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Sadie, but with Vampires

This episode is all about Sadie by Courtney Summers. Be warned. There's some pretty tough stuff that is alluded to in this book. You don't outright see any terrible things, but they happen, and it's bad. That's why we had to add vampires in when we had our discussion! Vampires are our coping mechanism.

This is the blurb from Courtney Summers' website about this book: When popular radio personality West McCray receives a desperate phone call from a stranger imploring him to find 19-year-old runaway Sadie Hunter, he's not convinced there's a story there; girls go missing all the time. But as soon as West's boss discovers Sadie fled home after the brutal murder of her little sister, Mattie, he sees the makings of something big and orders West to the small town of Cold Creek, Colorado, to uncover what happened. Sadie has no idea that her story will soon become the subject of a blockbuster podcast. She just wants revenge. Armed with a switchblade, Sadie follows a meager set of clues hoping they'll lead to the man who took Mattie's life, because she's determined to make him pay for it with his own. But as West traces her journey to the darkest, most dangerous corners of big cities and small towns, a deeply unsettling mystery begins to unfold—one that's bigger than them both.

When you find out what the "deeply unsettling mystery" is, you have to add vampires. It's the only way we were able to survive. We are quite silly and we sometimes have trouble discussing books with disturbing subject matter. We also have to entertain our listeners. We are fully prepared for this episode to not have a ton of listens, and that's okay! If you'd like to read our summary featured in the episode, you can do that here!

Here's a picture from our recording this week. You can see in our faces how we struggled with this one.

Check out the episode and be sure to support us on Patreon! We need a morale boost after recording this one.

Hey, next week we're back to our comfort zone... VAMPIRES! Yay!


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