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Pretties is a much nicer title than Uglies, I think. At least it makes me feel better about including myself in this post.

So in our latest episode of the podcast, Amber and I discuss the second book in the Uglies series, trilogy, quartet? by Scott Westerfeld called Pretties. In Pretties, Tally and Shay are both Pretties, going to parties all the time, wearing fancy clothes, drinking fancy drinks, etc. It seems Tally doesn't really remember what happened just before she became Pretty. Do you remember? Didn't she decide that she was going to sacrifice her brain to become Pretty to test a cure for BRAIN LESIONS?! Yes, yes that's right.

Don't worry, it comes back to her, too. A friend of hers from The Smoke, Croy, leaves a mysterious package for her in a dangerous location and once she retrieves it, she remembers everything she was supposed to do. But does she really want to do it? Would you give up your carefree party lifestyle to test a cure that may or may not work? Hmm...

See what Tally does by reading the book, or by listening to the show!

Look, here we are recording said show! Just me and Amber-la this time!

Stay tuned for our episode about the last book in this trilogy (because we're not talking about the fourth one because it happens later and is different), Specials, out next week!

Until then!


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