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Punchy and Icky like Clown in a Cornfield

*Honk Honk* Welcome to this week's blog post featuring your two best pals: Punchy the Clown and Icky the Clown! We're super excited for you to listen to our latest episode about Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare and narrated by our good friend Jesse Vilinsky!

Clown in a Cornfield is a 90s slasher film in book form and you don't want to miss it, especially if you listen to the audio. I originally thought we'd have a story about a haunted cornfield, like with a scarecrow dressed as a clown that comes to life and murders people. I WAS WRONG. There is a clown and there is a cornfield, so at least you know that much. I don't want to spoil it here on the blog, I'll save that for the episode that you definitely need to listen to, but I will say that it is super entertaining in the goriest way and it does feature teen murder by clown.

Since Fictional Hangover has a Patreon now featuring a tier that let's you watch a video of us recording our episodes, Claire and I have been spicing things up lately and dressing up more than usual. (Remember when I used to dress in costume for our episodes back in season one? Yeah, I do, too. We didn't even record videos then. Lame.) This time we're dressed as clowns and we used a clown name generator to pick fantastic names for us, if you couldn't tell by the title and intro paragraph. I am Punchy and Claire is Icky. Here we are! You really should think about supporting us monthly on Patreon or with a one time tip on Ko-Fi.

Until next time! HONK! Amanda, aka Punchy

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