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Random Sh*t with JacksonRob, JRob, Rob One?

Double episodes this week! Hooray!

In the regular episode, Claire and I talk about Random Sh*t Flying Through the Air and drag Jackson Ford / Rob Boffard / JacksonRob / JRob / Rob One on to play Would You Rather with us again. And, in the bonus episode, since we lured him back to play WYR, we kept him around for awhile and talked about his new book, how terrible his characters are, how much we hated/loved everything about the story, and the disturbing lack of brisket at a restaurant he mentioned near the end of the book. I even yelled at him a little bit, but only with love. Really. I really thought he mentioned the brisket on purpose to mess with his main character, but that didn't happen. It should have, but it didn't. We also spent a lot of time in both episodes talking about armpit juice. Yeah.

So what's this book about? If you remember from the first one, Teagan Frost has psychokinesis, or PK as she calls it, and can move sh*t with her mind. She's part of a secret government team that takes down shady characters, especially if they have powers, too. Now there's another bad guy lurking around and causing real havoc, like actual earthquakes, and that's not the worst part. Do you know want to know what the worst part is? He's FOUR YEARS OLD. Can you see why we'd hate/love his book and why his characters are terrible? Yeah, he did it on purpose. And he did it REALLY WELL. It takes a special kind of awesome to write something that evokes such powerful emotions and that is JacksonRob. There's humor (I snort laughed twice in the first six chapters!) and rage and sadness and celebration and armpit juice. It really is fantastic. The book, not the armpit juice.

Here's a picture from our recording session with him. I'm pretty sure I'm about to start yelling at this point if I wasn't yelling already. But see? He's taking it like a champ.

So everybody stop what you're doing and go listen to these episodes and read Jackson Ford's books. Really. Go right now.


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