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Pterrible and Not Pterrible Things

In our most recent episode, Claire and I talked about Shades of Earth, the final book in the Across the Universe trilogy by Beth Revis. We got to talk to Beth in a bonus episode that is also out this week! She's really really fantastic. Not pterrible at all.

You know what is pterrible though? Some of the stuff that happens in Shades of Earth. It was SUCH A GOOD ENDING to the trilogy, but you know, a lot of bad stuff happens when you travel through space and land on a planet that is already inhabited and try to claim it as your own. Also there are monsters. Pterodactyl-like monsters, which is why we keep saying everything is pterrible. Amy and Elder and some of the crew of Godspeed have decided to land on Centauri-Earth. Upon landing, they unfreeze the rest of the people who were frozen with Amy 300 years ago, so she finally gets to see her parents again. Yay! But the shuttle is attacked by a ptero, not yay. And there are other bad things that happen on the planet as well, but you have to read or listen to the book, listen to our episode or read our summary to find out exactly what happens when they make landfall. Spoiler alert, not everyone survives!

Here's a recording picture of our chat with Beth where we're clapping for her because she's wonderful. Make sure you listen to that bonus episode and also read Beth's story on Kindle Vella. It's kind of like a choose your own adventure book!

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