, which I've already said yikes about too much. That was a long time ago.

I always worry about solo episodes. Always, like it has happened so many times. Still. How awkward is it for me to talk about a book by myself? Very. But whatever. Hopefully you enjoy me enough to slog through it until Kendare shows up. She says she likes my cosplay, so that is worth it to listen to, at least in my opinion.

So listen to me blather on about this book, Five Dark Fates, the FINAL BOOK in the Three Dark Crowns series. It's so good! I do spoil absolutely everything though, but you should be used to that by now. We find out who ends up on the throne for real, even though Katharine was the Queen Crowned... does she remain that way? What about that war that she started at the end of book three? And what about the mist that's killing people? AND what about Mirabella and Arsinoe? So many things to wrap up, and they're all wrapped up nicely in the end. Read the book for sure, guys. Seriously.

Okay, so since it's a solo episode, here's my recording picture. You can see that I still make stupid faces even when I'm talking to myself. I know you're not surprised.

It might actually be worse when I'm by myself. Luckily I'll have someone new joining me next time, so I won't have a chance to make an even worse face. Let's check back in one week to see if I'm making a stupid face again, though. I'm not going to place any bets because I probably will be. Only time will tell!

Until then,


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