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Percy Jackson and the Superfan Part Two

We're finishing up our discussion of the original Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and talking about books four and five in this episode! And Super Fan Constance is back! How great was it to have another person join in on the discussion? I loved it! What did you think? I thought it was nice to have a third voice chiming in, especially when it got me and Claire back on the right track... We tend to wander and talk about weird things sometimes. Or sharing another opinion that is different than our own. Or joining in on our random tangents!! It was a lot of fun adding in an additional person to the show. Did you know you could do that, too? Let us know if you want to join in and we'll do our best to make it happen!

So, what happens in the last two Percy Jackson books, in a non-spoilery way? In book four, The Battle of the Labyrinth, Percy and his friends travel through The Labyrinth, no, not the one with David Bowie, but the one built by Daedalus that famously held the Minotaur. And they encounter Daedalus along the way! They have to protect the camp from Luke and Kronos, but how can they do that if they can get into Camp Half-Blood using the labyrinth?

In The Last Olympian, Percy and the rest of Camp Half-Blood have to save Olympus from Kronos. There's not a whole lot of other description for this one. It's an epic war! But... a very important question comes up... Is Percy Jackson the hero? Read the books or listen to the show to find out just what happens in the last two books of this series. You can also read our summaries!

Here's a recording picture where we're all clearly thinking about something. It might have been during Would You Rather when we were comparing Percy and Luke...

That's all for now!

Come back next week and read about the chat we'll be having with author Kendare Blake!


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